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Translations: Bleach 600 (2)

Hanamaru Youchien 96

Hanamaru Wedding

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 9, 2012 17:24 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 96
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Anzu: Satsuki-oneechan, congratulations!
Koume: You look really pretty~~
Tsuchida: Sorry for the wait.

Title: Chapter 96 Hanamaru Wedding

Hii: Now, the kiss of your vow...
Tsuchida: He--y, Satsuki---

Tsuchida: Satsuki-cha---n, It's morning.
Tsuchida: Even though I woke you up...
Tsuchida's sd: How scary
Satsuki(thinks): I had an outrageous dream...
Tsuchida: You were sleeping soundly, did you have a good drea...
Satsuki: That's impossible!!!
Tsuchida: (cd: ...I see...) We're going shopping today, right.
Satsuki: Ah, yeah. (cd: I have to get ready.)
Tsuchida: What are you buying?
Satsuki: Tableware and some other things for your house! (cd: They're all worn-out.)
TSuchida: Sorry for everything.

Satsuki's sd: Onii-chan, what color would you like?
Tsuchida's sd: Maybe blue.
Satsuki: This pot is good! Can I leave it on your home, onii-chan?
Tsuchida: Yeah.
Satsuki: Don't you think it's about time to change the curtains?
Tsuchida: That might be a good idea.
Woman: It'll be 6500 yen.
Woman: Are you living together? You get along well with your boyfriend.
Satsuki: !

Tsuchida: What did she say?
Satsuki: Nothing!
Satsuki: We have to buy Onii-chan's summer clothes next.
Tsuchida: Sorry it's all for me.
Satsuki: If you think that become more reliable!
Tsuchida: But it'd be nice if Satsuki moved over here.
Thought: {
Satsuki's sd: Don't expect so much from me!
Satsuki's sd: Satsuki Pu-----nch!
Tsuchida: ...Oh?
Satsuki: ...Geez, Onii-chan...

Koume: Tsuchida-sensei and Satsuki-oneechan look like newly-weds~~
Satsuki: Eh!
Koume: You look like the people on nikori's commercial~~ (cd: Koume knows the song~~) //idk if this is a reference or not
sd: To Nikori
Anzu: Tsucchi, did you marry onee-chan!?
Koume's sd: Newly-wed life we get everything~~
Anzu's sd: Awawa wawawa
Satsuki: No...
Tsuchida: Siblings can't marry.
Anzu: Is that so?
Satsuki: Y-Yeah.
Hii: The law says so...

Koume: Even though you get along so well~~?
Anzu: Even though you rely so much on onee-chan?
Tsuchida: I'll marry some day and become independent from Satsuki!
Anzu: Tsucchi, you're great! You'll marry Anzu right<3
Hii: Tsuchida-sensei will marry...Independence...
Tsuchida: I'm an adult so I can't be under Satsuki's care forever!
Satsuki: ...Sorry, I'll go back first.
Tsuchida: Satsuki?

SFX: creak
Tsuchida: ...What happened?
Satsuki: ...Sorry, I'll go back home.
SFX: shining
Tsuchida: Aren't you staying here today too? We bought the ingredients for dinner.
Satsuki: Why don't you do your best cooking for my future sister-in-law's sake?
Satsuki: ...

Tsuchida: ?
Satsuki: You want to become independent right? Then you have to do it by yourself.
Satsuki: Onii-chan is already an adult.
Satsuki: We can't stay as brother and sister forever, right...
Satsuki(thinks): I was flying high by myself, I feel like an idiot.
Tsuchida: I only said that to show off but,

Tsuchida: I'm careless, I can't cook, I'm not really good at work,
Tsuchida: And I'm a no good brother that keeps relying on his sister.
Tsuchida: Even though, Satsuki still calls me onii-chan.
Tsuchida: ...In the past, you said "I'll become onii-chan's wife", do you remember?
Satsuki: Wh-What are you saying so suddenly?
Tsuchida: I think it was around here...
Tsuchida: This brings back memories, right.
Satsuki: ...What is this? (cd: Some metallic ring?)
Tsuchida: Did you forget!?
Tsuchida: You...

Satsuki: When Satsuki grows up she'll become onii-chan's wife~~
Satsuki's sd: Ehehe~~
Tsuchida: You know, you give each other rings in a wedding ceremony. (cd: Sakura-chan said that.)
Tsuchida: Satsuki?
Satsuki: !
Satsuki: Onii-chan, show me your hand.
Satsuki: Here, a ring!

Satsuki: With this Satsuki and onii-chan will be together forever.
Tsuchida: I never thought the person who said it would forget about it.
Satsuki: ...

Satsuki: Well, it's something that happened a long time ago...
Satsuki(thinks): He remembered.
Tsuchida: We promised to be together forever.
Satsuki: ?
Tsuchida: Ah, I can't wait for today's dinner.
Satsuki's sd: You have to be careful.
Tsuchida's sd: Ouch...

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