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Yakitate!! Japan 209

The Most Simple Bread

+ posted by dosukoi7 as translation on May 13, 2009 04:46 | Go to Yakitate!! Japan

-> RTS Page for Yakitate!! Japan 209

New line = New frame, // indicates same frame, same character

Azuma:The Ja-pan of Justice will definitely not lose to something like this!

Title: Chapter 209: The Most Simple Bread

Kirisaki: Ha..
Kirisaki:It's fine to act tough now, but I will have you keep the promise you made when you lost.// Don't get scared and run away
Azuma:That's my line!

Kanmuri: No.. please wait!
Kanmuri: If St Pierre used the Brain Go-pan, the judge Kuroyanagi-senpai’s personality will be controlled. It won’t even be a real competition!

Kanmuri: We definitely can’t allow that to happen
Kirisaki: Don’t worry about that.

Kirisaki: The Brain bread uses a Niigata speciality product. It bears absolutely no relation to Tsukuba. I’m also not that cowardly.
Kirisaki: I assure you that this time this bread won’t be used.
Kirisaki: Heh heh… Still can’t trust me?
Azuma: Alright!

Azuma: I’ll believe what you’re saying
Kanmuri: What!?
Kanmuri: What are you saying Azuma-kun!? How can we trust a dirty playing guy like him!?
Azuma: No.. // I don’t really trust him..
Azuma: It’s just…

Azuma:”If you want to use a dirty bread like that go right ahead! Even so I’ll still win!” // is what I wanted to say
Kirisaki: Oh?
Kanmuri: I don’t.. believe it…
Background words: Go ahead and eat it already!
Kanmuri; Azuma should understand how terrifying Kirisaki’s bread is…
Kanmuri: Wa… wait // I got it!

Kanmuri: Azuka-kun was saying before that he wanted to create a bread that could turn someone from evil to good…
BG Azuka: I’ll make a Ja-pan that turns people from evil to good!
BG Azuma: Then I can save Old Man Meister and Kirisaki too!
Kanmuri: He must have been thinking about that all this time, and believes he can use his bread the break that bread’s control!
Kanmuri: If you think about it that way, that explains everything..
Kirisaki:So, how about it Kanmuri? How long are you going to keep going against this duel?
Kanmuri: Alright.I still don’t really believe you but I believe in Azuma so…

Kanmuri: Let’s see how this round goes.
Kirisaki; Heh.. //So it’s decided.
Kirisaki: I don’t know what you plan on doing, but I’m looking forward to a good fight.
Kanmuri: Well Azuma it looks like you’re not such a good person after all.

Kanmuri: When did you figure out how to make the Ja-pan to change people from evil to good? // If you told me that before you would have saved me from some useless worrying
Azuma: Wh.. what are you talking about?
Kanmuri: The good to evil Japan.
Azuma: We’re thinking about that from now right?
Kanmuri: Right, that’s why if you told me before….
Kanmuri: That’s a joke, right?
Azuma: Nope

Kawachi: What’d you say!?
Nurse: Doctor! I don’t know why but there was a sudden change in the patient’s condition!
Doctor:Got it! I’ll be right there!
Kanmuri: Then why did you have so much confidence before!?

Kanmuri: Kawachi is screaming ‘What’d you say!?’ from the ICU!
Kawachi: What’d you say!?
Azuma:But I couldn’t just stand by and say nothing..
Kanmuri: Well, I understand that, but…
Kawachi:What’d you saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Nurse: The anesthesia isn’t working!
Doc: This isn’t good!
Doc: Increase the dose 100%, that’s about normal for an elephant!
Nurse: Ok!

Doc: Whew..
Azuma: Veterinarian-san!
Azuma: Is Kawachi OK?
Doc: Yup

Doc: The first hour was pretty bad, then we upped the anesthesia dose to 100x normal and he looks fine now.
BGW: If he used 100x the normal I can relax a bit
Kanmuri: That’s great!
SFX:Guuuuuuuuu(stomach growling)
Azuma: Oh…
Azuma: Now that I’ve relaxed I’m kind of hungry
BGW(Kawachi): Eat it eat it eat it!
BGW(Azuma): Stop it Kawachi!
BGW(Kawachi):Quick… go now!
Kanmuri: I guess you didn’t end up eating after what happened at lunch.

Kawachi: I’m hungry now too
Doc: Hey, guys
Doc: If you’re that hungry how about having a bite to eat with me?
Doc: Since this is a hospital I can’t guarantee it’ll taste good, but it’s definitely nutritious!
Azuma: Thank you!
Kanmuri: I’ll happy accept
Doc: Alright, I’ll go get it!
SFX(Doc): Dash SFX(Azuma): Yaaaaay!
Sign: Cafeteria

Azuma: Ooh! It’s a bread roll!
Kanmuri: That’s rather nostalgic.
Kanmuri: Since we don’t really get a chance to make bread rolls at a bakery like ours, we don’t get many chances to eat them either.
Azuma: The last I ate was at the Newcomers Battle.
Azuma: Well, let’s eat!
SFX: Chomp

Kanmuri: Te… terrible
Doc: How is it? Hospital bread is pretty terrible isn’t it?
Kanmuri: N.. no… it’s not like that
Doc: You don’t have to be nice
Doc: Even an amateur like me knows that this doesn’t taste good, so a pro like yourself must think this is beyond terrible
Kanmuri: S..sorry// But that’s how it is..

Kanmuri: It’s not really because it’s hospital bread, in the world of bread, bread rolls have the blandest taste. // As bread rolls need just some very simple resources to be baked, it’d be pretty hard for anyone to make delicious bread rolls.
Azuma: Ooooooh!// This is it! This is perfect!!
Kanmuri: What is it?
Azuma: Kanmuri, I’ve decided!

Azuma: The next Ja-pan is a bread roll!
Azuma: With this I can save Kawachi and Old man Meister!
Kanmuri:Wh.. what’d you say!?

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#1. by serizawa (ならぬことはならぬ)
Posted on May 23, 2009
Could you please add the transcription (or upload a raw), so that I can check your translation? ^^ Thanks ^^
#2. by serizawa (ならぬことはならぬ)
Posted on May 24, 2009
Hi dosukoi7,

I gave a look at your translation ^^ It's really good, but there are some minor tidbits that may be worth a second look ^^

I'd like to make the following suggestions, if you may:

Kirisaki: The Brain bread uses a Nigata speciality product. We won’t be able to make it at the during the next round.
-> The Brain bread uses a Niigata speciality product. It bears absoluetely no relation to Tsukuba.

Kirisaki: Let’s say that this time this bread can’t be used.
-> I assure you that this time this bread won’t be used.

Kanmuri: He must have been thinking about that all this time, and believes he can use his bread the break that bread’s control!
-> Wouldn't "his bread the break" be rather "his bread that breaks"?

Kirisaki:So, how about it Kanmuri? How long are you going to keep going against Azuma?
-> So, how about it Kanmuri? How long are you going to keep going against this duel?

Kanmuri: (...)Seeing as there is a lack of materials and resources to make bread here(...)
-> (...) As bread rolls need just some very simple resources to be baked,(...)
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