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Hanamaru Youchien 91

Hanamaru Sisters (part 1)

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 4, 2012 04:02 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

-> RTS Page for Hanamaru Youchien 91

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 91
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Dad: Are you listening to what I'm saying!?
Dad: Don't follow men you don't know! And about that co-worker of yours Tsuchida, don't let your guard...
Nanako: Yes yes~~
Mayumi: Nana-chan, you have it tough.
Nanako: Mayumi, he'll say that to you eventually too~~
Mayumi: Well, I would stay with the person I love no matter what he said!
Nanako: Mayumi is a bit thickheaded when it's about that~~ I wonder if you'll like someone...
Mayumi: That's rude!
Mayumi: I like someone!

Nanako: If Mayumi really loves someone I'll cheer for you with all my might!
Title: Chapter 91 Hanamaru Sisters (part 1)
SFX: trot trot
Nanako: Oh!
Nanako: Mayu...
Nanako: !

Mayumi: ---That's what happened but
Mayumi: Actually I don't really like someone!
Tsuchida: Hmmm
Mayumi: Me being like that, I don't really think I can give you advice about love.
Tsuchida: (cd: No no!) Your sister is really similar to the person I like so it's a great reference!
Mayumi: So, how is it going with that person...
Tsuchida: Well on white day

Nanako(thinks): Perhaps the person Mayumi likes is...
Hanamaru: Mayumi-chan...
Nanako: Mayumi...
Hanamaru: Eh
Nanako: Oh

Sign: Ly Restaurant Hamburger
Hanamaru: Thank you for always listening to me...
Nanako(thinks): To think that the person this man likes was Mayumi.
Hanamaru: Those two looked like they get along well...
Hanamaru: Mayumi-chan...
Nanako: ...
Nanako: Emm...Are you perhaps Hanamaru-sensei who draws panda cat?
Hanamaru: That's right, why...
Nanako: As I thought! Sorry for my late greetings, I'm Mayumi's sister, Nanako. (cd: Thank you for always taking care of Mayumi)
SFX: Bow
Hanamaru: Onee-san!!
Hanamaru: So I was asking for advice in things related to Mayumi-chan to her sister!! (cd: How embarrassing!!)
Sd: Uwoooh

Hanamaru: ...Emm, does Mayumi-chan talk about me?
Nanako: Yes, a lot~~
Hanamaru: Eh, Eh, like what...
Nanako(thinks): He's a kind person just like Mayumi said
Nanako(thinks): ...But...
Mayumi: (cd: That's right) I want to ask onii-san something too.
Mayumi: I want to give a present to someone I work with but
Mayumi: What would make a man happy?
Tsuchida: What kind of person is he?

Mayumi: He makes a wonderful work! He's really kind and loves kids.
Hanamaru's sd: If possible I don't want to do an autograph session... //can't read the rest, it's little and blurry...
Mayumi: He's so kind that he doesn't have confidence in himself, that's his only flaw~~
Tsuchida: I meant his age or job.
Mayumi: Ah! (cd: Those huh)
Mayumi: I think he's a bit older than you.
Mayumi: His job is drawing panda cat's manga!
sd: Wow----!
Tsuchida: Really!? All the kids I know love it!! (cd: My sister too!)
Tsuchida: Wow, he's really close by.
Mayumi: That's right, he's an amazing person but he doesn't feel like that, he's a great person~~
Mayumi's sd: And and

Tsuchida: Do you like that person?
Mayumi: I like him.
Tsuchida: No, I mean, as a man.
Mayumi: ...Eh?
Mayumi: Eeeh!?
Mayumi: I like him? No but that is...Eeeh!?
Mayumi: ...

Mayumi: Eeh...?
Nanako(thinks): Mayumi and Tsuchida-sensei looked like they get along well...
Nanako(thinks): Tsuchida-sensei is a great person.
Nanako(thinks): If Mayumi chooses Tsuchida-sensei I will...

Hanamaru: I should give up right.
Hanamaru: He didn't seem like a bad person.
Hanamaru: I'm not suited for Mayumi-chan.
Hanamaru: Moreover if it's the person Mayumi-chan chose...
Nanako: ...Up...

Nanako: Don't give up!
Nanako: You must convey your feelings.

Nanako: It's not like it's settled that they're dating.
Nanako: I'll help you so confess to Mayumi!
Hanamaru: ...Emm...
Hanamaru: For now you should sit down...
Nanako's sd: Ah!
Nanako: S...Sorry...
Nanako: ...?

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