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Toriko 290 (0 comments)
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[Toriko 290 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: By a hair...!!!
Bottom: 'Toriko'

Page 2-3:
Title: Gourmet 290 A New King!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Insert: That ingredient, enormous in scope!!!!
Guys: There it iiiiiiis!!!!
We made it in tiiiiiiiime!!!!

Page 4-5:
Narration: This was the air bursting from the Air fruit,
something that had not happens for tens of thousands of years----
An incredible amount, 5 quadrillion tons-----!!!
In terms of volume, it took up approximately *25 billion cubic kilometers.
And all of it was released in under a minute.
Asterisk: *The same weight and volume of the air on the earth we are currently living... Read More " "
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3-gatsu no Lion 38 (0 comments)
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This chapter hits home for me a bit. Reminds me of a lot of people I know.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 38 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 91:
Title: Chapter.38
Passing Time

Page 92:
Paper: Report Card
Guy: Looks like
you juuuuuust
made it, eh?
Rei: Sensei...

Page 93:
Snesei: Apparently everybody's going to Rat Land the day after tomorrow for a farewell party.
Have ya heard about that? ☆
In Bubble: Though of course, I wasn't invited. ☆
Rei: Seriously, why are you going out of your way to let me know? You've said it several times over the course of this year.
Handwritten: I honestly think you're in bullying territory now. ["bullying" white.]
Paper: Year 1 Class 3 [Numbers... Read More " "
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Ring 4 (0 comments)
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Goddamn these chapters feel long. Ok, well that's half of volume 1.

[Ring 4 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 84:
You: Okay.............. Let's see if you can take one of these last 4 rings
before I get them all in the goal, Summeeeeer...
Huhu...... Yeah, it's not gonna happe~~~n.
Being the beginner you are.
Summer: ............
Title: Ring4: Legendary Door
Sum: Hey, dude, you've got some snot there. ["got some snot there" big/weird font.]
You: Hey, I toldja this is a mole!!
Sum: Quit spouting all that hyper nonsense like beginner and mowl and shit, bastaaard.
But seeing as both you and I are only 15, we're both beginners at life. ["we're both beginners at life" in... Read More " "
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3-gatsu no Lion 37 (0 comments)
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Ok, I got this one done. Man I love this series but it takes some real concentration to translate.

[3-Gatsu no Lion 37 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 75:
Title: Chapter.37

Page 76:
Shim: Ookay, now that Kiriyama's here, too,
I'll go over the continuation from before one more time.
Right now, here's the board.
Someone: Hey, is this...
Shima: Yes.
It's the board from a game I played in last year's Shishi-Ou Champtionship
in the challenger-deciding tournament in which I lost.
----I've been a bit interested in it all of a sudden.
Somebody: Hm.
I guess it's because I'll be in Tokushima from this weekend.
It makes me wanna delve into my own lost battles.
Okay, let's... Read More " "
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81 Diver 82 (0 comments)
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Ok, there's volume 8. Now just gotta do 9-35.

[81 Diver 82 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 193:
Title: Chapter 81 Snow is Falling

Page 194-195:
[Sad piano music plays.]

Page 196:
Suga: Mamushi-sann!
Suga: Ma

Page 197:
Suga: Muh...
Suga: M...
My knees
are giving out...
I can't...
I can't stand.
I can't stand up.
I can't
stand up!!!

Page 198:
Sumi: Are you talking to us?
We're not gonna help.
If the guy wants to die, just let him die.

Page 199:
Sumi: Humans have their suitable stages.
He's somebody underground that sought to go up high
even though he didn't have the caliber for it.
Suga: ......
Sumi: Rather than try to try to swim upstream in the narrow,... Read More " "
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81 Diver 81 (0 comments)
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Chapter 81 of 81 diver everybody.

[81 Diver 81 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 173:
Title: Chapter 81 Geronimo

Page 174-175:

Page 176:
Suga: Ah...
SFX: ZA...

Page 177:
Mamu: Uh
Mamu: HAA

Page 178:
Mamu: !
Suga: AUH

Page 179:
Mamu: HAA
Suga: I..
I can do it...

Page 180:
Suga: I can do it...
Suga: I...
can do it!

Page 181:
Suga: This is..
a "fight", right?
This is a "hand-to-hand fight", right?!!!
It's just pain, right?!!
This is all it is, right?!!!!
If this is it,

Page 182-183:
Suga: Then shogi is
many times more

Page... Read More " "
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81 Diver 80 (0 comments)
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This manga's so fun to translate, I don't even know how to describe it.

[81 Diver 80 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 155:
Title: Chapter 80 Lucky Head

Page 156:
Suga: F...
You said...

Page 157:
Suga: What am I supposed to do exactly?

Page 158:
Sumi: Your two arms
are the hisha and kaku. ["hisha" and "kaku" bold.]
Drive those into him
as hard as you can.

Page 159:

Page 160:
Mamu: Wha...?
Suga: Yes...

Page 161:

Page 162:
Sumi: "Weakness" is
Kiri: .........
Kiri: !

Page 163:
Mamu: G...
Give it to me, okay?
Your pinky.
Don't move.
If you move it'll gurt.
Suga:... Read More " "
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81 Diver 79 (0 comments)
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Wooo. Sumio he's weird as fuck. None of this makes sense.

[81 Diver 79 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 137:
Title: Chapter 79 Fight

Page 138:
Suga: Please, wait!!!
Please, just waaait!!!!
Sumi: Hey, look in front of you.

Page 139:
Kiri: He's dead.

Page 140-141:
Kiri: Your opponent is no longer lucid.
Sumi: That's right.
He was serious just then.
And the more time passes, the further he will get from his humanity.
for now,
he intends to kill you. ["Kill" in scary font.]
Suga: No,
I can't,

Page 142-143:
Suga: Please waaaaaaait!!!
Sumi: You idiot.
Kiri: He is gonna die, you know.
Sumi: Let him die.
Suga: No way.

Page 144:
SFX:... Read More " "
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81 Diver 78 (0 comments)
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Okay, that's all I'm getting through today. We've got like 4 more in this volume I think.

[81 Diver 78 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 119:
Title: Chapter 78 Rescueman
T/N: Rescueman (Otasukeman) is an 80's anime with two masked characters.

Page 120:
Suga: Wh
Suga: Why...?

Page 121:
Suga: WHYYYY?!!!
Mamu: I told you...
in order for me to return to the Kishoukai...
I need your pinky...
Suga: I don't know
what you're saying!

Page 122:
Suga: U
Mamu: I'm outta choices here.
You get it, right?
Suga: AUA

Page 123:
Mamu: Thunk.
And it'll be over
in an instant.
Suga: WAIT!

Page 124:

Page 125:
[Man I love this guy's style.]

Page... Read More " "
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81 Diver 77 (0 comments)
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Oh, I forgot about this part. It gets kinda weird here, actually.

[81 Diver 77 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 101:
Title: Chapter 77 Sorry

Page 102:
Suga: ...............
pro shogi players?

Page 103:
Mamu: It'sthe Kishoukai's goal.
Suga: .............
Mamu: But I won't be taking part in that "romance".
Cause I'm gonna die.

Page 104:
Mamu: Get goin'.
Suga: ............
Mamu: Or do you wanna watch before you go?
Suga: ..........
Mamu: You wanna see it?

Page 105:
Mamu: My death?

Page 106:
Mamu: Iiii
Suga: Ah...
Mamu: I'm

Page 107:

Page 108:
Suga: ............
Baaya: Take care...
You've got a good face.
Suga:... Read More " "
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81 Diver 76 (0 comments)
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[81 Diver 76 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 81:
Title: Chapter 76 Mystery of the Kishoukai

Page 82:
[Page spacer thing.]

Page 83:
Top: 8 1 Kin
Same Gyoku
7 2 Gin
Same Gyoku
6 4 Kei
8 1 Gyoku
7 2 Kin
9 1 Gyoku
8 2 Kin
Same Gyoku
9 1 Gin
8 1 Gyoku
7 1 Ryuu
Same King
7 2 Gin
Mamu: A perfect
checkmate, huh...?

Page 84:

Page 85:
Mamu: I lose.

Page 86:
Mamu: Looks like
your pinky...
is safe.
And I'm gonna die.
Suga: ............
Mamu: You can
go now.
Suga: ...............

Page 87:
Suga: Isn't there anything we can...
I mean, die?
That's crazy...
Mamu: You i...
suga: There must be
I'm begging
that we can do?!
Mamu: There isn't.
Suga: .........

Page... Read More " "
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81 Diver 75 (0 comments)
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Ok, there. We're almost inside the actual place now.

[81 Diver Chapter 75 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 61:
Title: Chapter 75 Life

Page 62:
Suga: No matter what i do
'the Hisha will promote'.
With that stubborn
"Gin drop"
this Shogi game already

Page 63:
Suga: On this board
victory is split!!!!
With that stubborn "Gin"...

Page 64:
Mamu: I'll give you my Kei.
Mamu: It worked.

Page 65:
Suga: Against your stubborn Gin...
I'll show you something even more stubborn.
Something I learned during special training with the Shinkenshi elder Nikogami-san... ["Nikogami-san" in bold.]
Mamu: Nikogami...
Suga: This... Read More " "
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81 Diver 74 (0 comments)
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He's still playing this guy.

[81 Diver Chapter 74 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 43:
Title: Chapter 74 Pressure

Page 44:
Mamu: This youngster...
He's already...
one level

Page 45:
stronger than me.

Page 46:
Suga: ............

Page 47:
Suga: Is...
Is he not gonna move?
Mamu: The strategy I use now...
will determine
the course from here on out...
Suga: ..........
Mamu: One minute.
Suga: ............

Page 48-49:
Mamu: It's gonna take one minute
to make up my mind.
I've got
5 minutes left.
That's the time I have...
left in my life.
You must be glad.
Suga: ...............
Mamu: You're getting to see firsthand
just what a game of shogi with a life on the line is.

Page... Read More " "
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81 Diver 73 (0 comments)
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You are already...

[81 Diver Chapter 73 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 25:
Title: Chapter 73 Already

Page 26:
Mamu: That face you're makin' tells me you're coolly ready to kill me.

Page 27:
Mamu: But there's no way I'm gonna lose.
So you're a ranging hisha sorta guy?
Suga: ............

Page 28:
Mamu: Well I ain't gonna let you range your hisha.
Suga: ............
To keep us both from "ranging"
he's unleashed his "kaku".

Page 29:
Suga: In order to protect the 5-7 space, I could move my Kin or Gyoku forward, but whichever one I defend with, the path of my Hisha gets cut off.
My Hisha can't defend.
And if I try to force a Hisha move,
I'll be halted at 5-8
and... Read More " "
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81 Diver 72 (0 comments)
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Ok, now on to volume 8. It's gonna be fun. I dunno what's gonna happen but here I go.

[81 Diver 72 Translation by Kewl0210]
Cover: 81diver
Shibada Yokusaru

Page 2:
★This is a work of fiction. Any connection to actual persons, organizations, or events are completely unrelated.
Chapter 72 That's Right
Chapter 73 Already
Chapter 74 Pressure
Chapter 75 Life
Chapter 76 Mystery of the Kishoukai
Chapter 77 Sorry
Chapter 78 Rescueman
Chapter 79 Fight
Chapter 80 Lucky Head
Chapter 81 Geronimo
Chapter 82 Snow is Falling

Page 3:
Title: Chapter 72 That's Right

Page 4:
Mamu: Play.
We're startin'.

Page 5:
Mamu: Well, maybe starting isn't the right word.
Suga: ...One minute's already... Read More " "
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Gintama 506 (1 comments)
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When the series isn't nightmarishly wordy, it's a lot more fun to work on.

[Gintama 506 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: This is no joke!! A great army approaches---!
Title: 'Gintama'

Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4:
Kagura: Gin-chan,
these guys...
Shin: Sacchan-san.
Sa: The patrol unit we fortified our circumference with was beaten entirely.
Those techniques are without question
the same as ours.
These guys are Igashuu.

Page 5:
Shin: Igashuu?!
Sacchan: That's the group that gave birth to us, the Oniwabanshuu.
Shinobi of the country of shinobi, Iga.
Shin: Then your compatriots did... Read More " "
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Innocent 53 (0 comments)
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Ok, I finished! All done! That's volume 5! Next volume comes out in a month, so maybe I'll get a raw a bit closer to the release date and get it done earlier. Here's hoping the scanlations don't fall behind. I'm off to translate tons of other stuff!

[Innocent 53 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 205:
Title: n°53 Private Ceremony
Jeanne: When I was 15
I was expelled from the convent.

Page 206:
Woman: My cute little Marie-Jeanne, are you working hard at your convent studies?
Jeanne: Yes, Madam Fr蜆蜥ique.
Woman: You may be just a servant girl, but you're truly clever and charming
so we support you like you were our own daughter.
Isn't that right, Bilal?
Bilal: Y... Yes.

Page... Read More " "
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Innocent 52 (0 comments)
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Ok, I'm really gonna finish this volume this time. Just one more.
I dunno if this chapter's more sexy or weird. Which is awesome. I love this manga.

[Innocent 52 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 187:
Title: n°52 Mercy-Soaked Baptism
Charles: Beautiful------...
Father Grisel..........
Is this an illusion you're showing me......?

Page 188:
Charles: A sweet, choking scent...
Is this Arabian musk...?!

Page 189:
Jeanne: The greatest executioner in France, the Monsieur De Paris...
Lord Charles-Henri Sanson,

Page 190-191:
Jeanne: Please, would you execute me?
Title: n°52 Mercy-Soaked Baptism

Page 192:
Jeanne: Aah, so lovely...
You've sent countless human lives to heaven with these... Read More " "
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Toriko 289 (0 comments)
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Komatsu's awesome, too.

[Toriko 289 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top: ★A battle to the death on the "Rain Continent" over Food King "Air"!!!! A center color page for Jump Comics Volume 31 which is soon to go on sale!!!
Side: 'The Four Heavenly Kings' and the 'Eight Kings' clash in a huge battle!! What will be the outcome of Toriko VS Heracles------?!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Bottom: Be sure to check the 'Toriko Fan!' on the next page!!!

Page 2:
[K, so let's keep right on going.]

Page 3:
Narration: That was scenery...
that it had seen many times since antiquity-------
Side: The Horse King's memories----
Title: Gourmet 289 Continuation - How to Cook... Read More " "
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Innocent 51 (0 comments)
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Ok, there's that. Next chatper, Charles maybe screws that chick.

[Innocent 51 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 169:
Title: n°51 Prayer of Life
Jeanne: Anyhow, it's been quite a while, hasn't it...?
It's been 4... maybe 5 years since Damiens' Écartèlement, hasn't it?
Rumors about you, the executioner disguising themselves as a man, have been echoing all over Paris.
Marie: Scissors?
Ah... from back then!!
Jeanne: Yes.
Does Lord Charles still have them...?

Page 170-171:
Jeanne: ..................In that case, maybe I'll make a little intrusion.

Page 172:
[This house is always creepy.]

Page 173:
Charles: Father----....
Narration: "The souls criminals whose lives fall from the... Read More " "
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Innocent 50 (0 comments)
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Ok, let's see how far we can make it. There's 3 more in this volume.

[Innocent 50 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 151:
Title: n°50 Magnificent "Judith"
Guys: Little girl... we have made a line of spears at both ends of the bridge. Your path is completely cut off...
an impure being such as you
will be skewered by these long spears without us ever touching you!!!
Marie: You old man sure do love to hear yourselves talk...

Page 152-153:
Marie: Stop putting on airs, let's just get this started already!!!
Title: n¡ë50 Magnificent "Judith"

Page 154:
Fools! Get back in line immediately!!!

Page 155:
[Silly people.]

Page 156:
Guy:... Read More " "
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Innocent 49 (0 comments)
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I wanted to finish this volume today but I don't think I'm gonna have time.

[Innocent 49 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 133:
Title: n°49 Tsukiyomi Fortress

Page 134-135:
Title: n°49 Tsukiyomi Fortress
Narration: Even this tree that's long ago had dogs hanged from it for skinning practice
now innocently grows fruits in abundance as if nothing had happened.
T/N: Tsukiyomi is a shinto deity, the moon god.

Page 136:
Someone: Charles, it's time for practice.

Page 137:
Charles: Grandmother is
no longer at this mansion...
Guy: Well, Lord Charles-Henri,
I will be taking care of Madame Marthe.
Charles: Please take care, Grandmother...
Guy: Come now, we are off to your new home at... Read More " "
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Innocent 48 (0 comments)
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Ok, time for more.

[Innocent 48 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 115:
Title: n°48 "Marie's" Thorny Path
Theresa: That was a wonderful performance, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Ask me anything you want.
I am the queen of this country. There is nothing outside my control.
I even chose a loving husband by my own will.
Wolf: Thank you so much, your majesty.
I've already decided what I want!!

Page 116-117:
Mozart: Imperial princess Maria Antonia,
I wish for your hand in marriage.

Page 118-119:
Baptiste: Lord Marshal General Griffin has been given an honorable death.
And in response to his bravery,
the Third Generation Monsieur De Paris, Jean-Baptist has extolled his chivalrous... Read More " "
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 35 (0 comments)
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And now... the bug fight to end all bug fights.

[Jojolion 35 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: To the fighting arena...
Title: Chapter 35 First Bout

Page 2:
Narration: Is a bad person bad from the moment they're born?
Insert: What is happening to Jousuke in his search for clues...?!
Jousuke: If one were to become a 'bad person',
would it be because of 'desire' or 'jealousy'.........?
Would it be because of 'laziness' or 'resentment'?
Or would it be because of 'innocence'?
Tsurugi: My dad isn't a bad person!!
Jou: I still don't know!
Higashikata Joubin undoubtedly knows about 'that fruit's' tree!
No matter what it takes, I'm going to dig up the truth!!

Page 3:
Jousuke: I'm... Read More " "
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Innocent 47 (0 comments)
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Ok, that ends that arc. Next is some fun with princes and princesses!

[Innocent 47 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 97:
Title: n°47 Lifetime Flash Sword

Page 98-99:
Title: n°47 Lifetime Flash Sword

Page 100:
Charles: F... Father?!!
Wife: D...
Dear, you're lucid...!!!
Baptist: Charles......
Lend me a shoulder.
Charles: Y...
Yes, Father...!!!
Guys: H... Hey!
Look over there!!!

Page 101:
Guys: It's the Monsieur de Paris...!!!
The third generation Monsieur de Paris,
Jean-Baptiste is here!!!

Page 102:
Baptiste: What a terrible spectacle...

Page 103:
Baptiste: ...Step back, Marie-Joseph.
Marie: !!
Baptiste: Mon ami...
I've come to fulfill my promise of many years ago.
Please stand.
Griffin:... Read More " "
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