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Translations: Bleach 600 by BadKarma

Hanamaru Youchien 102

Hanamaru Kindergarten

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 12, 2012 23:23 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 102
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: Chapter 102 Hanamaru Kindergarten

Sign: Sakura Class
Voice: Hey Ryouta, don't move!
Voice: Mama I can't wear this~~
Anzu: Papa, the zipper!!
Anzu's dad: Ok ok.
Anzu's dad: We've finished changing.
Anzu: Papa, is Anzu lovely?
Tsuchida: Everyone, thank you for helping.
Tsuchida: (cd: Eh) Where's your mom?
Anzu: She's talking with Hii-chan and Koume-chan's mamas. //I wanted to see their faces...

Anzu's dad: However, that this costumes are handmade is amazing.
Anzu: (cd: Ehehe) I'm a Mahou Shoujo!
Hii's dad: Tomoyuki-kun and Satsuki-chan were the core in the creation of them.
Tomo: I'm good at sewing. (cd: And it was for Koume's sake!)
Satsuki: If we had left it to onii-chan he wouldn't have finished.
Tsuchida: I had left all the sewing to Yamamoto-sensei until now...
Hii: Hiiragi is Panda cat G
Koume: Koume is a princess~~
Hii's dad's sd: It looks good on you--
Anzu's dad: It's a free and uncontrolled play.

Anzu: Tsucchi asked what everyone wanted to be and made the story based on that!
Anzu's dad: (cd: Eh) That's amazing.
Mayumi: Nana-chan praised it, she said it's really fun!
Mayumi: Everyone, do your best today!
Hanamaru: (cd: He-) Hello...
Voice: Mayumi-oneechan! Hanamaru-sensei!
Kids: Hanamaru-sensei!
Kids: Hanamaru-sensei came!
Yuna's sd: Don't~~
Mayumi: Everyone knows now.
Mayumi: Nana-chan was also looking forward to the play!
Boy: Yamamoto-sensei...

Boy: I wanted Yamamoto-sensei to see it too.
Girl: Right~~
Itsuki: Yeah.
Kusano: Hmmfufu
Girl: Kusano-sensei.
Kusano: Actually I have a letter from Yamamoto-sensei for everyone in peach class!
All: !
Kusano: Well then, I'll read it...
Tsuchida: There's one for Sakura class too.
Paper: To everyone in sakura class
Anzu: Read it, read it!

Nanako: Everyone, are you doing fine? It's about time for the play.
Nanako: I guess everyone did their best practicing this time too.
Nanako: I've heard a lot of you from Tsuchida-sensei. I heard that Ryouta-kun fell on his back while playing soccer, are you ok?
Ryouta: Tsuchida, don't tell her!!
Nanako: Hii-chan is trying her best to learn english? I wonder if you'll be able to speak in english with sensei next time?
Hii: A...Ai kyan do itto!
Nanako: Koume-chan is taking great care of the bunny in the kindergarten right.
Koume: Koume is on duty even on days off~~

Nanako: I heard that Anzu-chan is helping the teachers and taking care of the first years.
Nanako: With an onee-chan like Anzu-chan I guess they have fun everyday~~
Anzu: Anzu also has a lot of fun playing with everyone!
Yuna's sd: What about me?
Maika's sd: What about me~~?
Tsuchida's sd: Emm...
Nanako: ---Finally, I have a favor to ask to Anzu-chan.
Anzu: Anzu, a favor? (cd: What is it)
Tsuchida: ...Ah, you don't have to hear that.

Anzu: I want to know!
Tsuchida: It's nothing.
Ryouta: Get Tsuchida!
Hii's sd: Catch!
Anzu: What does it say?
Hii: Emm...
Nanako: Stand guard so that Tsuchida-sensei doesn't cheat on me.
Anzu: !

Sakura: Tsucchi doesn't have the ability to do that!
sd: Ahaha!
Kusano: As long as my eyes are black I won't let him cheat on her.
Satsuki: To begin with he isn't popular.
Tsuchida: ...
Ryouta's sd: We're also standing guard!
Anzu: ...Leave it to Anzu!

Tsuchida: ...But, even Yamamoto-sensei thinks about that.
Mayumi: For the happy Tsuchida-sensei I have a message from my dad.
Tsuchida(thinks): So I was the co-worker with an ulterior motive.
sd: Two people in an awkward moment...
Mayumi's sd: I told him about you two.
Nanako's dad(thinks): So I was bad mouthing him directly.
Mayumi: It was really funny when you met last time. (cd: Ufufu!)
Tsuchida's sd: All because you told him.
Tsuchida: What's the message?
Nanako's dad: I approve of your character but I don't approve of you as my son-in-law yet!
Nanako's dad: However, if you come here I'll at least meet you.
Mayumi: Unexpectedly, he likes you! Good luck!
Mayumi's sd: Ah
Mayumi's sd: Satsuki-chan, come to my university one of these days!

Kawashiro: (cd: He--y) The play will begin!
Tsuchida: Alright, let's go!
Tsuchida: Ok, line up and let's go to the gymnasium!
Anzu's dad: See you later.
Sakura: Good luck!
Anzu: See you later!

Anzu's sd: Let's go
Koume's sd: Yeah~~
sd: Koume, the other side!

Anzu's sd: Our part!
Both's sd: Ah!

Anzu's sd: Our
Hii's sd: Flowers...
SFX: Hey hey
SFX: whoosh

p15 //I'll tl the drawings I can see
Aoi: I did my best helping Aoi
Koume: I took care of the bunny
Yuna: I can draw better Yuna
Anzu: I made a lot of friends Anzu
Twins: We did great in the play Ran Ayame
Ryouta: I'm great playing soccer Ryouta
Tsuchida: I could say it
Hiiragi: I read a lot of books

Kids: Yamamoto-sensei---
Hanamaru Youchien [11] End

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