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Translations: Gintama 507 (2)

Hayate no Gotoku! Special : Heaven is a Place on Earth

Heaven is a Place on Earth Prologue

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 22, 2011 17:50 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!


Top: [Hayate no Gotoku! The Movie] Heaven is a Place on Earth Hata Kenjirou's Storyboard

Cicadas: Mihhhn mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn mihhhn

Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn mihhhn

Nagi: ...Uuh.
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn

Nagi: It's so hot...
SFX: Twitch
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn

Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn

Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn


SFX: Grab
Label: Watermelon Rind

Nagi: Can you not say anything...
SFX: Throw
Label: Watermelon
Nagi: other than mihhhhhn!!!!?

Nagi: Pant
Nagi: Pant
SFX: Jingle

Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn

Cicadas: Mihhhn mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn mihhhn
Cicadas: Mihhhn


Nagi: Hayateee!
Nagi: Hayateeeeeee!!
Hayate: Coming!

Hayate: What is it, milady?


Nagi: The summer is hot!!!
Hayate: Yes...

Nagi: The cicadas are teasing me!!!
Hayate: Oh...?

Nagi: And my hand is all sticky!!!

Nagi: Do something about this right now!!!
Nagi: If you don't, I'll die!!!
Hayate: You won't die just from that...

Hayate: Ahh...And you shouldn't throw watermelon rinds.
Label: Watermelon rind
Nagi: But!! But!!!


Label: Handkerchief

SFX: Pour
Label: Wetting the handkerchief with water.

SFX: Squeeze

Hayate: Okay, hold out your hand.
Hayate: I'll wipe it off.


Hayate: Really...Why were you even throwing the watermelon?
SFX: Wipe wipe
Nagi: I-it was the only weapon I had!!!

Hayate: But that's no reason to dirty your hand.
Nagi: Sh-shut up!!!

SFX: Wipe wipe


Hayate: Hm...?
Hayate: What is it, milady?

Nagi: Ahh!! That's enough!!
SFX: Pull away!!
Hayate: Ah...

Nagi: Honestly...
Nagi: Why did I come out in the sticks like this?

Hayate: Because...

Hayate: we needed to fix your hopeless ways.
Nagi: Don't call me hopeless!!!!
Text: OP starts here.


Title: Hayate no Gotoku! [The Movie]
Text: That was the prologue of the revised draft of the original story's storyboard Hata Kenjirou drew for the movie. The storyboard for the entire movie was about 150 pages. It was created with discussions with Director Komori Hideto and Screenwriter Kobayashi Yasuko.

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