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Translations: Gintama 516 (2) , Bleach 602 by BadKarma

Konjiki no Gash!! 320

Graduation Ceremony

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 19, 2009 01:18 | Go to Konjiki no Gash!!

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[Konjiki no Gash!! Chapter 320 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 117:
LEVEL.320 Graduation Ceremony
Gash: Unu, Kiyomaro, are you ready yet?
Let's hurry and go to school!!
Kiyomaro: Gash, you're a bit later.
You're going with my mom to the gymnasium at 10 o'clock! You can't come until then!!
Gash: NUuU~~ Isn't it okay!? Today's your last day of middle school, isn't it!?
I'll be quiet so... oh!!
Kiyomaro: No way.
Today I absolutely won't allow it.
Box: That's right.
Today is March 5th.

Page 118:
It's my...
graduation from Mochinoki 2nd Middle School.
Graduation Ceremony

Page 119:
Kiyomaro: Huh...
The cherry blossoms... are already blooming.
I'm happy that the cherry blossoms are blooming on my graduation ceremony, but...
When I think of global warming, it gets difficult to be happy...
Suzume: Takamine-ku~~n.
Kiyomaro: Oh, Mizuno...
Suzume: Good morning~~!
Kiyomaro: Yeah.
Mizuno, the cherry blossoms are blooming.
Suzume: Yeah.
Today I've been lonely, but I'm a bit happy.
You and I weren't accepted into the same high school, so today's our last day of being in school together~~
Kiyomaro: Yeah, but the high school you got into is in a pretty nice one, you did well.

Page 120:
Kiyomaro: Well, I can commute to my high school, too, so
If there's something you're studying that you don't understand again, you can come and ask.
Yamanaka: Fuffuffu~~ We might not be able to meat again~~
Kiyomaro: Yamanaka,
Iwashima: Yeah, changing schools is a pretty pretty good way to never see someone again.
Kiyomaro: Iwashima.
Is that so...?
All of us are getting split up, going to different schools...
Yamanaka: Yeah, thanks for everything up until now, Takamine.
Iwashima: Yeah,
it was fun.
Nakata, I guess: Okay, everyone, take your seats.
SFX: Garara
Nakata: First is distributing these nametags with a flower attached.
Please put it on your chest, properly.

Page 121:
Box: After Clear was defeated...
We made an agreement with Brago and Sherry.
Sherry: We did it, Gash, Kiyomaro.
Clear will no longer be able to destroy the demons.
the battle of 100 demon children to decide the Demon World King...
Kiyomaro: Yeah, Gash and Brago are left.
It's just us.

Page 122:
Sherry: Today, I'm going back home.
On a later day, let's set a date and time to meet again and fight.
Kiyomaro: Yeah...
Ah... right.
If possible, I'd like you to wait at least three months...
Is that okay?
Sherry: Ah, that's quite a while from now.
Kiyomaro: Now, well, uh...
Whoever wins this next fight, I'll definitely be saying goodbye to Gash, and...
in March is my middle school graduation.
How should I say... It's thanks to Gash that I'm able to graduate middle school,
so I want him to see my graduation ceremony.

Page 123:
Sherry: Got it.
So, when graduation ceremony's date is fixed, please contact us.
Oh yeah..
Could I ask you one thing?
Kiyomaro: ?
Gash's book that turned golden,
can we even fight against it?
Kiyomaro: No... how about this?
Part of the reason this book turned golden was because Clear was a really bad person...
If it's a final fair and square fight,
everyone in the Demon World won't put their hand in when it's not needed, will they?

Page 124:
Kiyomaro: Well, I don't know if Brago became king, he's thinking about using the King's privilege to make demons disappear, but...
Brago: Fn...
It's boring to do things like use the king's privilege to make demons disappear.
Whatever villains are there,
I'll deal with them with my own power.
Kiyomaro: Then there's no need to worry.
For the end... let's have a good fight.
Sherry: Yes, let's give each other our all.
SFX: Bara bara bara bara bara

Page 125:
Kiyomaro: It's a digression, but...
Clear's former partner, Vino is being taken care of by Professor Riddle.
There are few clues, but he says he'll somehow find Vino's parents.
Megumi-san returned to her life as an idol.
Sometimes she comes to meet us with a lonely looking face.
Like I thought, it's hard for her to not have Tio around.
Sunbeam-san went back to his work in Africa.
It seems his plans on making a car factory are progressing.
He looks happy, living with the animals.
In a picture he gave me, Sister Elle looks a bit worried.

Page 126:
Box: And Dufoux headed out traveling again.
Though he didn't say where he was going...
the impression of his smiling face when we said goodbye remains.
I think Dufoux will be able to enjoy his life from now on.
TM Lee or whoever the hell this is: Graduates, enter.

Page 127:
SFX: Za zah zah
Gash: Oo!!
Mother-dono, it's Kiyomaro! Kiyomaro's coming in!!
Kiyomaro: Give me a break!!
Be quiet...

Page 128:

Page 129:
Magic speakers: Now the Mochinoki 2nd Middle School
graduation ceremony will begin.

Page 130:
Box: Three days after the graduation ceremony.
Among the mountains of France.
SFX: Hyoooooooo

Page 131:
Sherry: Now then...
let's begin.
SFX: Su...
Kiyomaro: Yeah.
SFX: Bah
Kiyomaro: Let's go...
Gash: Unu.

Page 132:
Kiyomaro: Zakeru!!!

Page 133:
Sherry: Reisu!!!

Page 134:
SFX: Bagyaaaaa
SFX: Dan

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