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Shokugeki no Souma 14

Megumi's Garden

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Mar 6, 2013 22:13 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 14
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Text: As thanks for the great popularity, extended 23P!!
Teacher: This season of the year
Teacher: Has come again...
Cutlery: A tense atmosphere...Signs of a storm in Tootsuki!!
Teacher: Have the students been notified?
Teacher: That should be completed today.
Roland: Some will stand out,
Roland: Some will drop out,
Roland: This is the first crossroad---
Star: JC volume (1) will be on sale on April 4th!!
"Shokugeki-no SOMA"
Sign: Polar Star Dorm

Isshiki: Good morning Souma-kun! It's a nice morning, right?

Souma: Isshiki-senpai...?
Isshiki: I want you to help me with something!
Isshiki: Can you come outside once you've changed?
Souma: Mmm...I stayed up late yesterday so I'm sleepy...
Souma: Please go with someone else...
Isshiki: Don't say that!
Souma: You were there!!!?
Yuuki: Ahaha! Yukihira, you were woken up too?
Souma: You too, Yoshino?
Souma: What are we helping with?
Yuuki: He said we're harvesting vegetables in the field behind the dorm!
Souma: Wow, to think he even makes his own ingredients.
Yuuki: There's a lot of people who do that in the polar star dorm.

Yuuki: Ibusaki cuts the wood he uses for smoking by himself.
Yuuki: Ryouko's specialty is cooking using "Shiokouji", //Shiokouji = traditional Japanese condiment made by fermenting kouji mold with salt and water
Box: Room 112 Sakaki Ryouko
Yuuki: So, she has her own workshop close to the dorm.
Yuuki: I too, just like in France there's Bresse chicken, I wanted to make "Polar Star Chicken", //
Yuuki: So I've been grazing and raising them.
Yuuki: And
Yuuki: This place is mainly managed by Isshiki-senpai!

Yuuki: A plantation where 10 different species of vegetables grow!!
Souma: Oh...!
Souma: Hm?
Isshiki: Good morning, Souma-kun, Yoshino-kun!
Isshiki: Doing manual labor in the morning makes your heart healthy.

(cutlery) 14 Megumi's Garden //Megumi's name means "Blessing" so an alt. title would be "Garden of Blessings"
Isshiki: Let's work up some sweat together!
Thought: It suits him...!!
Cutlery: ...This is the Isshiki style!! //for some reason, "Style" is written with the kanji for senpai, so it can also be read as "This is Isshiki-senpai"
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Original Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Megumi: Look, Souma-kun! We could pick this much.
Souma: Oooh! Tadokoro, you were here too?
Megumi: ...?
Souma: This time, how should I say it, it suits her in a relieving way.
Yuuki: Megumi is the polar star's refreshment...
Megumi: ?
Megumi: ?
Isshiki: Now, my friends, come here!

Isshiki: Knowing how ingredients ripen is part of studying cooking.
Isshiki: This is the polar star field...You can also call it Isshiki field if you want!
Isshiki: Here, have a bite.
Souma: Ah, thanks...
Souma(thinks): It's greaaaaaaaaaat!!!
Souma: It's firm and really sweet...I even want to have a stock of this at home.
Souma: I'm amazed you could get this quality---
Isshiki's sd: Hahaha...
Isshiki: Well, actually, I'm devoted to this,
Isshiki: Thanks to it I haven't gone to classes at all lately!
Souma: It feels like you're putting the cart before the horse!!

Souma: Gwah, my hips hurt!
Yuuki: I'm hungry.
Megumi: Everyone---
Megumi: Lunch is here~~~
Souma: Oh? You made it, Tadokoro?
Megumi: Yes, I woke up early today.

Box: Tadokoro-chan Special Three Kinds of Onigiri
Souma: This looks good~~~Onigiri after working on the field!
Yuuki: Thanks for the foooooood!!
Yuuki: ...
Yuuki: Fwaah, it's delicious!
Yuuki: This is negishiodare, right!!? //it seems it's some kind of sauce made with spring onions, salt, and oil

Yuuki: By dressing the quickly boiled chicken breast on negishiodare...The sauce spreads even to the surface of the onigiri! //"surface" can be changed for "outside" or "outer part", btw, it's actually "High quality chicken breast meat", but that's too damn long
Yuuki: This saltiness stimulates my appetite~~~!
Ryouko?: After working out you really yearn for salty flavors...
Isshiki: This one has konbu, huh! That's standard for Onigiri... //konbu is a species of kelp
Isshiki: Hmm!?
Isshiki: A konbu tsukudani...And cheese!? //Tsukudani = preservable food boiled down in soy sauce
Megumi: Yes! Tsukudani's rich sweetness unexpectedly goes well with cheese.
Souma: Then, what's the last one!?
Souma: It's great!! I can't have enough of this garlic taste!
Megumi: You see, that one is pork pickled with garlic and honey!
Megumi: I boiled pork back ribs and garlic until the meat gets soft,
Megumi: Then I let it pickle for one day inside a mix of Miso, Sake, and Honey.
Megumi: It goes really well with rice so I finely cut it and tried making an onigiri with it.
Megumi: Ah, I have barley tea and roasted green tea so drink the one you prefer---

Isshiki: This is Tadokoro-chan's cooking's charm.
Isshiki: It brings peace to the people who eat it---
Souma: The chicken breast isn't dried out and the pork is perfectly soft...
Souma: All of these were carefully done.
Souma: Why can't you do this on classes?
Megumi: Uuh...I have stage fright...
Megumi: When I get nervous my head goes blank and I always make mistakes...
Souma: Hmm...Sounds tough.
Isshiki?: You should relax more when you cook, Tadokoro-chan!
Yuuki: Yeah, yeah! Megumi can become a great chef and a great wife!
Megumi: Eh...Ehehe~~~Is that so...?

Sign: Dining hall
Yuuki: It finally came...
Shun: Yeah, it's addressed to the Polar star dorm.
Souma: What's this?
Friendship and Rapport
Training Lodging
Introductory Guidebook
Chef: Let's make a lot of (missing text)!
Dog: Be careful not to forget anything, woof!
Tootsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking (missing text)
Souma: Training Lodging...?
Yuuki: You had them in primary and middle school too, right?
Yuuki: It's outdoors school for a few days.
Souma: Hmm! This school has that kind of events too, huh.
Souma: So, why is Tadokoro trembling?
Souma: It's like the smile she had just now was a lie.
Yuuki: Yukihira...You see, this training camp
Yuuki: Is the first hell
Yuuki: The new high school section students have to go through...!

p14 //(mt) means missing/unseeable text, (h) means you should hide the first or last part of the word when ts’ing
Text: All of the first year students
Text: Are assigned with rigorous cooking trials every day on the boarding house in the middle of the mountains.
Text: It is said that those who can't get passing marks are immediately expelled!
Friendship and Rapport (h)
Training Lodging (h)
Introductory Guidebook
Chef: Let's make a lot of (mt)!
Dog: Be careful not to forget anything (mt)
Tootsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy
Text: "Friendship and Rapport Training Lodging" //"Yuujou to Fureai Shukuhaku Kenshuu", Random fact: there's actually a typo in the original text, as opposed to the "to" in the guidebook, the text says "no", it should be "to" though
Text: That's what they say but in reality
Cruel Elimination (h)
Training Lodging (h)
Introductory Guidebook
Chef: Let's make some (mt) traumas!
Dog: Incompetents will go back immediately, woof
Tootsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy
Text: It's the "Cruel Elimination Training Lodging"!!! //”Mujou no Furuiotoshi Shukuhaku Kenshuu”
Isshiki: This is Tootsuki's competition education...
Isshiki: As the academy's director would say,
Isshiki: The "jewel" selection is genuinely starting...!

Souma: Isshiki-senpai, you went to this training camp last year, right...?
Isshiki: Yeah, of course.
Isshiki: Even in my generation, every day dozens of students were forcibly sent home and expelled.
Isshiki: It truly is severe.
Shun: ...It seems that some years ago
Shun: The number of students was reduced to less than half after that training camp.
Yuuki: Ah, she finally fell!
Megumi: Everyone...Thanks for everything until now...
Yuuki: Megumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

Souma: I see, I see...You can bring card decks and shogi...
Souma: Portable game consoles are no good...
Souma: Isn't bath time too short?
Yuuki: Hey, hey, Yukihira...! Why are you so carelessly getting in trip mood?
Yuuki: Megumi is even saying her last words!
Souma: No, I mean---
Souma: Half will survive, right?
Souma: We just have to be in that half.

Isshiki: I'm confident too,
Isshiki: That all of the students
Isshiki: In the polar star dorm will come back here smiling---
Isshiki: Leave the house-sitting to Fumio-san and me.
Isshiki: You all should just do your best!
Ryouko: Fufu...He's right.
Yuuki: You two can say pretty nice things!
Yuuki: We of the polar star are so fearsome even kids stop crying!!
Shun: Kids stop crying?
Yuuki: We'll clear that training camp with ease (star)

p18 //no dialog

Box: Some days later, early morning---
Man: !?

Man: Those are excursion buses...Right!?
Man: That or there's a big club tournament...
Man: No, either way---
Man: Isn't the number of buses ridiculous!?
Man: What kind of mammoth school is this...!!?

Souma: Alright, let's go!
Souma: To the friendship and rapport
Souma: Hellish training camp!!
Cutlery: A training camp with survival on the line starts...!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(Cutlery) 14/End
Starting next issue, the training camp arc will begin with three consecutive issues with center color!!
//wooooot for 3 consecutive color pages :DDDD

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