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One Piece 509

One Piece Chapter 509

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 3, 2008 00:28 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 509: Kizaru VS The Four Captains
CP9's Independent Report Vol. 17: "Trouble in Town"

[box: Grove 12]
Usopp/Franky/Brooke: Here it comes~!! // GAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!
Usopp: *pant*... *pant*... / From his hands... from his mouth...!!
Brooke: So scared!
Franky: *pant*... *pant*... / What the hell is that...?!

Usopp: It's a "beam"! A "beam"!! // A "beam" is a shining ray of light... / ...and represents the dreams of men in weapon form!! / ...wait, what are you doing?
Brooke: Playing dead.
Usopp: You're not fooling anyone!!
Zoro: Santouryuu...
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...
Sanji: Diable...

Zoro/Luffy/Sanji: Mouton Jet // 600 Pondo Cannon!!! // !!!!

Zoro/Luffy/Sanji: ...............!!!
Nami: They did it!! Did they beat him?!!
Chopper: They're just incredible~~~~~~~~!!!
Robin: But they're up against a Shichibukai...... / It can't possibly be that simple... / If we believe their information...
Luffy: *pant*... *pant*... Is he really all that different...?! // *pant*... So what, is he the guy's twin or something?!
Sanji: ...We can't rule out the possibility......!!
Zoro: *pant*... / At any rate, if he was the real thing, he could have evaded our attacks with his teleportation. / And he wasn't deflecting the impacts; he didn't even have paws......!!
Sanji: ...But if he was just a fake, that's a problem in and of itself... // It just means that there were two people out there with that kind of strength...

[box: Grove 24]
Urouge: Now, you certainly gave me a good knocking about... // But don't think that I'm the same now as I was then!! // INGA ZARASHI!!!
[TN: "Karma Bleaching"]
Kuma: !!!

[no text just shichibukai getting pummelled]

Hawkins: Before, he was a weakling, barely even worthy of notice... but not only has he grown to giant proportions, this sheer power as well...... what exactly is going on...?!
Urouge: ?!! // GUAHHHH!!! // SO HOT!
People: !!
Drake: That was Kizaru's "Laser".........!! // (Was Bartholomew Kuma's body not enough... have you reproduced Kizaru's offensive power as well, Vegapunk...?!! // To think that the Pacifista had already reached this level......!!!)

People: This stuff just isn't normal...!! // There may be three pirates worth over a hundred million there, but even they can't hope to take on a Shichibukai AND a Marine Admiral!! // We've gotta run! Run for it!! // Get off the island! Everyone board the ship!!
Drake: !
Kizaru: Rear Admiral Drake... / Well... Former Rear Admiral. // Are you doing a little reconnaissance on that? // You can try fighting it if you want~... // Though I think the more you know... / ...the more you will end up despairing.
Drake: .........
Hawkins: ......?

Kizaru: At any rate, I would suggest you take care......... / little friends... // ...because you're dealing with me here, as well...!!!
People: ...............!!
Drake: ?!
Kuma: ?!! // ?!

Apoo: Aaahhh!! Another interesting sight greets my eyes......!!! // One of the incredibly rare Ancient Zoan Fruits......!!! // I've never actually seen one...!!

Kuma: !!!
Hawkins: .........!!

Drake: Nghhh............!!! // ......*pant*... I was surprised to find red blood flowing through the veins of one such as yourself...!!
Kuma: .........
Drake: Heheh...
Urouge: That certainly was a rare and interesting sight... // !!!
Kizaru: Now, what did I say about dealing with me, hm?

People: ?!!
Hawkins: "Gouma no Sou"...
[TN: "Devil-Conquering Apparition", or something like that. The "Sou" in question is a term used in fortune-telling.]

Kizaru: ?!! // Oh, I don't know... every single one of you over-a-hundred-million-bounty pirates... // ...seems to end up as some kind of terrifying monster...

Hawkins: !! // !!! // AAAAAAAGHHHH~~!!! // My eyes!! I can't see......!!!
Pirates: Aaahhh!! Captain Hawkins!!!
Hawking: Ungh!!! // ...!!!
Kizaru: I don't know what kind of ability that is, but... it seems to have physical form, at least - I guess it's not a Logia-type.

Pirates: Captain~~~~~!! // This isn't good! He's taking damage over the limit!! He could actually die!!
Kizaru: You'll be the first to go...
Hawkins: ...............!!!
Kizaru: I congratulate you on making it this far in your voyage...
Hawkins: ?!!
[bubbleSFX: sha~~n♪ / sha~~n♪]
[TN: Not bothering to translate these SFX, I'm just transliterating them as they come. Apart from anything, I don't really know what exactly some of them are ~_~ But whatever. They're just musical sorts of sounds.]
Kizaru: Hm?!
[sFX: sha~~n♪]
Kizaru: And what's this, now...?
[bubbleSFX: sha~~n♪ / sha~~n♪ // donga~~♪ / donga~~♪ // pafuu~♪]

[bubbleSFX: porororo~~n♪ // buupaa~♪ // buupaa~♪]
Apoo: Can you all hear it~?! My beautiful music~!
[sFX: jakajaka♪ // sha~~n♪]
Apoo: If you're listening in, then just stay tuned~!! / Marine Admiral Kizaru~!
Kizaru: .........
[sFX: buppa~~♪ pororon~♪]
Kuma: Scratchmen Apoo...
Apoo: Everybody~!! Listen to this "Battle Music"~!♪
[sFX: shan♪ shan♪]
Drake: He's like... the song of the ocean...
Apoo: Scra~~~~~~~~~~~~~tch!!! // "Sha~~n!"♪
[TN: The kanji used for this "sha~~n" means "slice"]

Kizaru: Unhh!! // What the~~~?
Apoo: "Do~~n"!♪
[TN: And here we have the kanji for "explosion".]
People: ?!!!
[insert text: Sound?!]

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#1. by darklazer57 (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 3, 2008
Ooh, thank you very much Cnet!
#2. by sakura_hime04 (Intl Translator)
Posted on Aug 3, 2008
#3. by hirota (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 3, 2008
#4. by laisen (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 3, 2008
Thought not faster than usual,I like your translation,especially those "TN".XD
#5. by ACE_88 (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 3, 2008
#6. by jackamabob (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 5, 2008
thank you
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