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Tales of Innocence 1

Tales of Innocence act.1 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 20, 2007 12:30 | Go to Tales of Innocence

-> RTS Page for Tales of Innocence 1

So . . . IT'S THE POWER OF DETERMINATION!! After all Tales of Innocence is always in my MUST TRANSLATE! list, and is the only series in JSQ that I really want to read. (more than Embalming) This one, I don't think it is as bad as Embalming . . . actually must say I feel that it is same level as my other Tales translation. FEELING GREAT!! AT LEAST I GOT TO READ ToI MANGA!!! XD


EDIT: Forgot to say something: PLEASE do not use this translation for scanlation. It is already reserved for Wings of an Angel group ever since it is announced . . . since around August or September, I think. We are extremely determined to do Tales series scanlations, that's why. ;) So, please do not use this for scanlation except for Miken. THANK YOU~! XD

Tales of Innocence
act. 1 “The Meeting of Fate”

Pg. 1
** Both painful and Vehement **
** To the Journey of Memories . . . !! **
Tales of Innocence
act. 1 The Meeting of Fate

Pg. 2
** This is the stage of war which filled with chaos . . . **

Pg. 3
Soldier – Enemies attack!! Enermy attack . . .

??? - Fuh
The mob, huh . . .

. . . then how about I play a little bit with you guys then . . . ?

Pg. 4
Just a little bit . . . Just a little bit longer . . .
Our ideal will . . .

If only we have this . . .

Pg. 5
Yes . . . if only we have this . . .

Ruca – huh . . .

Pg. 6
. . . It’s that dream again . . .

. . . The dream about a war . . .
in an unknown country . . .

That must hurt . . .

Pg. 7
Father – hmm
They got nothing in here except about the war for some months now . . .

It’s good that they didn’t require our house to be included in the recruitment, but . . .
If Ruca got recruited in then . . .

I would be really worried . . .

Pg. 8
Father – Well, until it becomes like that, the Capital Regnum probably won’t be adverse though

Though, I’m more worried about this

The arrestment of inousha
== Inousha is translated literally as “a person with strange power”, but I’m going to take it as specific name, so I’m going to leave the word like that ^_^”

Mother – Inousha, you mean the people who possess the power that is not of human?
Father – Seems like there are many of them living in the capital . . .
Well, because of that, the lawsuit about restoring them is passed . . .

Ruca – Inousha . . . ?

Pg. 9
Those people in the dream . . .
Are they like that as well . . . ?

Father – Also, Ruca
Ruca – Eh?
Ah, yes

Have you make any progress with your study?
Your overall grades didn’t go down, right?

I did say that you will become the merchant after me, correct?
== Not really sure about this one. - -“

Ruca - . . . Yes

Father – At this rate, you probably will not be able to take my place afterwards
Mother – Father!
You don’t have to say it like that

Ruca is trying his best already, right?

Pg. 10
Ruca – I’m going . . .

To school now then

Mother - Well, take care then

. . . Father, don’t you think that that child has been a bit strange lately?
Father – What is?

Mother - He has been strangely absent-minded . . .
It feels as if his mind is wandering somewhere else . . .

Father – He is always absent-minded, isn’t he?
Mother – It has become more extreme

Father - Isn’t he just simply tired?
Just let him go and he will probably get back to normal

Mother – That’s fine, but . . .

Pg. 11-12

Pg. 13
Eddy – Yo, Ruca
Nino – What is it? You seem to be walking so sluggishly

Eddy – RUCA!!
Ruca – Uwa

Ruca - . . . Oh, Eddy and Nino? . . .
Nino – What’s the matter?

We really have to ask you about that
Eddy – You act strange lately, you know?

Nino – You just daydream a lot
Eddy – You fell in love with a girl or something?

Ruca – I- I don’t have one!! That person!!
Eddy – Oh, you really are fast with that
What a rush

これはアレですよ エディさん女ですよ
めぶきますね ニーノさん
Nino – This is that. Eddy-san is a girl
Eddy – That’s budding, Nino-san
== First, Nino’s one is too literal, I know. VERY literal, I’m sorry. I just don’t really get what it means. As for Eddy’s . . . the dictionary say “to bud” . . . again I don’t know what it is. T^T

Ruca – I said it’s not like that!!
I don’t intent to have that- . . .

Pg. 15
Nino – Oi, oi
You are daydreaming again

School isn’t that way!

Eddy – Is he really OK?
Nino – Let’s go! We will be late for school

Pg. 16
Ruca – Huh? What am I doing?

No good!!
I will be late for school . . .

Pg. 16

Pg. 17

That girl

Is she dead?

Thanks God
She is still alive . . .

What . . . what should I do? It will be better to help her, but . . .
I still have to go to school . . .

Even if I didn’t help her, someone would probably do . . .
I’m sorry

Pg. 18

Pg. 19
Iria – Ummm

Ruca – Are you alright?

Are you injured?
Should I call the doctor

Iria – Ah . . .
I . . . I

I’m hungry

Ruca – Eh?

Pg. 20
Iria – BUHA
I’m refreshed!!

This Regnum Soda tastes so good!!
Totally different from the drink in the capital

This bread is also taste great
Salt is the best
== Really, it says something like “uopan” which will means wuobread . . .what is that?? (I will try to search more afterward as well T^T )
Ruca – Hahaha . . .

Umm . . .
Well then . . .

Pg. 22
What is that small animal?

Iria – It’s not a small animal
This’s Koda, from Muse Family
== It’s written as “myuusu” . . . spelled similar to Mieu, but got a ‘su’ at the end as well. Am not sure how to spell it, sorry ^_^”

He just followed me but he is not of any use though
Koda – Ne

Iria – Well then, thanks for the treat
I’m Iria, Iria Animi

Pg. 23
Ruca – I’m Ruca
Ruca Milda

Soldier – Hey!!
Keep on walking!!

Pg. 24
Ruca – That is . . .
Iria – They are the Inousha Hunters . . .

They are being transferred under the law of arrestment of inousha

Ruca – Those are inousha?
They didn’t look any different from normal people though?

Iria – Take a look at the shadow
Ruca – Eh?

Pg. 25
The shadow is different . . .

Iria - It’s the proof of inousha

Pg. 26
Ruca – Haha
It’s not really like that, huh . . .

Soldier – You

Pg. 27
You are an inousha, right?

Ruca – Ah, I’m not . . .
Soldier – That girl over there!!

Iria – Tch
Look like they found out
Ruca – Eh?

Pg. 28
Ruca – . . . You are . . .
Iria – Ruca

Good bye then

Let’s go, Koda!!
Soldier – Wait!!
Koda – Wabo~~

Ruca – Ah . . .

Wa . . .

Pg. 29
Iria – What the! Why are you following me!!
Ruca – I don’t know!!

I don’t know, but . . .

I feel like it’s something I have to do

Pg. 30
Soldier – I found you!!

Ruca – This way!!

Soldier – Wait!!

Ruca – Now this way!!

Iria – As I thought . . .

They tricked us

Ruca – Eh?

Pg. 31
Iria – Tch
Ruca – Ugh . . .

Soldier – One more weird rat

Ruca – I . . .
I’m sorry
Iria – It’s not your fault

Soldier – Well, shall we get going now?
Iria – Hah

Pg. 32
Iria – What if I refuse?

Soldier – Those words are not for the criminal to use

Ruca – Please!! Let this girl go!!
Iria – Eh?

Pg. 33
Ruca – Guhah
Soldier – You are her accomplice?

Iria – Stop it! That guy has nothing to do with me!
Soldier – Yes

Iria – Can’t we just talk!
Soldier – Yes, yes, huh? It ends now, OK? OK?
Capture her

Ruca – I’m begging you

I- . . . I’ll do anything
Anything but let that girl . . .

Go . . .
Soldier – *spit*

Pg. 34

Iria – Ruca!!
Soldier – Hah
Go back home, you townsperson

Ruca – Ku . . .
Please . . .

Anything . . .
Just let that girl . . .

Pg. 35
Let go of her!!

Soldier – Ah?
What did you say?

Pg. 36
Ruca – I said let go of her

Soldier – That guy is dead
== More like “you are asking for death” (literally from what I can translate to Thai, but I just got no idea what the English word is ^_^”)

Haha . . .
You said something very interesting, townsperson . . .


Pg. 37

Pg. 38
Soldier – ARGH

That . . . that bastard . . .

His shadow!!

His shadow is changing shape!!

Pg. 39
That . . .
That guy is also an inousha!!

Pg. 40

Pg. 41-42

Pg. 43

Pg. 44
Soldier – Argh

Iria – Ru . . .


Soldier – Hi

Pg. 45
Iria – Ruca!!
Soldier - He’s down!!

Iria – Are you alright? RUCA!!
Soldier – Arrest!!
Arrest him!!

Iria – RUCA!!

Pg. 46
??? – Mateus-sama . . .
Seems like he has awakened . . .

Pg. 47-48
The time has come

** The time of “fate” has been carved **
** The engine has now started moving!! **

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by Obxist (Scanlator)
Posted on Nov 20, 2007
wow another long story !! thanks for your hardwork
#2. by zidane (MH Senpai)
Posted on Nov 20, 2007
thanks...nice to have so many new series'...

and thanks for translating the both best of them all...^^
#3. by Miken-chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Nov 20, 2007
W-WOW you're getting faster~

Which means you're getting a lot better at Japanese and English~!
#4. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Nov 20, 2007
awesome, let's hope this will be scanlated as fast as it was translated :p
#5. by Elkin (Translator)
Posted on Nov 20, 2007
Ahh thanks for translating :)

Some suggestions for your translation:

Iria – Tch
Seems like they know it
== Don’t know what is the right word. I’m sayin that Iria is saying that her secret is revealed. What is the right word for that? - -“

Maybe "Looks like they found out"?

Pg. 33
Ruca – Guhah
Soldier – You are going to be an accessory?
== Sorry, really don’t know what it is called a person who help another person in crime. T^T

"Accomplice" is the word you're looking for :)
#6. by r3born (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 20, 2007
Looking forward to the scan :)
#7. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Nov 21, 2007
thanks!!!! waiting for wings of an angel to scanlate this!!!
#8. by Miken-chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Nov 22, 2007
Quote by hatsuharupeace;618061:
thanks!!!! waiting for wings of an angel to scanlate this!!!Nagi's cleaning it as we speak! *Because I don't think anyone would like me to clean magazine scans*
#9. by Ju-da-su (Intl Translator)
Posted on Nov 22, 2007
@Elkins: THANK YOU~! Fix'd XD

Actually, there are two reasons why I translated it really fast. One . . . is actually because I'd be heartbroken if other translators did it (silly, but thinking about it, many of my experience with translation is kind of weird, as I give an example in my translator's thread of why I start doing translation in the first place. BUT FOR ToI!! I can't help it but to feel it that way. After waiting for three months . . . T^T ) and shrimpy said if no one is doing it, s/he will. That put me on fire. >D (yep, I do like the sense of competition, and I do get a little bit discouraged if someone else already did the translation for the manga I'm doing, but especially for the manga I have been planning to translate for three months, no way am I going to let ToI go XD )

Second, I am especially attached and enjoy translating the manga when it comes to Tales series. That makes thing even faster and it does make the translation to be of somewhat good quality IMO (except for the fact that if I got that, high chance I will get a bunch of grammatical errors because I will go very fast with it, so fast that I didn't check thoroughly enough because I'm extremely excited XD )

So, I must say, that's double my usual speed (usually, it takes me 2.5-3 hours for 20 pages manga, but this is nearly 50 pages in 3 hours - -") It's not like I'm better at it or anything (because as I said, there might be quite a few, very few in my feeling, with the usual translation problem (eg. wording, diction) but there must be quite a lot of grammatical errors, I felt . . . despite of the fact that I read it over a couple of times XD )
#10. by guill666 (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 23, 2007
Hi mates ^^

First, thanks Judasu for your translation. i think it's a good work for a non native person.

I think i can help you a bit on part you were not sure, because I'm translating this chapter from Japanese to French right now.

p13 : think they are playing roles. Eddy's playing girl. "mebukimashita" seems to mean that love is growing/blooming between them.

p20 : "uo pan" seems to be a fish-pan. because "uo" is an other reading for "sakana".

p09 : i would translated it that way : "'because you know you have to become a better merchant than me, right !?"

Hope, it will help you and your team :)
#11. by Miken-chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Nov 24, 2007
Gah - I shoulda checked this thread before finalizing the chapter *bangs head*
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