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Naruto 375

Naruto Chapter 375

+ posted by dandy65 as translation on Oct 19, 2007 18:29 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 375

Chapter 375 : Ni Dai Sennin

This is a chi-eng translation from the ikunlun scan. Might have errors considering it’s a re-trans.

**Sound effects by cereberus. Likely to be WOOF as someone stated. I like woah though. :P

Page 1

[can’t read the sidetext. Blur O.O]

Frame 3

Jiraiya : No time to waste with this guy!

Jiraiya : Let’s put all our strength into this!

Page 2

Frame 1

Jiraiya : I’ll use Sennin mode

TEXT: Jiraiya is here!!

Frame 2

Gamaken : Wha-

Gamaken : Are you…!?

Frame 3

Jiraiya : Yep…

Jiraiya : I’m summoning Ni Dai Sennin (two great hermits)!!

Frame 4

Jiraiya : Before summoning is complete, try buying some time

Gamanken : Got it

Gamaken : Though I’m very weak, I’ll try my best


Page 3

Frame 4

Jiraiya : He’s disappeared…!

Jiraiya : How troublesome…where did he find this kind of…

Frame 5

Jiraiya : Since he’s disappeared, we only can use that barrier jutsu

Gamaken : Yeah…it’s not an easy battle

Page 4


Page 5

Frame 1

TEXT: That’s the jutsu which detects any slight movement of the opponent…

Frame 3

**Woooo(Sound for cereberus summoning. Sounds like Gu-oh. Or might be woah. )

Frame 5

Jiraiya : He switched into offensive type summon after seeing the barrier!

Page 6

-nothing. Boom boom boom boom.-

Page 7

Frame 1

**Woooaaaaa [t/n: I like woahs ]

Frame 4

Jiraiya : Hey! Be careful!

Gamaken : It’s all because I’m useless

Frame 5

Jiraiya : Their amounts keep increasing with their attacks…

Jiraiya : I already don’t know what kind of monsters they are

Jiraiya : Are they little dogs summoned with a high growth rate!?

Page 8

Frame 1


Frame 3

It’s split and they’re coming!!

Page 9

Frame 3

Jiraiya : ABOVE!!


Page 10

Frame 1


Frame 2


Page 11

Frame 1

Jiraiya : When I plan to attack the summoner, he disappears. It’s difficult to attack!

Jiraiya : I’m afraid it’s just summoning to hide himself

Frame 2

Jiraiya : Gamaken

Jiraiya : Don’t you find it weird?

Frame 3

I...I’m too stupid, I don’t see anything wrong…

Frame 4

TEXT(right): Having the same eyes and Rikudosennin, that guy learnt all the jutsus I taught him

TEXT(left): Even possessing all 6 different elemental chakra which no single person can have

Frame 5

TEXT(right) : He mastered all the essential jutsus…

TEXT(left) : And at ten proficiently used them all…

Frame 6

Jiraiya : !

TEXT: But…Why…

Page 12

Frame 1

TEXT: Why does he only use summonings ?!

Frame 2

Jiraiya[thinking] : Feeling no need to come out personally?

Frame 3

Jiraiya : Gamaken come back!

Jiraiya : Now it’s my turn!!

Page 13

Frame 1


Frame 5


Page 14

Frame 1


Frame 4

Brat! Why do you always summon us at places like this!!

No wonder Bunta's always angry!!

Page 15

Frame 1

Ah…don’t say that…mom

Little Jiraiya was forced to doing this only

Pops shut up!!

Frame 2

I apologize for meeting you in this place

Eldest and big sister

Frame 3

But brat…

Didn’t you say this will chase away girls

Which is why you disliked this form!!

Frame 4

No choice but to dislike

Who asked my opponent to be “Rinnegan”…

Frame 5

Woah…Rikudou’s eyes!

Didn’t think that eyes really existed!

Frame 6


So, please lend a hand.

Page 16-17

Let’s go

TEXT: Jiraiya’s shocking new image! The sennin form is actually…!!

Lower text: Jiraiya’s skill! The strongest summoning team!?
Lower text: The next chapter “Undefeatable” …!!


Enjoy and please correct.

Sorry this is not very scanlator friendly. I'd suggest waiting for the regular translators but while waiting, you may look at this one for a more or less what is happening.

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#1. by lordHokage (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 19, 2007
Thank you. :)
#2. by mitokomon (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 19, 2007
Wheee, thanks for the translation!
#3. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Oct 20, 2007
#4. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz (Intl Translator)
Posted on Oct 20, 2007
Yaaay!! Thanks for the trans! :amuse
#5. by jaimacando (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 22, 2007
thanks for the trans!!

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