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Translations: Gintama 515 by kewl0210
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AR∀GO 72


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 30, 2011 16:41 | Go to AR∀GO

-> RTS Page for AR∀GO 72

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Arago 72 Eng

Big letters: What is Oz thinking about in the middle of the battle with the Red Horseman...? //オズ
(left): The introduction to the Last Battle!!! Volume 6 on sale June 17th!!! //最後
Oz(thinks): That man is Arago Hunt. //あの
(thinks): He has a fragment of Brionac's seed //ブリュ
(thinks): Our last hope... //我々
(thinks): A man that has to be protected even if we all die... //オレ達全員を Note: the kanjis for "we" here are the ones used to say "Albion"
(thinks): A man that's more important //オレ達全員の
(thinks): than all of our lives... //重い

Oz: OOOOOOOH!!!! //おお
Title: Chapter 72 Pride //誇り 「プライド」

Oz: You idiot!! Our contry's legacy...!! //バカヤロー
(thinks): A haphazard power as always, She doesn't have "Claíomh Solais" and this happens!! //相変わらず
(thinks): No, she's calm, this way is more troblesome... //いや check trans here
(thinks): I don't have time or space to set traps!! //罠 「トラップ」 that's the literal translation, maybe opportunity sounds a little better

Red: How long do you plan to hide? //いつまで
Red: If you don't come out... //出て
Oz: Big Ben's long hand... //ビッグ
Red: I'll blow of everything!! //全部

Red: Nee... //ねえ sorry, this can't be translated, i hope everyone understands how she says it
Red: You died---? //死んじゃ
Red: Hey hey---... //ほら
Red: Don't hide //隠れて
Red: Come out--- //出て she's treating him like a dog XDDD

Red: Hey, you're listening, right? //ねえ
Red: So, you're Albion's last survivor? //あんた
Red: I remembered. That there was this allies of justice that opposed the King... //思い
Red: I killed some of them... //あたし
Red: Come to think of it, i think that a guy that used your exaggerated mythical beast horn weapon was one of them... //そう
Red: He didn't have time to use it--- //使う
Red: Fire!! //ジュ i've been told that "ju" is the SFX for flames or fire so put the one you want here
Red: I burnt them to death though. Fufufu... //焼け
Red: Cause they were slimy!!! //だって
Red: "I'm fine, but spare my comrades"! Too stupid!! //自分
Red: In any case it was already settled that they'd all be killed... //どうせ

Red: Hmm!? You fell to this cheap provacation!! //へえ
Red: I'll chop you!!! //ぶった

Red: I'll melt this lump of metal in a second!! //こんな
Oz: It's an armored supply vehicle stuffed with ammunition!! //中

Oz: Get blown off!!!! //吹き飛べ
Oz: We inherited... //誇り
Oz: that pride and soul //魂を
Oz: and protected this country... //オレ
Oz: Putting our... //命を
Oz: lives in the line...!! //懸けて

Oz: Our lives aren't unimportant!!!! //オレ
(thinks): ...!! Damn //マズイ
(thinks): I can't dod---... //避けきれ

Oz: Ah!! //ア
Oz: Guaaaaah!! //グア
Oz: My, my leg is!! My... aaaaah!!!! //あ、足
Red: Your pride and your mission //誇り
Red: I couldn't care less about them. //そんな
Red: The main point is either you live or die. //要は
Red: Sigh... as i thought it's only this... //ああ
Red: I shouldn't have expected anything... //ちょっと

Red: You can die now. //もう
Flashback: Inherited pride... //受け
Flashback: and soul's proof... //そして

Flashback: This "Unicorn Horn" is Albion's symbol, it was given to us by the Queen. //この
Flashback: Only our top, the 1000 man leader is able to use it, //我々 check trans for 1000 man leader = 千人長
Flashback: It's the proof of the true knight that protects the Queen's country. //女王
Flashback: "Even if i die" //「オレが
Flashback: "My soul will pass into you..." //「オレの
Flashback: "Because you all are my pride---" //「お前達

Oz: This... //これ
Oz: Only this... //これだけ
Red: What's this? //なんな
Red: Protecting that... //そんなの
Red: It's gross... //気持ち
Red: If it's that important //そんなに
Red: You can hold it forever. //ずっと
Oz: S,sto... //や

Red: Goodbye //さよなら
Red: Cheating Onii-san... //ヒキョー

Radio: Unidentified black monsters are crossing the Strait of Dover... //正体
Radio: and it appears that there are countless victims even in Paris, France--- //フランス
Radio: Each country's government has declared state of emegency--- //各国
Radio: The EU has dispatched allied forc---... //EU

Big letters: Will Oz fall in front of an overwhelming power..!? and, the left behind black madness attacks the rest place..!! //圧倒的
Black: If I destroy this generator the barrier will vanish... //この発電
Black: I'll make this museum into a Gogmagog feeding ground. //この博物館

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Well, there's only 2 parts that i'm not so sure about the translation (on pages 4 and 14) otherwise i think it's pretty well done

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