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Translations: Bleach 600 by BadKarma

Hanamaru Youchien 89

Hanamaru White Day

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 3, 2012 23:05 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 89
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//Kusano-sensei can be so cute sometimes...

Box: A certain day in March.
Anzu's sd: Tsucchi, thanks for the return gift<3
Hina's sd: I'll treasure it forever!
Tsuchida's sd: They're marshmallows so eat them soon.
Tsuchida: Kusano-sensei, do you want to go to the amusement park?
Kusano: Why?
Tsuchida's sd: Why you say...
Tsuchida: It's Valentine's return gift.
Kusano: If that's so this was enough!
Kusano: Invite Nana-chan.
Tsuchida: She said she had plans with her family on white day...
Kusano(thinks): He's already been rejected huh.
Kusano: Are you ok with me? Why don't you invite Satsuki-chan?
Tsuchida: I can go whenever I want with Satsuki, since it's a special chance I thought I'd invite Kusano-se...
Tsuchida's sd: Ah

Tsuchida: Don't misunderstand ok! I'm not inviting Kusano-sensei to a date, it's just that I'm grateful to you, the one that I like is...
Tsuchida's sd: Sorry!
Kusano's sd: Stop with that.
Kusano: Ok ok, I got it.
Tsuchida: That is why, you can come in a jersey on that day.
Kusano: Jersey?
Tsuchida: I mean that you don't have to force yourself to try to look cute.
Arrow: No bad intentions
Kusano: Tsuchida-kun just said what he wanted.
Kusano: I won't stay silent after being told that!!
Kusano: !

Kusano: Tsuchida-kun's scarf!
Kusano's sd: Oops!
Kusano: I completely forgot to give it back!
Kusano(thinks): ...We also drank together on christmas.
Flashback: It's not like th...
Kusano(thinks): Even though I was only taken away by the mood, I was the only one who had a weird awareness.
Kusano: Wait for it---!
Tsuchida: ...

Kusano: Tsuchida-kun, sorry for the wait<3 //If only she looked like this all the time...
Title: Chapter 89 Hanamaru White Day
Tsuchida: Kusano-sensei!? (cd: You even have a wig!)
Kusano: (cd: Eh) Does it look weird?
Tsuchida: Eh, no, it's not like...
Kusano: I'm glad! Then, let's hurry in!
Tsuchida: ?

Kusano: Tsuchida-ku-----n!
Kusano: Look look, it's cute~~ right~~
Tsuchida's sd: It isn't cute at all...
Tsuchida(thinks): No no, that's not your personality.
Tsuchida(thinks): What is it...Did I do something?
Tsuchida's sd: Hmmm
Kusano: ...What happened?
SFX: ba-dump
Tsuchida: Ba-dump!!?
Tsuchida's sd: It's Kusano-sensei you know!?

Tsuchida(thinks): It doesn't seem she's angry.
Tsuchida(thinks): Is it only that she likes amusement parks?
Kusano: Ei!
SFX: Cold
Tsuchida: It's cold!
Kusano: You're can't be absent-minded when you're with me!
Tsuchida: Yes...
Tsuchida(thinks): This is getting me mad.
Kusano: Open wide
Tsuchida: !
Tsuchida: I-It's ok!
Kusano: You looked like you wanted some, here, open wide.

Kusano: It's tasty right!
Tsuchida: ...
Kusano's sd: Let's go there next...
Tsuchida(thinks): What's with today's Kusano-sensei?
Tsuchida(thinks): And
Kusano's sd: Hurry hurry~~!
Tsuchida(thinks): She somehow looks cuter than usual.
Kusano: ...

Kusano(thinks): Tsuchida-kun is reaaally aware of me now.
Kusano(thinks): I can do it if I try!
Kusano(thinks): You're going to be manipulated by me today!!
Kusano's sd: Nyohoho
Kusano: Whoops
Kusano: Tsuchida-kun, wait a...

Tsuchida: You have to be careful or we'll be separated.
Tsuchida: ...Your face is completely red ar...
Kusano: I-I'm ok!!
Tsuchida: Hold my hand tightly.
Kusano: We're still holding hands!?

Kusano(thinks): I got surprised just now because he suddenly hold my hand.
Kusano(thinks): He has some reasonable strength.
Tsuchida: You suddenly got quiet, are you feeling tired?
Kusano: Ah, no emm... Look over there! I can see the sea!
Tsuchida: Eh, really?
SFX: creak
Kusano: !
Kusano: Wh-Why are you next to me...
Tsuchida: Well you can see it more easily from here...

Tsuchida: ...Ah...Emm...
Tsuchida: ...
sd: Thank you very much
Tsuchida(thinks): Why am I so nervous over Kusano-sensei!?
Kusano(thinks): He's just Tsuchida-kun, why is he so assertive!?

Voice: The parade started!
Voice: Let's hurry!
Kusano: Ah!
Tsuchida: Wah!
Voice: They say they'll sprinkle water on this parade.
Voice: Sounds fun!

MC: The people in the front might get sprinkled with water so be careful.

Both: Puu
Kusano: Ah, I'm done with this! This really isn't my nature!

Kusano: We're starting again! Let's go to the Roller Coaster!
Kusano's sd: Hey, Once more!
Tsuchida's sd: I don't want to do it 3 times in a row---!
Kusano's sd: Give me a bite!
SFX: munch!
Tsuchida's sd: That's not just a bite!

Kusano: Where are we!? Why didn't you wake me up!?
Tsuchida: Kusano-sensei, you were asleep too...
Kusano: Kouhai should stay awake for their senpai's sake, right!?
Tsuchida: Ah, you only act like a senpai in this kind of moments!

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