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Bleach 324

Bleach Chapter 324

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 5, 2008 05:44 | Go to Bleach

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[side text: Victory... but a long shot from joy.]
Kira: Farewell... / Warrior of the sky. // I would appreciate it...

Kira: ...if you would not forgive me.

Bleach 324
The Claws
[side text: A battle with everything at stake... Here swings the blade that splits the darkness!]

Findoll: What's wrong, Lieutenant?!! // Looks like you're getting pretty worn out, eh?! // Come now - this is a fight between Lieutenants! It's a little pathetic if only one of us tires, now, don't you think?!

Findoll: Now, what exactly might be going on here?! / You're fighting against me, who has just achieved the level of a Lieutenant... // ...and yet you alone are tiring. / What do you think this could mean?!

Hisagi: ...Oh, shut up. / Are you trying to say I'm not up to being a Lieutenant?
Findoll: Exacta! // How impressive... / Lieutenant! // Assuming that my assessment of the Gotei divisions' power levels is accurate... / ...then that is exactly what it means!
Hisagi: Stop calling me "Lieutenant"... // The name's Hisagi Shuuhei. / ...I'm sure I told you that to begin with.
Findoll: How rude of me. // I must confess... // I barely thought that you were worth the trouble of telling my own name.

Findoll: But now, I shall. // I am a Fracción under Barragan... / Findoll Carrias. // Now, then... // Now that I have conceded to following your "manners"... / ...I think it is about time we put an end to this battle... // a method identical to your own. // In other words... // I shall cut you down... // ...and that will be the end of it, Hisagi Shuuhei!! // ...Carve the water's surface...

Findoll: Pinzaguda.
[TN: ?? Katakana are "pinsaguuda". "Pinza" is Spanish for "pincer", but no idea on the rest.]

Hisagi: ...So this is an Arrancar's "Resurreción"...
Findoll: Exacta. / How clever of you.
Hisagi: If you think you're the only ones with information on the enemy, then you're dead wrong.
Findoll: Oh, I wasn't under that impression.

[no text just slash]

Findoll: Exacta! // Impressive work, following my Sonido with your eyes!
Hisagi: You're pissing me off with all that "Exacta" crap!
Findoll: Life is but a series of difficult problems! / Whoever finds the greatest number of correct answers earns the right to live on! // As such, surely everyone should welcome the chance to earn even a few extra "correct answers" as they go along! / Am I wrong?!
Hisagi: So what, you're trying to award me those "correct answers"?

Hisagi: What an impressive little speech.
Findoll: Guahh?!

Hisagi: Bakudou #62. // Hyappo Rankan.
[TN: "Hundred-Step Handrail"]

Hisadi: It's over, speech-guy.
Findoll: Don't underestimate me now, Shinigami!

Hisagi: !

Hisagi: High-pressure water current...?!
Findoll: Exacta. / But you shouldn't look away from your opponent like that in a fight. // No Es Exacta.
[TN: "Incorrect", obviously.]
Findoll: Sorry, Shinigami... you lose!

Findoll: What, you think you've dodged it?!

Hisagi: Shear... // Kazeshini.
[TN: "Wind Death"]

[TN: omg double weapon ^^]
[side text: His true power!!]

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#1. by DeepEyes (Intl Translator)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Thx a lot! n_n

#2. by manganimetrix (Scanlator)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
thx a lot
#3. by Phat (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
thanks :D
#4. by sakura_hime04 (Intl Translator)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
#5. by Godaime_Raikage (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
thanks cnet!
#6. by MasterDeva (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Thanks!!! :D
#7. by kaya (Translator)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Thank you so much. Your version is so fluid and easier to understand. :tem
#8. by HisshouBuraiKen (Translator)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
How many steps handrail? :)

I find this so funny, I was tl checking bleach movie 2 yesterday and Hisagi uses that same spell. I was like, WOW, an original move! And then BAM.

Of course, technically he used it in the movie first, like 8 months ago, but still.
#9. by jjmase03 (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#10. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Quote by HisshouBuraiKen;1014871:
How many steps handrail? :)Bah... Everybody knows numbers hate me by now. That goes double when I'm doing rushed I-should-not-be-up-this-early translations. Does it really matter how many steps are in the nonsensical spell name? :p
#11. by TheChosenOne (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Thanks a lot, Carlos. :)
#12. by sylvira (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 5, 2008
Thanks. :)
#13. by THE KING (Scanlator)
Posted on Sep 6, 2008
#14. by rpl001 (Intl Translator)
Posted on Sep 8, 2008
thank you. :)
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