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Koisome Momiji 28

Koisome Momiji

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 15, 2012 19:52 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 28
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//This is the last chapter, I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did. It's a shame that it ended after only 6 months but well, when Kotori came in everything went to the drain... I wish Sakamoto and Miura-sensei the best of lucks with their next manga, the drawings are awesome and the way they handle love comedies is nice, I hope they surprise us with something good in the near future.

Koisome Momiji
Scene 28 Koisome Momiji
Woman: Yes!...Yes!! We'll confirm the truth urgently...
Man: I'm really sorry, about that...
Sana: I'm sorry...!
Sana: I...Wasn't careful enough last night...
Sana: How should I say this...Emm...I was engrossed with the festival
Sana: And my mind was full with Katsuragi-kun...
Kyouko: ...I see,
Text: The end of their relationship is...
Kyouko: If you become unable to see your surroundings...It's already too late.
Sana: Eh...?
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Kyouko: The director said...That you should sever all ties with Katsuragi Shouta.
Sana: !
Kyouko: I talked with you about this before,
Kyouko: This time...I really can cover up for you.
Sana: Sever my ties...!?
Kyouko: It's not only for the company or you,
Kyouko: It's for his sake too.
Sana: !
Kyouko: It's still ok right now...But,
Screen:{ //I'll tl only the messages since the other things are too small
Title: The lead actress from the popular TV Drama "Koisome Momiji", //this is the line that can only be half seen at the top
Title(continues): Shinomiya Sana's scandal with a boyfriend on the festival!!
Msg1: I'll crush him.
Msg2: Specifics?
Msg3: I'll go with all my strength.
Msg4: I'm getting a great killing intent towards the guy,
Msg4(continues): I really want to kill him
Msg5: She was decieving us all this time. Reality is like this.
Msg6: What about the specifics?
Msg7: If we get the specifics of the guy I'll really (circle) him. //This line can only be half seen in the bottom
Kyouko: That doesn't mean that Katsuragi-kun won't be harmed from now on.
Sana: ...!!
Kyouko: And all those calls...
Kyouko: Are people asking about you and him.

Kyouko: We're...Still on time.
Kyouko: You should choose...The best road for both of you...Sana.
Shouta: ...That's why,
Shouta: Shinomiya-san won't...
Shouta: See me again...
Shouta: It seems...They've blocked my calls.
Shouta: Even...My mails...
Umine: ...What's with that?
Umine: Just for that reason...!
Umine: That means...You should only be even more careful from now on!
Umine: Is there any need to break the relationship!?

Yoshi: It reached...An intolerable point.
Yoshi: They both went through a lot of risky situations,
Yoshi: It's also their responsibility for not abiding to the warnings.
Umine: You mean they shouldn't date!?
Yoshi: N...No, I just guessed what the office thought, I don't really...
Umine: Even so...This is...
Yui: Shou-chan...
Yui: Are you fine...With this?
Shouta: !
Umine: Yui-chan...
Shouta: There's no way...
Shouta: I am!!

Shouta: Something this one-sided...She just decided it without consulting me!!
Shouta: Shinomiya-san does that a lot...!
Yoshi: Oh...!? That Shouta is complaining about Shinomiya!?
Umine: That's an unusual sight...!
Yui: ...
Yui: I see...Then...Hurry...
Yui: Maybe...You should go to the Eight-pointed Leaf shrine.
Shouta: Eh?
Yui: Sana-chan will go there today and...
Yui: Film...A kiss scene...
Shouta: !?
Shouta: You can call it joining lips too...!
Shouta(thinks): ...I see, that scene...!
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...Will kiss with someone else...!?
Shouta: ...!
Shouta: I...I'm...I'm off!!
Umine: Yeah! Go, Go!
Shouta: Ah...

Shouta: Nanasato-san!
Shouta: Thank you...!
Umine: ...Are you ok with this?
Umine: Wasn't this...A chance for you.
Yui: I'm repaying...When he helped me in the past.
Umine: ...!
Umine: This girl...!
Umine: Let's go eat something! Ok!
Yui: Let's go...!
Umine: What do you want to eat!? Yoshitaka will treat us to something!!
Yoshi: No way...Why should I!?

Shouta: Damn it...
Shouta(thinks): I came here on an impulse, but...
Shouta(thinks): You can't enter unless you're involved...!
Shouta(thinks): But...They're already preparing to leave...?
Shouta(thinks): No way...
Shouta(thinks): It can't be...
Shouta(thinks): The kiss scene's already...!?
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...!!
Sana: !!
Shouta: !

Sana(thinks): Katsuragi-kun...!? Why are you here...
Sana(thinks): Maybe he...Came to see me...!?
Shouta: Shinomiya-san...!
Kyouko: Sana...Don't.
Sana: !!
Sana: ...Kyouko-san, please.
Kyouko: Sana, don't.
Sana: Kyouko-san...!
Kyouko: ...It's not like I'm being mean to you.
Kyouko: This is to protect you...To protect the actress, Shinomiya Sana.
Kyouko: Please understand.
Sana: ...The me as
Sana: ...An actress...

Sana: ...Kyouko-san,
Sana: Do you know why...I became engrossed into acting?
Kyouko: !
Sana: For the Shinomiya household, for my family, and for the people around me,
Sana: I was only the daughter of the Shinomiya...
Sana: For me that was too lonely and rigid...
Sana: In the acting world I could become a lot of things, it was fun...
Sana: That's why...!
Sana: But this time...
Sana: They only look at the me who's an actress...
Sana: ...Katsuragi-kun
Sana: Doesn't look at me as the daughter of the Shinomiya...
Sana: Or as an actress..
Sana: He interacts with the normal me...
Sana: And he said...
Sana: That he loves that me...!

Sana: I know that this is a childish selfishness,
Sana: This will be the last time, so...
Shouta: !
Sana: I beg you...!!
Kyouko: ...I'll be in trouble if she starts to hate being an actress...
Kyouko: I also...Like the plain you!!
Kyouko: Do you understand, Sana~~~!?

Sana: As I thought...When there's no festival or something people don't come here.
Shouta: Yeah...
Shouta: I...I heard that you'd film a kiss scene...
Shouta: But...
Sana: !
Sana: ...Yeah,
Sana: We finished filming...
Sana: The kiss scene just now.
Shouta(thinks): No way...
Shouta(thinks): I didn't get here on time...!?
Shouta(thinks): ...
Shouta(thinks): No...
Shouta(thinks): What would've happened if I did get on time...
Shouta(thinks): To begin with, Sana-chan is an actress.
Shouta(thinks): This kind of things will happen a lot in the future...!

Shouta: ...Shinomiya-san.
Shouta: I...Love you,
Shouta: Please go out with me...!
Sana: I...
Sana: I...Can't.
Sana: I told you, didn't I...?
Sana: I don't want...Katsuragi-kun to get hurt because of me...!
Sana: We can't...See each other...
Shouta: I don't mind that!!

Shouta: We don't...Have to start dating right now!
Shouta: Even if we don't see each other
Shouta: Or talk to each other,
Shouta: I'll always...Be waiting!
Shouta: So...
Shouta: So...Don't say
Shouta: That we won't meet anymore
Shouta: Or that this is the last time!
Shouta: I beg you...!!
Sana: ...About the kiss scene I just filmed.
Shouta: !

Sana: I didn' it, ok?
Sana: Kissing him...
Shouta: Eh?
Sana: Even if I say kiss scene...
Sana: They didn't filmed our lips and we only pretended to kiss...
Shouta(thinks): Yui-chan...!
Sana: ...
Sana: I'm sorry...About yesterday.
Shouta: !
Sana: I'm really happy...That you came
Sana: Today...!
Sana: When we were filming the kiss scene,
Sana: Even if...We really weren't
Sana: Going to kiss.
Sana: Katsuragi-kun's face always popped in my mind...
Sana: No matter how many times we retook it...

Sana: ...It seems that
Sana: I can't do it with anyone other than Katsuragi-kun now...!
Sana: !

Sana: ...Shouta...-kun.

Sana: I love you...!

Shouta: I...I love you too!!
Sana: Hyah...!?
Text: ---And the maple leaves dyed in love...!
Text: Thank you for reading! Volume (3) will be on sale on January 4th, the last Volume (4) will include a 40 page kakioroshi and will be on sale on February 4th!! Please wait with expectation for Sakamoto and Miura-sensei's next work!!
Koisome Momiji /End

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