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Translations: Bleach 595 (2)

Tales of Symphonia 10

Tales of Symphonia Ch. 10 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 29, 2007 07:25 | Go to Tales of Symphonia

-> RTS Page for Tales of Symphonia 10

I actually felt bad . . . took so long to translate it and I blame it on my English . . . T^T

Anyway, just saying, I think I got problem with my English as much as my Japanese now. Need to get it done, since I promised Miken, the scanlation group leader, that I will by this month and TotA Gaiden 3 will follow shortly.

ENJOY!!! ^_^"

EDIT: Just a note, I played the game, yes, but I play Japanese version. So . . . some problem with the name is because I only know the Japanese name and didn't know how to write it in English . . . *feeling stupid*

Tales of Symphonia
Chapter 10 “Cruxis Stone”

Author Comment
Hitoshi Ichimura – So, the third volume! Is that fast, is that slow? Tethe’alla people just come out all at once, and having a frame with all eight people at once makes the population density to increase all of the sudden. That’s one large group. More tones are being used. This is really bad. (Really, it’s the assistant-san that is)

Bonus 1
-- One day of experience of Presea’s work --
Genius – So heavy~
Zelos – (side) Why do I have to do this kind of work?
Ah, I can’t take it anymore
*se* *ha*
Lloyd – There is no way human power can do this . . .
(below) No matter how much the Ex-Sphere we use

-- One hit --

Collette – It’s light. So light.
-- One hand --

Collette – Ah, Regal-san. If it is heavy for you, I will help carry it then~
Regal – (side) What!!

Lloyd – Collette . . . even though you in the past is that weak in power . . .
(above) You completely become so strong . . .
Genius – (above) Presea is so cool . . .
Zelos – (outside bubble) They are of some unknown species . . . !!
Women are so unpredictable . . .
Sheena – Don’t go associate us with them
Refill – We can’t do that as well!!
-- An influence of the Ex-Sphere --

Bonus 2
Genius – Ex-Sphere is equipped on the different places depend on each person, right?
(below) By the way, I am keeping an eye on everyone for no reason.
Lloyd – Yeah
Mine is on the left hand
Genius – Mine is on the right
== I just feel a bit strange about that line. So I put the Japanese in. - -"

Zelos – Mine is on the chest~
(above) Sexy~~
Presea – (above) Yes
Collette (above) Right
Lloyd – The same place as Presea and Collette, right?

Genius – How about you, Regal . . .
Regal – You can’t see it, but it’s under the handcuff
Lloyd – And Professor and Sheena?

Sheena – Under the left breast
(side) Somewhere below my heart, I mean
Refill – On my right thigh

Genius+Lloyd – (side) Why do they still put it in such spot . . .
Zelos – (side) Show me~~~

Table of Content
LOAD: 10 Cruxis Stone 3
LOAD: 11 Awakening 45
LOAD: 12 The Truth 69
LOAD: 13 The Decision 87
LOAD: 14 Pact 121

Pg. 1
LOAD: 10 Cruxis Stone

Pg. 2
King – So, the Chosen One

You are saying that they are people from Sylvarant?
And to think that the Chosen One is with them as well . . .

Zelos – That’s how it seems
Sheena is the one who confirms that

King – Sheena of Mizuho
You received the order to go to Sylvarant to assassinate the Chosen one, correct?

Pg. 3
Sheena – . . . I failed to complete my duty
The Chosen One of Sylvarant has succeeded in the world’s regeneration

Priest – SHEENA!!
Sheena – It’s not like that!!

I didn’t intent to do that at all!!
Priest – Then why do you not only help the Chosen of Sylvarant, but also take them here!

Sheena - . . . Because they want to come here with their own free will
It’s not about Sylvarant or Tethe’alla
They just want to help one human being, so

Pg. 4
Your Highness!
Please do forgive me for support them!

B- . . . But
As the result of helping Sylvarant’s Chosen One, Tethe’alla will . . .

Zelos – Your Majesty

I will keep an eye of them instead, so will you just forgive her?

King – . . . The Chosen One will . . . ?
Zelos – Yep
If they make any strange move, I can punish them then

Pg. 5
If that angel-chan really is the Chosen from Sylvarant
Then this isn’t some work I can give to someone else . . .

In another word, if we can stop her angel transformation, the world regeneration will not happen
Then we can save Tethe’alla
First, let’s try and see the situation then

King – That’s right

The Chosen from the other side coming to this side, this had never happened before as well
I agree with what the Chosen One said. Let’s just see the situation first then

Pg. 6
Sheena – You are allowed to move around within Tethe’alla

Lloyd – Ah

That’s really fast
Is it really OK?
Sheena – Yep . . . I didn’t get punished or anything too

The damage from our fall is kind of small as well
(side) It’s only on this house
Lloyd – I see . . . And so, that guy is?

Sheena – If you are talking about Zelos, he still has to talk about something with His Majesty, so he stays behind at the palace
After he finish, he should be back though
Lloyd – Umm . . .

Pg. 7
His Majesty means the king?
Sheena – Heh?
. . . Yep . . . that’s right

Lloyd – That Zelos guy, he can meet with the king, and also live in this kind of big house
Is he some kind of important person?

Sheena – Important . . .
Well, you can say it like that as well, I guess

After all, Zelos is Tethe’alla’s Chosen One
Lloyd – THE CHOSEN!?

I have no doubt about Tethe’alla having the Chosen
But that guy a Chosen!?
Zelos – Yo, Sylvarant people

Pg. 8
Zelos – Having a good time?

I haven’t introduced myself yet, haven’t I?
I’m the elegant Chosen One of Tethe’alla, Zelos-kun. Nice to meet you~~~

Lloyd+Genius+Refill – That’s the Chosen . . .
(above) Depressed . . .
Sheena – Idiot Chosen . . .
You are done with your talk with His Majesty already?

Zelos – Yep, I also bring the permission to cross Grand Tethe’alla Bridge
Now, we can go to Gaorakia Wood

Pg. 9
Genius – Who
Who is that girl!?

Zelos – Huh?
She is Presea-chan, our guide

Talking about Gaorakia Wood, it is the famous Wood of Confusion, so a guide is very important
Genius – Pr- . . . Pr-Pr-Presea . . .

So . . .

Lloyd – Genius really is weird . . .

Zelos – Since Presea works as a woodcutter in Ossette which is in the area after we pass through the wood
She is familiar with the landscape around that area
Also, she finished her work in Meltokio already, so she is going to go back as well . . . right?

Pg. 10
Genius – So she is coming with us!?
I thought you are just an idiot, but you did really have a good point after all!!
Zelos – What did you say, stupid brat!
Sheena – But, why do we have to go to Gaorakia?

Zelos – There is a dwarf named Altesta living behind the wood
That guy knows a lot about Cruxis Stone as well
. . . Well, if we don’t go, we won’t know, would we?

Lloyd – Dwarf . . .
So there really are other dwarves other than Dad
Refill – If it is him, he should be know what we have to do about Collette’s transformation, right . . . ?
You really bring us hope

Pg. 11
Zelos - So, Sheena with her nice body as usual

The hope of the future, Presea-chan
== Some problems here . . . hope of the future, I take it as meaning something like “Presea is hopefully going to be a beautiful girl in the future” as Zelos says that she “has the future” (Don’t know how to explain it again . . . I can in Thai, but not in English - -“)

Beautiful Onesama, Refill-sama and

Cool angel-chan, Collette-chan!

GREAT~ This is going to be a very fun trip
Nice to meet you all, Honeys~~~~

As well as you underling guys
(above) I’m going to call you two “stupid brat” and “red one”, K?
(above Genius) Stupid brat
(above Lloyd) Red one

Pg. 12
Genius – (above) Damn him . . .
I can’t accept that idiot Chosen one . . . !!

Lloyd - . . . Collette

. . . I will

Certainly change you back to normal
Just wait first

Genius – Don’t
Don’t you dare befriend with Presea!!
And don’t act as if you know my sister too!
Zelos – Oh, you are jealous?

Pg. 13
Cross the famous Grand Tethe’alla Bridge
Pass through the area around the Academic Capital, Sybark, then up to the north
In a little while, we should see the Wood of Confusion

Pg. 14
The Wood of Confusion, Gaorakia

Lloyd – Wah . . .
It really is like a place of bad omen . . .
Zelos – Careful then, so you won’t become a lost child, OK?

If you are careless, the ghosts of the wood will capture you
Genius – Sa- . . . Say that you’re joking . . .

Zelos – It did really happened
There are lots of travelers who lost their way in the wood and died really

Pg. 15
And those people become angry, that even now, they continue to haunt this wood
Capturing those who are lost in the wood and make them into their comrades

Genius – I . . .
I am not going to believe that kind of story . . . !
Zelos – Well
In order to prevent that from happening, we got Presea-chan with us

Well then, we are counting on you, Preasea-chan
Presea - . . . yes

Pg. 16
Zelos – Lloyd-kun

Lloyd – Ah . . .
Eh, Zelos?
What is it?
Zelos – I noticed that you are just watching Presea-chan since a while ago

Pg. 17
What is with that, Lloyd-kun
Don’t tell me that you like that girl?
Genius – EH
Lloyd – Huh?
Genius – (side) Lloyd!?

Lloyd – What like . . . ?
(above) What the?
Genius – Yeah . . .
Yeah, don’t limit Lloyd like that!
Zelos - Ah, spontaneity isn’t it . . . ?

If it is not like that, then what?
You seems to care about it so much, don’t you?

Lloyd - I just think that they seem alike . . .

Didn’t talk so much
Didn’t laugh
Didn’t show any emotion
. . . Overall

Pg. 18
She seems like Collette . . .

Zelos - . . . Is that so?

I don’t think there is any problem with that
If those two can laugh, it might be good though, right?

Lloyd – Collette often laugh, but because of the Cruxis Stone, she can’t!
Don’t say something like that
Zelos – It’s not something you should be angry about
(side) I was just joking

To become the angel, she has to become like this. If I know that from the very start, I would –

Pg. 19
Zelos - . . . so hot, hah

Angel transformation, huh? . . .

I’m sorry
About that then—

Pg. 20
Lloyd – Eh . . .

. . . tch

Pg. 21
Wha . . .
What the . . . ?

Who are you!!

Pg. 22
Regal – . . . There is no need to tell you

I’m ordered only to
Kidnap the girl named Collette!

Lloyd – Tch

Sheena - . . . Handcuffs!
That guy is a prisoner!?
Zelos – Who tell you to do that then?

Pg. 23

Lloyd – This guy . . .

An assassin?

Lloyd – Who the hell are—

Regal – There is no need to answer

Pg. 24
Lloyd – Presea!?

Regal – You are . . . !?

Pg. 25
Pronyma – Stop it right there

If the Chosen got killed, it will be quite a problem then

For Yggdrasil-sama, pass over the Chosen One right now

Pg. 26
Lloyd – Yggdrasil . . .
You’re the Cruxis?!

Pronyma – Chief of Five Grand Cardinal, Pronyma

Regal – Dammit
Coming in one after another
. . . you are planning to get in my way as well?

Seems like taking the Chosen One away isn’t as convenient as I thought
I shall kill you then

Pg. 27
Kratos – Wait, Pronyma

Don’t act anything unnecessary

Let’s just leave the Chosen One for now

Pg. 28
Yggdrasil-sama is calling


Pronyma – Tch . . .

Pg. 29
Yes sir

Lloyd – Kratos . . . !

What are you doing here . . . !!

Pg. 30


Zelos – What was that?

Lloyd - . . . So Kratos did come to Tethe’alla as well
. . . That guy doesn’t even care about us . . . !!

Pg. 31
Dammit . . .

Refill – Lloyd . . .

Presea - . . . Enemy

Lloyd – Yeah! You . . .

You still want to fight!?
Don’t even lay you finger on Col-
Regal - . . . No

Pg. 32
Sorry about that I attack you suddenly since someone hired me

I don’t intent to fight anymore
I just want to . . .

Talk to that girl only

Lloyd – With Presea . . . ?
Genius – You
You got to be joking!!
After you just tried to kidnap Collette!!

Regal - Your name . . . is Presea?

Pg. 33
EX-Sphere . . . !!
. . . You are also the victim . . . !!

Lloyd –(side) Victim?
. . . What do you mean?

Refill - . . . You seem to have some backstory then
Who really are you?

Pg. 34
Regal - . . . I’m Regal
I was a prisoner, but a man who hired me ask me to assassinate the Chosen

Lloyd – Who is the man who hired you then?
Regal - . . . I don’t know
The agent only said that

And he will stop the illegal selling of Ex-Sphere in return

. . . Please
That girl – Please let me talk with Presea

Pg. 35
Lloyd – I think that’s alright but . . .
Zelos – Lloyd-kun
Let’s first take him as a captive for now

Lloyd – Captive?
Zelos – Yep. If we have this ossan to fight with us, how ‘bout that?
Genius – But he might betray us?

Zelos – Ossan has some business with Presea-chan, correct?
If so, until he gets to talk with Presea, we will be able to eliminate one factor of risk, wouldn’t we?

Refill – I get it . . .
That’s not a really bad idea either
Genius – Ne . . . Neesan . . . !!

Sheena - I did get some strange feeling about this but
I’m the enemy to start with as well . . .
So isn’t that OK?

Lloyd – . . . As said
Can you fight alongside with us for a little while then?

Pg. 36
Regal – OK then

With my name and the mark on my hand, I vow that I will not betray you.
== By the word “mark on my hand”, I mean the handcuff, which represent his sin.

Pg. 37
Genius – If-
If you do anything weird to Presea, I will make you turn into a charcoal!

Zelos – Hey, ossan

You and I, have we met somewhere before?

Regal - . . . No
Such chance to meet the Chosen One . . .
I’m still a normal prisoner

Zelos - . . . hmm?

Pg. 38
I still got a feeling as if I saw you somewhere before though . . .
(side) Is it just my feeling . . . ?

Lloyd – . . . Well, let’s hurry forward

We have to get to that Altesta dwarf’s place before it’s dark . . .

Pg. 39
Lloyd – Here . . . ?

Excuse me

Pg. 40
Excuse me
Is anyone here?

Tabatha – Yes
. . . Who are you . . . ?

Pg. 41
Lloyd – umm . . .
I heard of a dwarf living here. Can I see him?

Tabatha – You come to see Master Altesta, right?
Come in


Pg. 42
We have some guests
. . . What?

Lloyd – Ah . . . I’m Lloyd
I want to ask you something about Ex-Sphere
Go back

Lloyd – Eh . . .

Get out of here!

Thank you for reading . . .

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