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Tales of Legendia 3

Tales of Legendia Ch. 3 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 24, 2008 10:29 | Go to Tales of Legendia

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. . .

Great, now I feel like Veigue in the Peach Pie DVD now . . . "UWOOOO! KURE- . . . *silence* . . . safe . . . "

Just right before my download of FT 84 is done (since I promised that I will get ToL out as my next translation, didn't I? :amuse )

Reserved for Eternal . . . ENJOY~! XD

Tales of Legendia
Chapter 3. “Surprised Encounter”

Pg. 96
Soldier – Commander
Commander Vaclav

We’ve found that boat

Pg. 97
Vaclav – Hmph
I’d know that already from the time when the Pole of Light appears

But make sure that that guy doesn’t leave the Legacy
Soldier – Yes sir

Vaclav - We probably will be able to head to that place without any problem

Yes . . . it’s about time we arrive

Pg. 98
Senel – Hey.

Just how much longer will it take for us to get there!?
To that Bandit’s Lair!
Don’t be so rush. We will get there in just a little while.

Chloe – That guy who kidnapped Shirley . . . just who is he?

Pg. 99
He is “Moses Sandor” the infamous bandit.
About one year ago, he began creating his lair onboard the ship.
But I totally wasn’t expecting that he too is targeting the Melnes.

It had been said . . . that the Melnes is the one who controlled the ship.
Senel – What do you mean by control the ship?

Will - It is said that they can control the movement of the Legacy at will.
Perhaps he is thinking . . . of taking over this ship.

Pg. 100
Senel – Take over this ship . . .

Is this also those guys’ goal . . . ?

Just what . . . is it about this ship?


Will - But, Lady Valens
Chloe - Just Chloe is fine

Will – Chloe, is it really fine with you to come along with us like this?
You probably also have some purpose of coming here to the Legacy, correct?

Chloe - . . . Yes . . . I’m just searching for someone
So there’s no rush

Pg. 101
Right now, rescuing Shirley is the first priority

Right, Coolid- . . .

Senel - Hurry up!

Chloe - Wha-
What is with that attitude!
Will – I do understand that you’re in a hurry, but being too rash won’t help you with anything!

Senel – If I don’t help her out quickly

I promised . . . I’ll . . .
Shirley . . . !

Pg. 102
Stella – It’s going to be fine
We two will
Certainly cure you

Shirley – Sis- . . .
t- . . .
*HA* (wake)

*GABA* (sit up)

Pg. 103
Shirley – Where am . . .

Giet – GAU
Shirley – KYAA!

Pg. 104
Moses – Oh, so you finally wake up!
*KII* (open)

The legendary Melenes sure doesn’t look any different from human

*POFU* (pat)
I can’t tell the difference just by looking

And it doesn’t seem like you just change into human form as well
(side) Umm
Shirley – Now I get it . . . I . . . was kidnapped . . .

Take me out of here

Pg. 105
Moses – Nope!
You are going to hear what I want to ask from you before I let you out

Shirley – Ask from me . . . ?

Moses – I came to the Legacy to obtain the “Sacred Eres”

The Eres that glow in seven colors
Its power can even make the sea to draw back
The ultimate secret of eres, the Sacred Eres!

Pg. 106
*PA* (grin)
Can you please tell me where that is!
Since rumors had it that the people called the Melenes know about the Legacy inside-out

Shirley – I don’t know! Anything about the Sacred Eres . . .
Don’t think I’m stupid enough to just give up only because you say you don’t know
It’s fine with me if you want to think a bit harder

Giet! Don’t lose sight of her
Shirley – Pl- . . . Please wait!

If . . . you obtain that power
What are you planning to do with it?

Pg. 107
Moses – I’ll protect . . .
I’ll protect the bond within my family!

Will – Now you can see it

Pg. 108
That guy’s lair

. . . ? That’s strange

I thought we would have run into some traps or watchers already at this point
But it’s awfully quiet

Bandit – H- . . . HEY!

Dammit, not again!
Stop them!

Pg. 109
Not good! Get . . .

Senel – Those guys are just the weaklings!
Chloe – Leave it to me!

Will – Hey, wait a se- . . . You’re not
*HYU* (swing)

Chloe – DAH!!
*GO* (thrust)

Pg. 110
*DOGA* (hit)

*SHAA* (thud)

*DOSA* (slide)

Chloe – Hah
Bad to be my opponent!

Senel – Ca- . . .
Can’t you

Pg. 111
*GARA* (scatter)

Chloe – KYAAAAAA!!?

Pg. 112
Senel - . . . he . . .
*PARA . . . PARA* (crumble . . . crumble)

You OK?

Pg. 113
Chloe – UWAAA!?

*HA HA* (huff huff)
(side) And don’t you point your sword at me
*GUWA* (furious)

If I wasn’t there to pull you back, you would have hit your head against the rock already

Chloe – Ah . . .

Is . . . Is that so . . . ?
Th-Tha- . . .

*NUU* (gloomy)

Pg. 114
*GON* (bang)
Senel – UGUH!?

*GAN* (bang)
Chloe – UWA

Will – You idiots
Keep your recklessness under some limit!
Call us all lucky that we are all safe!

Chloe – I . . . I’m so ashamed . . .
Senel – And why do you have to hit me for it as well!
*NUGA* (clench)

Will – In the place, it’s obvious that you got to get back from the bridge, move to some steadier ground and then attack!
You too had made quite a reckless move!
*RA . . . * (ugh)

Pg. 115
Chloe – But how far had we fall down from there . . . ?
Will – I should actually call this a lucky hit

Since we fell down here, we actually shorten the distance a lot
The lair is up ahead now

Senel – . . . ? And no one even noticed us?
Will – Since you two ravage up to that point, I doubt they wouldn’t notice . . .
Those bandits from before . . . though they seem to be injured, I’m still feel a bit worried

Pg. 116
Shirley – I feel that something isn’t quite right
What is it?

Nothing . . . ?

It’s fine
Senel will come and help me
As always . . .

Pg. 117
*GURU . . . * (growl)

*TON* (approach)

KYA . . .
*KYO* (withdraw)

*GYUU . . . *

*PERO* (lick)

Pg. 118
*POSUN . . .* (sit)

*GURU GURU* (growl, growl)
He is not going to eat me . . . right?
*DOKI DOKI DOKI* (throb, throb, throb)

*SO* (reach)

So big . . .
*NADE NADE* (pat, pat)

Pg. 118
The Legacy . . . the mystery
Somehow, I feel like I really missed it . . .
Even though this is the first time I’m here

*PIKU* (surprised)

*GABA* (stands up)
KYA . . .

Pg. 120
Chaba – GIET!

Giet - *GAU*

Go stay beside aniki!
== My memory of ToL is going away (hadn’t been playing for quite a while now - -“) so, one, I’m not even sure if I spell Chaba’s name correctly, and two . . . I forgot what did they use instead of aniki in the English version . . . >_<”
*DA* (dash)

Shirley – Enemy . . . ?

Pg. 121
Chaba – You’re
The girl that aniki brought with . . .

Shirley – I’m begging you! Please don’t do anything cruel to my brother!

Chaba – Brother?

Chloe – This is . . .
Will – It’s unmistakable from the look that there are other groups of invaders as well
Be careful, both of you

Pg. 122
Moses – So the one who beat my family up are you guys, huh?
Who are you all?!!

Pg. 123

Melanie – You think I’ll tell my name to the bunch of bandits like you?
*ZA* (assemble)
Be good and passed the Melenes over to us

You should know why are we here fore

Will – What is that . . . !? An army!?
I never heard that there is such army onboard the Legacy as well

Pg. 124
Senel - . . . those guys . . .

Will – Senel! You know that group of people?
Senel – No . . . not really . . .

Moses – I don’t think I can just let you do as you pleased and obediently retreat though!

Melanie – I have no use of the pawns like you!
*ZA* (run)

Moses – I will make you regret for what you’re doing!!
*KUA* (draw)

Pg. 125
*KUAA* (battle)

Senel – Hurry!
We got to go save Shirley . . .
Will – Calm down. This is our chance! We must take advantage of the riot and get our way in

*TAN* (jump)

*BAH* (swoosh)

Pg. 126
*DOGA* (land)

There’s one more!
Behind you!

*GIN* (clash)

Pg. 127
*BOKORU . . . *

*GIN* (swoosh)

Cashel – What the heck are with these guys?
Seems like some unwanted rat got in

Will – Dammit . . . the army’s people?

Cashel – Hmph?
You’re a Marine Trooper, huh?

Pg. 128
And the one who ran off from the port with the Melenes?

Shall I kill you all?

Stingle – . . . Just confine them is OK.



Pg. 129
Chaba – Hurry
Quick! This way

Shirley – Why are you letting me go?

Chaba – If you ask aniki, he actually think of doing this from the very beginning

Bandit – Chaba . . .

Pg. 130
*DO* (fall)

Chaba – Oi!
Hang in there . . . !

Dammit . . .

Pg. 131
*DOGA* (thump)

*BYU* (guard)

*GURU* (swing)

*DOGO* (push)

Pg. 132
*GA* (prick)
*ZA* (roll)

*KURA KURA* (scratch)
Senel – Gosh

He’s gone . . .

*DO* (kick)

Pg. 133
*DOSA* (collapse)

Stingle – You think you’re free enough to look away?

Will – Chloe!

Draw the sword back!!

Pg. 134
*KIN* (clack)

Stingle – GUWOOO . . .
*BARI BARI* (shock)

Chloe – Now!
*BYU* (swing)

*ZA* (slash)

That . . . mark . . .

You . . . can’t be . . . !

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by Rena Chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Apr 24, 2008
Yay, cool. Now I just need to proofread this...

I still need to finish up the QC for ToL Ch 2 -_-" But this week is 2x EXP on iRO =X I guess things are going to be delayed for a bit longer...

Are you feeling better now after that issue over at WoaA? Seriously, that guy should really just drop dead. Save all the fans a lot of grief =/
#2. by Ju-da-su (Intl Translator)
Posted on Apr 24, 2008
*began to feel a really weird urge of shouting "KUREEEAAAAAAAAA!!!" at random*


I did feel a bit better though. XD Though still is not motivated enough to continue with ToS just yet (probably go to TotA first), since not only that person totally ruined my want to translate ToS, I reread TotA vol.3 again yesterday and I got hyped . . . (Jade-ossan wins! Though I don't like when Luke destroyed Akzeriuth, I still think the mangaka got me to become in love with the destruction, and she even add Tear's side in. Plus, Asch is cool in the manga . . . @_@ )

And of course, I still got to learn how to control myself so that I don't overwork . . . since I just begin translating Holy Talker just now . . . >_<"

Anyway, HAVE FUN WITH RO~~!!! XD
#3. by Rena Chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Apr 24, 2008
OMG, you picked up something new to translate (again)??? O_o; You better drop Embalming...>_>

Luke destroyed Akzeriuth = huge turning point in the game. Got to have it =P
#4. by Ju-da-su (Intl Translator)
Posted on Apr 24, 2008
I know. I don't like it as much in the game as in the manga though. Van in the manga really . . . REALLY looks evil when he says "You'd play your role pretty well, replica" as well. SOO COOOOLL~~~!!! XD

. . .

I wish there is an official ToR manga . . . </3 *trying not to let out the "KUREEEEAAAA!!" scream at random* . . . since I'd become in love with the game now . . . >_<"

And . . .

SORRY~~!!! It's just that . . . I don't know why no translator is up for it. I just read it today and it looks really cool~~~!!! *hyped* >_<" I'll try to drop Embalming . . . I'll need to manage my time a lot more than this . . . @_@

EDIT: There . . . sig change for self-reminder XD . . . (even though I don't know if it is going to work or not >_<")
#5. by Rena Chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Apr 24, 2008

But yeah, it really is cooler in the manga than in the game XD Evil Van = makes me want to bash him up XP (LOST FON DRIVE!!!)
#6. by Miken-chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Apr 24, 2008
Honestly, Ju-da-su -- don't overstrain yourself by picking up too many series. ^-^""

ToL~ :3

Well, ToA hasn't been updated since January and I still have trouble contacting Akane. I might as well typeset it myself after my Critical Paper is done with.

ToL~ I can't wait until chapter 2 is up, Rena~ XD
RO, you say? I haven't played it before, but I'm guessing it's very addictive.
#7. by Rena Chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Apr 24, 2008
I like to play it, but it's even more fun if you constantly have someone to party with =o
#8. by Ju-da-su (Intl Translator)
Posted on Apr 25, 2008
I'M SORRY~~~~!!!! >_<"

I played RO before, about 4 years ago, but TRO got way too much bots (70% of the whole server, according to some statistics back when I was still playing @_@ ) so I quit . . . plus I don't have anyone to party with . . . >_<"
#9. by Rena Chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Apr 25, 2008
*sigh* Bots are forever a problem no matter which MMO you play. The iRO GMs have been cranking down on the bots and the bot farms (zeny sellers) and they're getting desperate...and now they are annoying beyond belief.
#10. by zenith001 (Banned)
Posted on May 27, 2008
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