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Koisome Momiji 22

Leave it to me!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 7, 2012 22:02 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 22
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Star: With great reviews, JC Volume (1) is now on sale!!
Sana: According to Kyouko-san's information, Kotori-chan is supposed to be working here today!
Sana: If Katsuragi-kun is now her attendant, he must be with her...!
Yui: ...!
Koisome Momiji
Sana: Let's go, Nana-chan!
Scene 22 Leave it to me!
Sana: Nana-chan!?
Yui: W...When it comes to it...I can't...muster courage...
Sana: No way, we've come this far...!
Yui: Ah... Shou-chan!?
Sana: !?
Text(left): Now, a direct confrontation!?
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Star: Sana and Nana followed after Shouta! Can their misunderstanding be solved...!?
SFX: *nod*
Shouta(thinks): That just now...
Shouta(thinks): Wasn't it Kotori's straps...?
Shouta(thinks): I was far away... And I only saw it for an instant so it might be just my imagination...
Shouta(thinks): But it bothers me...!
Man: Kasuga-san! Calm down~~~!!
Kotori: I don't want to! Let me go!
Shouta: !?
Kotori: I must search for it!!
Man: But the recording is about to start!!

Shouta(thinks): ...Kotori!?
Shouta: What happened!?
Man: Ah... Are you part of Kasuga-san's staff!?
Kotori: !
Kotori: You...!
Kotori: Wh...Why are you here again? I told you to go home!!
Shouta: You...
Man: Please help me convince her~~~!
Man: It seems that her cellphone fell from the dressing room's window into the river!
Shouta: Her phone!?
Shouta(thinks): Then, that just now was really...!
Man: But, the other performers are already on standby...
Man: And a cellphone... Is gone for good if it falls into water, right!?
Man: That's why I'm telling her to give up on it...

Girl: Kotori~~~ Hurry! Or we'll be in trouble!
Girl: That's right! I'll pay for your cellphone if you want...!
Kotori: !
Kotori: I don't care...About the phone...
Shouta: ...Kotori...
Shouta: I saw...When your phone fell into the river!
Shouta(thinks): ...That's right, what Kotori wants to recover is...
Shouta: Leave those me!
Shouta: So... Rest assured and go!!

Kotori: Wh...Why would you...
Shouta: I'll definitely find them!
Kotori: ?
Kotori(thinks): Do you think...
Kotori(thinks): I'd believe that...!?
Kotori(thinks): You must resent me too...!
Kotori(thinks): I threatened you and worked you out like that...
Kotori(thinks): Are you saying sweet words to decieve me... And drive me to despair later...!?
Shouta: Around then...It looked like you got along well with the other members.
Shouta: You even cheered them up.
Shouta: Wasn't that the real you!?
Man: Ko...Kotori-sama, I brought you...A spare costume!!

Kotori: ...Thanks.
Kotori: I'm off!!
Shouta(thinks): Now...
Shouta(thinks): It fell around here...So judging from the current, it must be from here on...

Shouta: Hm?
Shouta(thinks): Geh...It started raining!
Shouta(thinks): I have to find it quick...!
Shouta(thinks): The current isn't that strong so it mustn't be that far from here!
Shouta(thinks): Wait for it, Kotori...!
Girl: What is he doing?
Boy: Isn't he just taking a dip? It's hot.
Girl: Eh? Isn't that dirty?
Both: ...
Yui: Shou-chan...!
Sana: ...Katsuragi-kun!
Shouta: !

SFX: *knot*
Sana: We'll help too!
Shouta: !?
Shouta: Shinomiya-san!?
Shouta: Nanasato-san...!?
Shouta: Why are you two here!?
Sana: Eh!?
Sana: Emm... We happened to be working around here...
Sana: And we heard that just now...!
Yui: Th...That's it...!

Sana: Kotori-chan's cellphone...right!
Yui: Let's search for it quickly...!
Shouta: ...!
Shouta: Thanks...!
Shouta: But, it's dangerous so be careful!!
Both: Yeah!
Text(left): One word from Nana and Sana and Shouta's relationship changes...!? ------Koisome Momiji
Voice: Thanks for your hard work!
Voice: Thanks~~~!
Man: Kotori-sama!?

Shouta: The water level started rising...
Voice: This suddenly...!?
Voice: It's this guerrilla downpour's fault, huh... //yeah, guerrilla XD
Yui: It takes...All I have, to stand up...
Sana: Nana-chan...!
Shouta: It's too dangerous now... You two should get out now!
Sana: Eh...What about Katsuragi-kun!?
Shouta: I'll continue for a bit more...
Shouta: There it is!!
Sana: Eh...!?
Sana: Th...That umbrella!?

SFX: *thud*
Shouta(thinks): It got stuck with that grass! This is my chance...!!
Shouta: Owah!?
Shouta(thinks): The current got stronger again...!?
Yui: Shou-chan...!
Sana: Katsuragi-kun!!
Shouta: D...Don't come!
Shouta: It's dangerous...!
Shouta: I'm fine! I'll take it...And go back soon!
Kotori: !
Kotori: Sana-chan...And Nana-chan!?
Kotori: Why even those two...!?

Shouta: Got it!
All: !!
Shouta: Eek...!?

Yui: Shou-chan!!
Sana: Don't go!!
Yui: Let me go...!!
Yui: Shou-chan has...!
Kotori: ...
Man: Kotori-sama!?
Shouta: I'm ok!!
All: !?

Shouta: Puha...!
Shouta: I'm...fine!
Shouta(thinks): B...But I thought I'd die...!
Yui: Shou...-chan...I'm glad...!!
Sana: You made us worry! Katsuragi-kun, you idiot!!
Shouta: Hebuh!?
Kotori: Really...You're an idiot...
Kotori: You got threatened...And got worked hard...
Kotori: I stole Katsuragi Shouta from you...
Sana: Threaten...?
Kotori: Why did you do this much...!?
Kotori: There's a limit...
Kotori: To how much of a good person you can be...!

Shouta: ...Well, it seems you have your fair deal of problems...
Shouta: And this...Is something precious to you, right?
Shouta: Here!
Kotori: ...
Kotori: rry...!

Kotori: ...I'm...Sorry...!
Kotori: I'm sorry...!
Sana: Eh...You two aren't really dating...!?
Kotori: Yes...I'm sorry for decieving you...
Both(think): So it was just that...!
Shouta(thinks): I'm glad the misunderstanding got solved...
Yui: ...But, I get the feeling that Shou-chan is strangely kind with Kotori-chan...
Yui: You two look really
Kotori: !
Shouta: Ah~~~... That might be right!

Shouta: You see, I have a little sister,
Shouta: That's about the same age as Kotori!
Kotori: !?
Shouta: That might be why...She's like my sister so I can't leave her alone...
Shouta: Hm? What's up, Kotori?
Sana: Katsuragi-kun, Katsuragi-kun.
Sana: You see... Kotori-chan is in 3rd year of high school, she's 18 years old.
Text(left): And unexpectedly good combination...!?
Shouta: Huh!? You're older than me!? No way!
Shouta: No matter how you look at it, you're in middle schoo-buh!?
Kotori: I even have my license, you know!? I'm an onee-san, you know!?
Kotori: Call me Kotori-oneesan!!
Shouta?: You're 18 and you act like that!? Uwah...!!
Kotori: L...Leave me alone...!!
Voice: These two get along well...
Koisome Momiji
Scene 22/End

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