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AR∀GO 73


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 5, 2011 00:04 | Go to AR∀GO

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Arago 73 Eng

Big Letters: The Black Horseman's threat draws near the British Museum, meanwhile the Red Horseman's heartless attack pierces Oz--- //市民 in here it's actually "The British Museum where the refugees are" but that's kinda redundant and makes the sentence unnecessarily long so i cut it off

Big Letters (Right): The world is dragged into increasingly intense battles---!! The newest Volume #6 is on sale!!! //激しさ
(center): Power is //力こそ
(center): justice--- //正義
Title: Chapter 73 Breakdown //崩壊 maybe collapse, it can mean both

Red: A mere human wouldn't be able to stall a seed holder like me, right? //ただの
Red: As i thought, only Brionac's Onii-chan //やっぱり
Red: can heat me up... //あたしを
Red: Wait for me... Onii-chan //待ってて
Red: I'll go right now. //今行く
Red: After I fight with Onii-chan... //お兄ちゃん
Red: I'll just slowly watch as the world comes to it's end---//世界

Oz: Wait a sec., young missy... //ちょっと
Oz: I'm still... alive you know---... //オレ、
Red: You're tough huh... //しぶとい
Red: You insect. //この

SFX: *impact* //ガッ
SFX: *shudders* //ゾクッ
Red: I'm telling you to let go!!! //離せ

SFX: *breaths* //ハア
SFX: *breaths* //ハア
Red: Where did you hid that pow...? //どこに
SFX: *realize* //ハッ the SFX is "Ha!"
Red: It can't be, did you put the Claíomh Solais seed into your body!? //まさか
Red: What happens when a human without resistance takes in a seed...!! //耐性
Red: Aren't you the one that knows it best!? 自分
Oz: Ah... //ああ
Oz: My blood's boiling and my flesh is bursting open... It's an unbearable pain... //血が

Oz: Really... why... for that guy's sake... //まったく
Red: What're you mumbling for!! //なにを
Oz: Since being... alone... //独り
Oz: is hard... //辛ぇ
Oz: Defi...nitely... the same way... //絶。。。対
Oz: It can't be... helped right?... //仕方
Oz: I must protect //自分の命 Note: the kanjis in this and the next bubble for "I" and for "Arago" are the same "自分" which means "Mine", "me" or "myself" this makes what oz said in this page a little more understandable i think, since everything he said was about arago and himself (well maybe, i'm not good in this hidden meaning things XD, if you find a better answer tell me XD)
Oz: Arago's life... //自分が守って

Red: Stop your babbling!!! //ごちゃ
SFX: *snap* //ブチ
SFX: *snap* //ブチ
Oz: Guaaaaaaa!!! //ぐあああ
SFX: *impact* //ガッ
Red: Uh--- //う
Red: aaaaah!!! //あああ

Oz: I'm sorry... young missy //ワルイ
Oz: Please die... //オレと
Oz: with me together. //死んで Note: NO!!!! OZ!!!! DON'T DIE!!!

Red: Ah... //ア
Red: Aah... //あア
Red: Aha.... //アハ this are probably either a laughter or coughs
Red: It's red... right... mama... //赤い you can go with mommy instead of mama choose the one you like better
Red: It's a bright red dress //真っ赤
Red: Isn't it cute? right... mama... //かわいい
Red: Look... at... me... //あたし
Oz(thinks): Ah, it hurts... //あー
(thinks): It hurts... this much?... //こんな
(thinks): Enough... did i do what i could? //十分 tell me if this is clear
(thinks): Will you... forgive me? //許して
(thinks): Everyone--- //みんな

Oz(thinks): If we weren't like this... //こんな
(says): I won't let you say you won't drink. //飲めねえ
(thinks): we'd be drinking beer somewhere---... //どっか
(thinks): I leave you... //あとは
(thinks): the... rest... //たのん
(thinks): Arago--- //アラゴ

Rio: It's ok Coco-chan //大丈夫
Rio: As long as we have the barrier the monsters can't get inside the building. //結界
Rio: Joe-san and Oz... Arago and Co. are fighting //ジョー
Rio: for everyone's sake. //みんな
Coco: Yes!! //はい
Rio(thinks): I'm irritated at myself for being unable to do anything... //何も
(thinks): At least I have to protect the place where everyone can come back...!! //せめて

Rio(thinks): Come back safe... everyone!!! //みんな
SFX: *turns around suddenly* //グッ
People: The basement //チカッ
People: In the basement //チカガ
People: Kyaah!? //キャア
People: Electricity is!! //電気
Policeman: It's ok, calm down please!! //大丈夫
Rio: Maybe something happened to the underground power generator... //地下
Rio: I'll go see so please take care of this!! //見て来る
Coco: Understood!! //分かりました

Rio(thinks): The power generator is...!? //発電機
People: Kyaa! //キャア
Rio(thinks): It can't be!! //まさか
(thinks): Not like that!! //そんな

p15 /no dialog

Coco: Rio-san!! //リオさん
Rio: Coco-chan, what happened!? //ココちゃん
Coco: I don't know!! The monsters got inside suddenly!! //分かりません
Rio: Tell the refugees to evacuate further inside of the museum!! //避難
Coco: Armed section, go to the front!! //武装班
Coco: Ah... //あ。。。
Coco: Aah...!! //ああ。。。
Rio: What happened Coco-chan!! //どうした
Coco: T...that person...ah... //あ。。。あの
Rio: Eh!? //えっ

Joe: It has gotten dark... //暗く
Arago: Let's hurry!! //先を
Joe: !!

Joe: The light //光が
Joe: disappeared... //消えた
Arago: The British Museum is on that direction... //あっち
Joe: Cocoooooooo!!! //ココォ
Big Letters(Right): Peril draws near their loved ones!! ---In the next issue!! //愛する

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