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Negiho (Ito) Bun 1

Pop <3

+ posted by Draco1988 as translation on Sep 17, 2010 02:49 | Go to Negiho (Ito) Bun

-> RTS Page for Negiho (Ito) Bun 1

This translation is partly based on the Vietnamese translation by WarriorKK

Pg 01:

Box: This is Mahora Kindergarten of Mahora Academy City
Negi: Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Negi Springfield. // We’re going to spend one year together. / Please call me Negi-sensei! [aside]Please take care of me[/aside]
Yuuna: Hey, what you think?
Kazumi: Not so bad? / Seem like I got some scope
Setsuna: [aside]such trivial…[/aside]

Pg 02-03:

Negiho (Ito) Bun
1st Period: Pop <3

Pg 04:

Konoka: Na~ na~ Asuna! / Can we talk a bit~?
Sign: Konoe Konoka
Konoka: Knew it! Been thinking~ about the new Negi-sensei, haven’t you~?
Asuna: ... Puny [aside]whispering[/aside]
Konoka: Ho~~ ho~~?
Asuna: ... Flashy [aside]whispering[/aside]
Konoka: Oh really~~?
Asuna: Spring onion... [aside]whispering[/aside]
Konoka: Ohh~ // Hmm hm... Love means Accepting~ or so they say.
Asuna: ~~How on earth did you hear it like that!!
Konoka: Now now, Asuna likes older man, don't you~~? / Negi-sensei also looks quite cool, you know~
Asuna: ....
Girls: Sensei do-

Pg 05:

Asuna: Bwho~~
Konoka: Aicha~ Asuna~~!
Negi: [aside]Asuna-chan...?[/aside] // ... Are you okay, Asuna-chan?
Asuna: ....! Spruny Negi....

Pg 06:

Negi: You’re not injured, aren’t you? // A... // Ho- hold on, Asuna-chan~~? // Please wait~ Oiii~
Ayaka: -- Stop right there, Asuna-san. // Just as I thought... causing troubles for sensei on the very first day.

Pg 07:

Ayaka: However, you can’t run any further!! / Yukihiro Ayaka will be your oppo-
Sign: Yukihiro Ayaka
Ayaka: Bogyaa!?
Negi: [aside]Ayaka-chan[/aside] // ...Uhm... / I... may be hated by that little girl...
Box: After that--
Asuna: ...Someone like him... only has that flashy face... / I’m so gonna uncover his mask. / [aside] Fufufufu[/aside]
Small box: Hole
Negi: Ah, no good! Holes at such a place like this! [aside]Maybe the moles[/aside]

Pg 08:

Negi: [aside]Let’s buy some watering cans[/aside]
Box: And thereafter too... // Negi’s classmate: Kotarou-sensei
Kotarou: [aside]Oh~ isn’t it cake~[/aside]
Negi: [aside]Where you say?[/aside]
??: [aside]Gyaah / What?[/aside]
Konoka: Asuna~ Where are you~? // Ah~ found ya, found ya, Asuna~ // Asu... / Wahh [aside]Who’s this?[/aside]
Asuna: .....
Box: Munching on snacks

Pg 09:

Konoka: Asuna~ can’t you be truthful to your own feeling~? / We can only realize it when we have lost our most precious. // If not careful... we’ll lose it quickly / For such thing not to happen... why don’t we, step by step, moving forward... // ...right?
Asuna: .... // [aside]... my best weiner[/aside]
Konoka: [aside]Wah~ You made it feel so real now[/aside]

Pg 10

Sayo: Asakura-san~?
Kazumi: Looking good, we can get it. Just a little more... ‘kay?
Chao: [aside]Oh Ooh[/aside]
Ku: [aside]Amazing aru[/aside]
Kotarou: Haha, aren’t ya popular, Negi
Girls: [aside]Where are you from~? / Please tell us~[/aside]
Negi: [aside]Umm...[/aside]
Flashback!Konoka: [aside]If not careful.... / you gonna lose what you want.[/aside]
Imagine!Negi: [aside]It’s dangerous![/aside]
Nodoka: Ah // ~~~Don’t! Asuna-chan! / Climbing tree is very dangerous~!!
Box: Miyazaki Nodoka
Nodoka: [aside]Please get down[/aside]
Asuna: Nah... [aside]idiot[/aside]

Pg 11:

Nodoka: Argh~~~!
Asuna: Hold-… Nodo…
Kotarou: -- Uurgh!? This
Negi: Danger!!
Kotarou: [aside]…Oh[/aside]
Box: Conditional Reflex

Pg 12:

Negi: …. Good lucky… Are you okay, Nodoka-chan?
Nodoka: Ye… / Yes…
Yunna: [aside]Ooh~[/aside]
Negi: [aside]Seriously… don’t do that again, okay? It’s very dangerous…[/aside]
Nodoka: [aside]I’m sorry.[/aside]
Yue: [aside]Nodoka~[/aside]
Kotarou: [aside] Here! / You come here too.[/aside]
Asuna: ......
Konoka: Is- is it wrong~ / People are also important that they too can be taken away~ / [aside]Argh[/aside]
Sign: Scaffold

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#1. by WarriorKK (Scanlator)
Posted on Oct 17, 2010

If someone wants to make scanlations for this series, please contact me through PM.
I'll give you the edited PDF files. Everything you should do is only typesetting.

Because we're busy, we can't do that...
#2. by LoneWolfx03 (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 19, 2010
you missed 2 balloons:
on the 4th page panel 4
can you translate it? it's for the scan ;p
tried to translate it but can't get what she has about to say
#3. by Draco1988 (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 19, 2010
Thanks, that explains the weird spacing between the two lines XD
I somehow delete the line or something while copy-paste from my word document ^^


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