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To Love-Ru Darkness Special : Side Story 4

Room ~A Maiden's Desire~

+ posted by Finestela as translation on Dec 16, 2011 14:07 | Go to To Love-Ru Darkness

*Reserved until further notice*

Swirl Text: Carrying the excitement the two share, this cute Santa is sneaking in~!!

Top Right Next: Thank you for your great support!! We have leading color pages for the SQ series’ side stories!!

Side Story: “Room ~A Maiden's Desire~"
ToLoveRu Darkness
Manga: Yabuki Kentarou
Script: Hasemi Saki

Bottom Left Text: Cumulative sales have passed the 1.5 million mark!! Volume 3 is being received with great fanfare!!

(Ignore the top right text)

Panel Text: Inside MoMo's private quarters.

Side Text: MoMo is currently absorbed in the world of dating sims... (Heart)

Panel Text: ......
Panel Text: Can I stay over... for tonight...?

MoMo: Ooooh-
MoMo: There we go! (Heart) The ‘stay-overnight’ scenario!!

MoMo: I'll save the game right here.

MoMo: Looks like this girl is in the bag.
MoMo: I'll enjoy the rest tonight... (Heart)

MoMo: Oh, right! There were a few scenarios which I could use in my Operation Harem!

MoMo: Time to take notes...

MoMo: Fufu... (Heart)
Text: I have to utilize what I have learned...
Text: After all, the person I really want to conquer..
Text: is none other than Rito-san.

Text: ......

Text: Come to think of it...
Text: When exactly did my heart fall for Rito-san anyway...?

Text: The very first time was probably...
Text: ..back when Celine-san was in pain because of some unknown illnesses... before she turned into her humanoid form.

Rito: I don't care if it's dangerous or whatever! Just tell me!!
Text: Rito-san was frantically asking about a remedy as though it was for himself...

Text: He did all that despite not possessing the ability to talk to plants like I do...
Text: Right until that point, I saw Rito-san only as "Onee-sama's fiancé candidate"... But then something changed inside of me...

Text: Ever since then, I've been noticing Rito-san more and more everyday…

Text: I’ve realized that besides plants...
Text: we also share a common taste in vodeo games.

Text: Then there's his kindness in cleaning up my messes... How he endured everything without a word...
Text: That made my heart fall deeper and deeper for him...

Text: But no...
Text: It's not just that...

Rito: Marshmallow~ (Heart)
Text: But also, the other side of the gentle Rito-san which can only be seen when he’s half-asleep...
Text: His mercilessly "Carnivorous" side...!!
MoMo: Ahh-?
SFX Bubble: Slip-
MoMo: Don't-
MoMo: Hold o... Rito-sa...
MoMo: Awww... (Heart)
MoMo: Stop-
SFX Bubble: Squeeze
SFX Bubble: Squeeze

MoMo: Ah- (Heart)
MoMo: Ah (Heart)
Text:That is certainly..
Rito: Yummy~
SFX Bubble: Squeeze
SFX Bubble: Squeeze
Text: what it takes to become the master of a harem...!!

MoMo: There were also instances of this and that...

Text: Before I realized it, both my heart and body...
SFX: Fondling fondling
Text: had fallen so deeply for him that I couldn't bear to live without him anymore.

MoMo: Rito-san...
MoMo: You are such an existence of sin... (Heart)

NaNa: MoMo-

NaNa: It's my homework!!
NaNa: I want you to do it for me since it's such a nuisance~
Note Book: Homework
Note Book: NaNa
MoMo: ......
NaNa: Eh? What's wrong? Are you not feeling well?

MoMo: NaNa...

NaNa: ?

MoMo: Finish your homework yourself!!
MoMo: Also, how many times do I have to tell you not to enter my room without my permission-!!

NaNa: W... what's with you? It's not something to get so mad over-

Rito: !?
SFX: Mawu-?

Side Text: Does this mean no one is allowed to enter..
Side Text: MoMo's room...?!

ToLoveRu Darkness Side Story---- The End

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