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Chihayafuru 15

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Dec 28, 2011 01:34 | Go to Chihayafuru

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*Only for use by Lazy Ass Scans

tl by JinHea

Text to left of Chihayafuru logo: 15th song

- …only recruited so you’d have enough people to participate in the National Tournament!
- What should I do?

- To think Desk-kun thought that way—
- Alright, time to begin.

- Nani wazu ni sakuya kono hana fuyu gomori—
- West High for the win!!
- Yeah!!

- Hunh?
- Ima wo haru beto sakuya kono hana—

- Ariake no—

- I got it!
- Nice, Ecchan!!
- A keep for me too!
- Alright, Sano-senpai!
- Good going, good going. [linked] Okay, we’re on a roll!!

- Eh!?
- None of us got the card!?

- No.
- Taichi and Meatbun-kun got theirs.
- It’s an even game, yet…

- We’ll get the next one too!!
- Yeah!
- We can do it!

- I have to focus.

- We’ll do this one card at a time!
- I have to focus.
- Keep it up!
- I have to focus.
- Yeah!!

- Anyhow, win and advance to the final round

- …so that Komano will compete with us once more.

- If we lose here…

- All that effort everyone put in…
- All that time…
- Everything would be wasted—
- “You’re the only one who absolutely cannot lose.”

- Chihaya buru—

- Yes, got it!

- This is the one card we have to get!

Kana: Got it!!

Taichi: Okay, we all…

- Nice, Sano-senpai!!
- “Chiha” kept!!
- Good going!

- “Chihaya” got
- taken from Chihaya!?

- haa—
- haa—

- haa—
- The sounds…

- are so far away—

- West High is making a racket, as usual. [linked] That straightforward spirit is intimidating…
- although there’s nothing to fear from them ability-wise.

- Okay, the match is going our way!
- Yes!
- Whether you shout or not has an effect on the amount of tension in the body.

- There is no such thing as a strong team that remains silent.

Sudou: Hyoro, you’re sitting out too this time? [linked] What’re you up to?
Hyoro: Sudou-senpai.

Hyoro: Not with tarot cards, but rather Hyorot cards…
Hyoro: I’m predicting the order our opponents will be in for the final round.
Card: Hyorot

Sudou: It’s pretty amazing how those predictions of yours have an 80% success rate…
Hyoro: But if this keeps up, we’ll be facing West High in the final round. [linked] In which case we won’t need an ordering strategy.

Sudou: If Mizusawa High were to win, [linked] I’d like to play against the girl with long hair.
Hyoro: You mean Chihaya? [linked] Why do you…

Sudou: I want to bully a pretty girl.

- Sudou’s S stands for sadism’s S.

- But at this rate…
- …West High’s gonna win.

- No good.

Taichi: Chihaya, focus on getting one card at a time. [linked] Pull yourself together!

Chihaya: O…okay…
- No good.
- Chihaya isn’t her usual self.

- “It’s an order from your club president.”
- Saying something so arrogant to Komano…

- I’m the one who needs to pull himself together.

- Wasureji no—
Chihaya: Oh…

- Nice, Sano-senpai!!
- You have a 6 card lead!
- We can do this!

- How was I…
- getting the cards up till now?

- I can’t remember.

- I can’t remember—

- Nanishi owaba—

- Eh…

Hyoro: That was a flashy capture.
- Is he getting desperate?

Taichi: My apologies.

- Pat [linked] pat
- pat

Taichi: Nishida.
Taichi: Let’s have you win first.
Nishida: Huh?

Taichi: That way everyone will calm down.

Taichi: Ooe-san, you persevere too.
Taichi: Currently, your situation is the best. [linked] You can win.

Taichi: Chihaya.

Taichi: You…
Taichi: …can win just by breathing.

- Breathe…?

- Ah…
- So this is what…
- …my opponent looks like.

- The one that was shouting the loudest.
- She’s sweating bullets…

- I have 8 cards left. My opponent has 2 left.
- I really took a beating.

Chihaya: Haa—

- kachiiing
- kachiiing

- vwoo—

- The sounds…

- Ka

- kuto dani—

- Eh?

- Fast.

Chihaya: Alright!

Taichi: Y-
Taichi: Yes!

Nishida: Yes!

Kana: She did it!

Komano: 4 cards behind.

- Vigorously attacking in a situation where she cannot afford to incur penalties…
Sudou: That girl must be S too. [NB. S – sadist]
- things are suddenly looking up.

Komano: 3 cards behind.
Komano: Come on! [linked] Come on!!

Nishida: I won! [linked] 1 win for Mizusawa!

Taichi: Same here. [linked] 2 wins for Mizusawa!

Kana: Ungh…
- 1 win for West High!!

- The 6-card difference…

- has been turned around!

Komano: …C-

Komano: Come on, Ayase!!

Kana: She did it…

- Mizusawa High School, 3 wins. Tomihara West High School, 2 wins. Mizusawa High School is the victor.
- Thank you very much—

Taichi: Ah! She dozed off!
Taichi aside: I just knew it
Nishida: Uh, Kana-chan!?

Kana: Desk-kun!

Kana: Don’t run away! Don’t go back! [linked] What’s the matter? Even your obi’s crooked…
Komano: Ah! [linked] Awawah…

Kana: I’ll fix it, so stand properly!
Kana: Sheesh…

Kana linked: Did you notice?
Komano: Huh?

Kana: The insteps of the people here…
Kana: the skin there’s hardened to form calluses.
Kana: Those feet have been kneeling upright on tatami for many years.

Kana: Is it not natural, then, for us to be unable to win?

Kana: Let’s work hard until we have calluses too.

Komano: Kana-chan…
Komano: Your first win earlier… [linked] …congratulations.

- Komano…
Chihaya: Zzz— [linked] Zzz—

- When seeking fellow players,

- I’d prefer someone who can continue to work hard on the tatami.

Komano: I’m sorry…
Komano: I’m sorry, everyone…

- Once more, together with everyone…
Sudou: Now then,
Sudou: let’s win this quick and go to the nationals, shall we?

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