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Translations: Gintama 516 (2) , Bleach 602 by BadKarma

Hanamaru Youchien 66

Hanamaru Santa-san

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 8, 2012 18:02 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 66
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Anzu: It's almost christmas!
Anzu: I wonder if santa will come this year too!
Koume: I can't wait~~
Ryouta: You still believe in Santa!
Koume: Well, he gives us presents~~
Anzu: Ryouta, you're a bad boy so you don't get presents?
Ryouta: I get them! But that's definitely dad!
Anzu: Koume-chan, what kind of person do you think Santa is?
Hii's sd: Chri-Chri-Christmas~~
Koume: You see, Koume~~
Ryouta: Listen to me!
Koume: I think he is an old man with white hair, a white beard, and with kind eyes~~
Ryouta's sd: They're not listening at all
Koume: And~~...

Title: Chapter 66 Hanamaru Santa-san

p4 //Santa Nanako

All: It's Santa!!
Anzu?: Ah.
Ryouta?: Let's follow him!

Ryouta: He's not here...
Ryouta: He magically disappeared!
Koume: He was just like Koume imagined him...
Anzu: Then...
Hii: That was the real Santa...!
Ryouta: I-It's the first time I see him!!
Koume: Ko-Koume too~~
Anzu: What to do, What to do.
Nanako: What's wrong with you two~~?

Nanako: You're covered with leaves just as if you had played hide'n'seek~~
Dad: Emm... I fell over there.
Mayumi: Dad is acting weird.
Mayumi: Did you get lost again~~
Dad: Y-yes yes,
Dad: Well then we'll borrow your bath!
Dad: ...I'm glad our daughters didn't find out.
Mom: This neighborhood's children found out though~~
Mom: It seems they thought you were the real santa.
Dad: It may have been a bit to early to do a rehearsal.

Mom: Fufufu
Dad: Mom?
When Nanako found you in the past she had the same reaction.
Nanako's sd: Wah, Santa!
I was in a hurry then.
Mom: It seems you're a perfect Santa this year too.
Dad: Well, I've been doing this every year since Nanako was little.
Mom: I never thought that you would continue even after they moved.
Dad: They would be sad if santa didn't come.
Dad: When I think of their happy faces the place where they live doesn't matter.
Mayumi: Are you two still here? What about the bath?
Dad: Now mom, The bath the bath!
Mom: Fufu
Mom: Fufufu

Anzu: It's amazing right!
Both: Wo--w!
Voice: He disappeared magically~~!
Nanako: This looks fun~~ what are you talking about?
Anzu: We saw the real santa!!
Nanako: That's dreamy~~ Sensei wanted to meet him too~~
Hii: We saw him near your apartment...!
Koume: He had a white beard and looked like a kind person~~
Nanako: ...

Twin: Maybe he is the santa that comes to our house every year.
Twin: I've never seen him.
Hii: Japan's area is about 378,000 km^2 but there's only one Santa claus...
Hii: In short, meeting santa in this wide Japan is a miracle...!
Twins: ...?
Hii: Meeting santa is as difficult as finding a grain of rice in a sand pit!
Twin: Eh
Twin: You can't find that.
Anzu: Then meeting santa is something amazing!
Ryouta: We're ultra lucky!
Girl: I want to meet him too~~
Girl: Santa...

Anzu: Then let's ask Santa to come to the kindergarten's christmas party!
Girls: Wah, that's dreamy!
Ryouta: He's probably still around here!
Koume: I wonder if he will read our letters if we write them~~
Hii: Oh...!
Twin: Let's write them!
Boy's sd: What should I write?
Aoi?'s sd: Emm
Kid's sd: Sensei, please~~
Nanako's sd: Ok
Nanako: The children of the kindergarten said they saw santa near here~~

Dad: Th-That's emm...
Nanako: Look at this.
Letter: To santa
Dad: ...To santa?
Nanako: They want to invite santa to the christmas party.
Nanako: They were really happy that they could meet him~~
Nanako: I think they would all be happy if he came~~
Nanako: It's Santa!
Dad(thinks): I have to go before she notices...
Nanako: U-Umm, Santa~~

Nanako: Thank you for always coming to Nanako's house~~
Nanako: Nanako is always a good girl so please come next year and the years after that~~
Dad: ...
Anzu: Santa didn't come...
Koume: Maybe he's busy with the preparations for christmas...

Girl: I wanted to meet him...
Nanako: It's ok!
Nanako: Santa is kind so he'll definitely come~~
Nanako: He might have gotten a little lost,
Nanako: Let's try calling for him~~
All: Yeah!
Nanako: 1,2-
All: Santa!
Dad(thinks): I ended up coming, is this really alright
Dad: Me...Merry

Dad: Christmas...
All: It's Santa-----!!!
Boy: He's just like the Santa of the picture books!
SFX: Pull pull
Boy: You can't take off his beard like with Tsuchida!!
Girl: I met Santa.
Aoi: Santa really exists!
Dad(thinks): I'm glad the children are happy.
Tsuchida(thinks): ...Who's that?
Anzu: E-Emm, Shanta! //she's nervous

Anzu: We all drew the Santa we love!
Drawing: To Santa
Anzu: Thank you for all the presents!
Anzu: Please come next year!
Anzu's sd: Let's sing together!
Mayumi's sd: Santa came--!

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