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Rin 20

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p1: ============================================
<no text>

p2: ============================================
<no text>

p3: ============================================
<no text>

p4: ============================================
<no text>

p5: ============================================
<no text>

p6: ============================================
R—Rin-chan, did you see something?

p7: ============================================
Wh—Where are you going?!
Can we go that way?


p8: ============================================
That boulder really creeped me out.
I can’t believe it naturally wound up looking like a human... Read More " "
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Rin 19

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p1: =============================================
[right sidebar]: I’ll draw every inch of you.

p2: =============================================
<no text>

p3: =============================================
<no text>

p4: =============================================
The sandbar only shows itself twice a day, at low tide.
And at this season, only for an hour at a time.

Only an hour?

It’s a good seven or eight thousand meters away…
If we went over, I’m not sure we could get back in time.

Y—Yeah, you’re right.

Low tide today’s supposed to be at 3:30.
Guess we gotta wait five hours.

p5: =============================================
Nishiguchi-san, look out.... Read More " "
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Big Order 20

p1: =======================================
So, what wilt thou do, Eiji? Rin is calling thee.
Shall thou answer, or no?

W—wait! My mind’s completely messed up from all the stuff about my dad.
I don’t have time for Rin right n—…

No…. No, no, no.
What am I saying?
/ This is my chance to talk with Rin. Connect us, DAISY!

p2: =======================================
You’re late, Eiji!
Answer the phone quickly, got it?!
Subject 20: Light vs. Ogre
Place: Izumo and Dazaifu

p3: =======================================
They’re planning to abduct Sena….?!

I’m sure of it; Hatori told me so himself.
The Dazaifu government offices should be under assault as we speak.

In the... Read More " "
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Rin 18
*For RyColaa scanlations

p1: ==========================================
<no text>

p2: ==========================================
[sign]: Hirano Inn

[sign]: Hirano Inn

p3: ==========================================
Let here be made clean; let here be made pure…
Together, with all the myriad gods…..

Wh… What in the world are they doing?

p4: ==========================================
It’s a ceremony to welcome a god!

They are inviting here Otaki-san, one of the gods of the holy grounds,
and will entertain him for three days.

Today, they welcome him….
/ Tomorrow is the high festival…..
/ / And on the final day, they will see him off…..
Thus comprises the three-day-long Kou-no-Mori... Read More " "
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Big Order 19

p1: ============================================
If she dies here……!

there’ll be no way to cure Sena’s illness…!

p2: ============================================
--------Two days later, / aboard a helicopter in Izumo City airspace.
/ we’ll be arriving at our destination shortly!
Subject 19: The Hoshimiya Agency
Place: Izumo

Is it finally time…
for me to tell Eiji everything?

p3: ============================================
Izumo City, / in a certain inn

………..I see.

It seems the Kami-Musubi’s body was handed over to individuals affiliated with the shrine.
Naturally, after this much time has passed it is impossible for me to declare her... Read More " "
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Big Order 18

p1: ============================================
Eiji and friends are currently in the Inome Caves, which bear a connection with Izanami-no-Mikoto and Izanagi-no-Mikoto.
With the port here undergoing reconstruction, things buried underground were coincidentally unearthed,
/ and it is also located near the sea.


If the reports are correct, Hoshimiya Eiji entered the caves twelve hours ago…..
Hmph. So, that means they found the Kami-Musubi first. Hanzou, you gullible fool.

But better to be safe. Let me summon DAISY.

p2: ============================================
I have to take the Mari from the Kami-Musubi and bring her to Sena!
I’ve finally managed to touch it. Next... Read More " "
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Rin 17

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p1: =====================================
(left-hand side): A story with endless depth…!!!!! Volumes 1-5 on sale now!!!
(right-hand side): Watch Harold Sakuishi draw a page of Rin on Youtube:

p2: =====================================
<no text>

p3: =====================================
Ummmm, my ticket….
Where’s my ticket…

Hey! Fushimi-kun!!

p4: =====================================
I looked up a lot of stuff on the ‘Net, so allow me to explain!

p5: =====================================
The Kou-no-Mori Festival happens once every seven years.
It takes place over three days in the eleventh month of the old... Read More " "
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Big Order 17

p1: ===============================================
[the three bubbles up top]: Hah (x3)
/ Who are these guys?!

[two bubbles up top]: Hah (x2)
Th… These ladies and gentlemen are….!

It may be November 12th in the modern calendar, but according to the old lunar calendar it is the fifteenth day of the tenth month.
I trust I needn’t expound further.


p2-3: ===============================================
Subject 17: “And I’m getting even closer to you, so--”
Place: Izumo – Inome Caves
During Kamiarizuki*, the gods from all over the country gather in Izumo to tie the knot between men and women.
/ Welcome to the Kami-hakari,
Hoshimiya Eiji-kun,
/ Iyo-chan.
[box]... Read More " "
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Big Order 16

p1: ============================================

The being thou encounteredest earlier was thy father.
Hatori was but another under his control.

Rejoiest thou not
in thy reuinion with thy sire, Hoshimiya Gen’nai?

p2-3: ============================================
Subject 16: “I’ll call you Eiji, so—!”
Place: Izumo

p4: ============================================
My old man died ten years ago—

during the Great Calamity I caused,
alongside the billions and billions of others who died that day.

You’re all right…

So there’s no way he could be alive!

p5: ============================================
Daisy, you bitch!
/... Read More " "
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6000 Chapter 18

p1: ===========================================
Chapter 18: Infiltration

Yeah. We shouldn’t go anywhere.

It’s safest to leave our rescue to the professionals.

If we do anything extra, that might actually be dangerous, right?

p2: ===========================================
And this place, the CCR, is the strongest, most solidly built section.

Let’s prioritize preserving our strength, sit here, and wait for rescue.

p3: ===========================================
Yeah, you’re right, Kusakabe-san.

you’ve overworked yourself.
/ And you have a lot of weight on your shoulders….

Why don’t you take a short break?

How the heck can I rest at a... Read More " "
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Big Order 15

p1: ============================================
Iyo! Take Eiji and withdraw!

Even now, I still look up to you.
/ Meeting you was an incredible stroke of fortune!


p2-3: ============================================
My arm’s….!!!

I will strike them down!!!
The Great Calamity 10 years ago
was a sadistically wonderful event!
Subject 15: The King Controller
Place: Hiroshima

p4: ============================================
Dazaifu Offices
Comm believes Lt. Colonel Narukami has made contact with Eiji-sama!
/ We are currently confirming the situation!


Iyo foresaw that he would make contact with Eiji.

And aiming for immediately after our capture of... Read More " "
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Rin 16

*for ryColaa Scans

p1: =======================================================
[inset, left]: Watch Harold Sakuishi draw a page of Rin on Youtube:
[inset, right]: Spend Spring Break reading volume 5, on sale 3/17 (Monday)

p2: =======================================================
Ah, OK, roger that.
Then we’ll head to you.

Mori-san’s drinking nearby, so we’re going to meet up with him!

p3: =======================================================
What’re you doing, Fushimi?
Uh, it’s nothing.

I thought Nagoya was a big city…
but Tokyo really is something else, huh.

Well, of course it is.

Well, personally, I prefer playing around in the country... Read More " "
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Big Order 14

p1: =====================================================
My beloved daddy told me
to use my fists to protect the ones I love.

But Mommy and Daddy are dead. I can’t protect them anymore.
So instead, I’ll get revenge.

Hoshimiya Eiji, the evil, evil man who killed Mommy and Daddy—

I’ll kill him!


p2: =====================================================
/ You’re back with the living.
Where are we…
In the Shirojishi’s main hall.
/ We’re about to chase after Sakai-san!


Are you still angry over that? It was an accident.
We just bumped into each other; it wasn’t a real kiss.

/ You.

p3: =====================================================
You freaking idiot! Get... Read More " "
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6000 17

p1: ================================================
The Cofdeece is…

Did you think hesitation would improve the situation?
/ Confucius said one should not speak of misfortune.

He who seeks only profit shall lose all profit.
All this happened because you used Wen to play detective.

Chapter 17: Once More…

p2: ================================================
The military has already finished its investigation.
/ There are plenty of idiots who want to use that,
but such delusions are unthinkable.

The most grave decisions
will be made by those who, at the very end, can bear the responsibility.

p3: ================================================


p4:... Read More " "
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Rin 15

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p1: ===========================================
<no text>

p2: ===========================================
Isn’t that great?
Didn’t Mizuno Tooru write that one manga you lent me?

Y—Yeah. He’s the manga artist I respect most in all the world.

p3: ===========================================
Wow, and you’re going to draw a manga he wrote the story for.
You’ve got to be pumped, right?

Yeah… Gunners, which is currently being serialized in Taurus, is getting an anime.
The plan’s for that and the manga to work together to get people excited.

So it looks like I’m going to be drawing a one-shot Gunners spinoff.

Fushimi-kun, that’s awesome!... Read More " "
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--For use by M-Hario

p1: ===============================================
[inset]: This <bluew>man</blue> uses his <yellow>knowledge</yellow> to <blue>control</blue> <magenta>superpowers</magenta>!!

p2: ===============================================
[sidebar]: Abnormalities suddenly pay a visit to normalcy!!

Wh… What’s going on? My ears are ringing….

p3: ===============================================


A beautiful ending.
What happened? What happened?
I heard someone literally blew up.

Does that mean the serial bomber struck again?!
Me, a serial bomber…? And yet, what I gave him was salvation.
My oh my.

p4:... Read More " "
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Black Lagoon 87

*For use by Taka2252

p1: =======================================
/ you mentioned a fourth br—
Sister! Hey, Sister!
I can’t hold back no more. Let me fucking do you!

Ahhh! What’s with you?! Somebody—!
Hey, punk. No touchin’ the dancers!
Hey, somebody hurry and throw this kid out!

What in the world?
Some idiot jumped up on stage.
/ Look there. He’s the jock grappling with Julian D.
I can’t stand country hicks who don’t know how to play.
/ Probably hasn’t even had his cherry popped.
[sidebar]: The long-awaited volume 10 on sale this spring!!

p2: =======================================
Joanna, what is it?
Sounds like things are... Read More " "
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Rin 14

*Reserved for ryColaa Scanlations

p1: ========================================
<no text>

p2: ========================================



p3: ========================================
I’m home.

Norito, have you eaten?
I had some kishimen at the Meieki platform.

Hm… Two calls from Mutou-san.

Phone: Mutou-san


p4: ========================================
Maybe… Maybe the Sawamura Prize results are in?
SFX: Thump Thump



Hey, Fushimi-kun.
What took you so long?
Ah, sorry… My phone was off.

p5: ========================================
Do you know why I called?

The S—Sawamura Prize results?

SFX: Sigh.

Right now,
/ I’ve had two glasses of wine and a... Read More " "
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Rin 13

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p0: ===============================================
[inset]: Two women will appear in my life. If I choose wrong… Hell awaits?!

p1: ===============================================
<no text>

p2: ===============================================
Hey, Nori, why are you spilling all the secret sauce?
You even got some on my arm.
Such a waste… And you’ll piss off the old man.
Oh, my bad.

p3: ===============================================
[Inset]: Boing

What’s wrong with you, man?

I feel kinda strange….

p4: ===============================================
My—My legs are…

I can’t climb…

p5:... Read More " "
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Black Lagoon 86

*Reserved for use by Taka2552

p1: ==============================================
Panel 1:
He was on a cruise headin’ for Marta / when he fell into the sea, I’m told.

Panel 2:
And since his lover was tryin’ to snatch his assets, it took a while for the news to get to us….
I don’t give a rat’s ass about that. / Where’d that come in from?

Panel 3:
From London. / Scotland Yard.
Mister Ronald! / Please, let me speak.

Panel 4:
Scotland Yard, you say? / You’ve gotta be shitting me.
Please, forgive me. / I admit it, I messed up with the deed of title.

Panel 5:
But I don’t touch that stuff anymore, and I’d never call in the fuzz.
I understand your offer, so—

p2:... Read More " "
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UQ Holder 12

*why am i doing this? edition

p1: ==================================
…Wake up, boy.

I’m sorry. I…
Who are…?
I couldn’t save your parents…

They were too formidable…
What… What’s she saying?
You can just forget all about this…

p2: ==================================
I can’t remember anything.

…Nothing makes any sense.

was that long thing, again…?


Hah! I’m late!!

Owwww…. Shit, this room’s cramped.
Is this how you guys treat Numbers?!

p3: ==================================
Has it already been two weeks since we got back up here?

Dammit. / I can see just how close it is, and yet…

Oy! You awake, Touta-aniki?

p4:... Read More " "
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Rin 12

*for ryColaa scanlations

p3: ==============================================


Fushimi-kun, I got your storyboard.
Oh, thanks.
I had some free time, so I thought I’d give it a look…

p4: ==============================================
And would you look at this!
It’s fantastic!

Thank you.

I don’t really have much to comment on!

p5: ==============================================
All of the characters’ personalities come across well, and there’s plenty of funny scenes.

And you made sure to include ero stuff!
[bg]: Whaat?!
[bg, lower]: So, we’ve got an early <off-panel> so let’s <off-panel>

Ah, thank you.

I was kind of surprised.
I guess the young really can... Read More " "
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UQ Holder! 10 (0 comments)
UQ Holder ch. 10

*for Mangaburn

p1: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Karin: Yukihime-sama, what of the two who fell down there?

Panel 2:
Yukihime: Well, I wouldn’t say it will take them thirty years. / They should make it up here within eight years.
Karin: Umm….

Panel 3:
Karin: What are those two?

Panel 4:
Yukihime: Oh, I picked up the longhaired one midway.

Panel 5:
Yukihime: As for the spiky-haired one, circumstances led to us living together for two years.

p2: ===============================================
Panel 1:
Yukhime: What’s wrong?
Karin: Nothing; I just felt a mysterious urge to kill when I heard your story. / I’ll go pour another cup.
Yukihime: You seem like... Read More " "
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UQ Holder 9

*For Mangaburn Scans

p1: ============================================
Panel 1:
Jinbee: All right. This, too, must be a stroke of fate. / I would be willing to help advance your studies. / At any rate, this task would be impossible for you, as you are.

Panel 2:
Touta: Our studies? You mean, you’ll train us?! Seriously?! / That’s a big help, pops!! By all means, please!!
Kuroumaru: Hey… Touta-kun.
Touta: Let’s shake, let’s shake!!

Panel 4:
Touta: Huh…? / Kuroumaru?

Panel 5:
Jinbee: Well, well, just relax, / Miss.

Panel 6:
Ku: Who

Panel 7:
Ku: are you calling “Miss”?!!

p2: ============================================
Panel 3:
Jinbee: Hmm.

Panel 4:
Touta: Whoa…? Damn, you’re... Read More " "
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UQ Holder 8

*For Mangaburn Scans

p1 ===================================
Panel 1:
/ Leader? You?
Well, it’s nothing to write home about.

Panel 2:
You guys newcomers? Here for the test?
I guess they dropped you right in here. Man, nice going.

Panel 3:
So then…
/ Up we go…

Panel 4:

Panel 5:
I can’t see any weaknesses.
/ This isn’t some regular old man.
Is he a master…?!

p2: ===================================
Panel 1:
[inset]: A brief lull distracting one from boredom during the eons.
Stage. 8: The Leader’s Power

p3: ===================================
Panel 2:

Panel 3:
Ouch. Ah… What’s this, now?
I guess, after sitting in one place for six months, I got a little... Read More " "
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