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Translations: Gintama 516 (2) , Bleach 602 by BadKarma

To Aru Majutsu no Index 39

Kazakiri Hyouka

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 13, 2010 02:49 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Chapter 39


Top: Opening color pages for its popularity! To Aru Majutsu no Index

Margin: What is this form of Kazakiri's...!?

SFX: Click click click

Kazakiri: ...Wha-?

Kazakiri: this...?
Kazakiri: No...


Right text: A magician is trying to start a war...
Top: The anime "To Aru Majutsu no Index II" is airing now on Tokyo-MX and other channels!!
Original Novel / Kamachi Kazuma
Art / Kogino Chuuya
Original Character Designs / Haimura Kiyotaka

Bottom: Volume 7 goes on sale November 12th!! The limited edition comes with Misaka Mikoto & Shirai Kuroko keychains!!
Title: #39 "Kazakiri Hyouka"
Left text: and what exactly is Kazakiri Hyouka!?


Kazakiri: Nooooo!!


Touma: Kazakiri!!


SFX: Smash


SFX: Land

Touma: Kaza...

Kazakiri: Ah

Kazakiri: Ah...Ah...
Kazakiri: Wah...


Kazakiri: Aaaaaaah!!


Touma: Kaza...kiri.

Sherry: Ellis.

SFX: Smash

Sherry: How interesting.
Sherry: Let's go, Ellis.
Sherry: Time to hunt down an unsightly and laughable fox.

Touma: No, damn it!
Touma: Wai-


Touma: Dwah!?

SFX: Kick

Touma: Pwah.
Touma: Cough

Touma: Shit. I have to find Kazakiri...


Touma: Kazakiri.
Touma: Seeing what she looked like scared her.

Touma: So that isn't Kazakiri's power?
Touma: Or is it a power she doesn't even realize she has?

Touma: Actually, will she even be okay as she is?
Touma: How is she going to...
Touma: heal that wound!?


Touma: Ahh, damn it.
Touma: I have no idea what's going on!

SFX: Flip

Touma: Well, she's the only one I can discuss this with.
SFX: Click click

SFX: Kshhh...kshh...
Touma: Huh? Still?

Touma: Are they jamming the signal as part of the capture operation?
Touma: I guess I need to find a relay antenna.

Text: There one is.

SFX: Beep
Touma: Hello, Komoe-sens-
Komoe: Kamijou-chan!?


Komoe: Good, good.
Komoe: I finally managed to reach you.

Komoe: I tried calling you so many times.
Komoe: I have something important to tell you.
Touma: Sensei!
Touma: Sorry, but there's something I want to ask about first.

Komoe: It's about Kazakiri Hyouka-san.

Touma: Kazakiri? Komoe-sensei, do you know something!?
Komoe: I heard from Himegami-chan...
Komoe: that the girl you two were with in the cafeteria was Kazakiri Hyouka-san.

Komoe: Where is she now? Is she with you?

Touma: No...
Touma: She's...


Komoe: It sounds like something happened.
Komoe: Kamijou-chan.
Komoe: I checked and Kazakiri Hyouka-san didn't appear on the school security cameras even once.
Touma: Eh?

Komoe: Where did the girl sitting next to Sister-chan get in from?
Komoe: And it seemed like she just vanished altogether when she disappeared in the cafeteria.

Komoe: Well, it may be possible for an esper with electrical generation or teleportation type powers to do it...
Komoe: but I don't think she is an esper.

Touma: She's...not an esper?

Touma: Then...what is she?

Komoe: It seems she was known as "Counter Stop" at Kirigaoka.
Komoe: Taking into account all the information on her...


Komoe: she most likely isn't human.

Komoe: I think it...
Komoe: has a lot to do with AIM Diffusion Fields.

SFX: Heartbeat
Kazakiri: Gh...

SFX: Come together


SFX: Fade away...

Touma: AIM?
Touma: That's that thing you mentioned this morning...

Komoe: Right, right.
Komoe: It's the field of power that espers unconsciously project.


Komoe: Kamijou-chan.
Komoe: You can get a lot of data on humans by measuring them with various devices.
Komoe: From mass and weight to oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide emission, the body's generation of electricity and heat, and on and on...

Komoe: This is just a guess...
Komoe: but if you had all that human data together...
Komoe: wouldn't that mean a "human" was there?

Touma: What...?
Komoe: Eighty percent of the 1,300,000 residents of Academy City are espers of various types.

Komoe: They are all unconsciously emitting a weak power.
Komoe: The power each individual esper emits is trivial...


Komoe: but when you add them all up...
Komoe: what if it all pointed to one thing?

Komoe: A fire esper creates the body temperature.
Komoe: A telekinetic esper creates the feeling of the skin. A sound wave esper creates the voice.
Komoe: And all those things create Kazakiri Hyouka.
Komoe: How's that for a foundation?


Komoe: What if it you aren't feeling the body temperature because someone is there...

Komoe: but you think someone is there because you feel the body temperature?

Komoe: It seems there were accounts of people spotting Kazakiri Hyouka-san before she was complete.
Komoe: She must have been a vague, ghost-like existence then.
Touma: Sensei...

Komoe: There is said to be a lab in Kirigaoka that studies the physical phenomenon called "Kazakiri Hyouka" that is born from AIM Diffusion Fields.
Touma: Komoe-sensei!

Touma: Wait a second!
Touma: It seemed like Kazakiri didn't realize any of this herself!!
Touma: If she really is something other than human...that doesn't makes sense!

Komoe: It doesn't make sense?


Komoe: If she thought she was human from the second she came to be...
Komoe: she would never have questioned her own existence, would she?

Touma: You're...kidding.


Touma: Could that...
Touma: really happen?
Touma: That's too cruel.

Komoe: I've never spoken with her...

Komoe: but what did you think, Kamijou-chan?
Komoe: Did she seem like nothing more than a static illusion with no life or heart?

Komoe: Did she seem like a trivial existence that can just disappear for all anyone cares?


Touma: She came after me...
Touma: because she was worried about me.

Touma: Even though that might have made her the target.

Touma: No!
Touma: Of course not!


Touma: Even if she's no more than an illusion I could erase simply by touching her with my right hand...
Touma: that's no reason to...
Touma: not care if she disappears!

Small text in Komoe's bubble: Hee hee hee
Komoe: Then that's enough.
Komoe: Make sure you don't make your important friend cry,
Komoe: Kamijou-chan!


Kazakiri: Pant
Kazakiri: Pant


Kazakiri: Pant
Kazakiri: Pant

SFX: Crash
Kazakiri: Kyah!


Kazakiri: Ee!

SFX: Slide

Kazakiri: Pant
Kazakiri: Pant
Kazakiri: Pant
Kazakiri: Pant


Sherry: Seriously now, what is this?

Sherry: I was wondering what the key to the Imaginary Number District was, but this...?

Kazakiri: Wh-why...
Kazakiri: Are you doing this?

Sherry: What's with that expression?

Sherry: Are you trying to say that you're the kind of person who's afraid of dying?
Small text in Sherry's bubble: C'mon, now.
Sherry: When will you realize that...


Sherry: someone who can be so beat up and still alive and well...
Sherry: clearly isn't human!

Sherry: Look.
Sherry: Point

SFX: Roar

SFX: Smash

SFX: Crack


Sherry: What I'm doing to you...
Sherry: is no more than that.


Sherry: Now do you understand?

Sherry: You're just like Ellis:
Sherry: a monster.
Text: The magician's words pierce her chest!
Box: To be continued in the December issue to be released on Friday November 12th.

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