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Translations: Gintama 490 by Bomber D Rufi

Hito Hitori Futari 18

Message from the Izumi Family

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 10, 2012 05:58 | Go to Hito Hitori Futari

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Aaand volume 2 is done. Whew, this manga's really something.
Volume 3 comes out in a few days, so I'll start work on it once I get it. YJ volumes come out on the 19th.

[Hito Hitori Futari 18 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 183:
Title: Message from the Izumi Family
Jyun: Muhuhuhu.
Such an honor...

Page 184:
Jyun: Being invited by the acting Prime Minister, and in person.
But you know, Kasuga,
there's one great axiom I've come to believe from the life I've lived in the world of politics.
That at the root of their choices, a poor human never changes.

Page 185:
Jyun: Basically,
you may have gained confidence from those interesting psychic powers you got ahold of,
but Kasuga, a man's true nature doesn't change, does it?
At your foundation,
you're just yesman that wants balance...

Page 186:
Riyon: This old man can't buy into the abilities of the man he's talking to that easily.
Because the moment he does, leadership will be taken from him.
But he's right.
Humans' preconceptions and thinking patterns don't change that easily.

Pager 187:
Riyon: He's sayin' old man Kasuga "May have gained some power, but the fact that he's a small fry won't change."
So this is how an incredible politician survives...

Page 188:
Riyon: Don't let him beat you, Old Man.
Go for it.
Kasuga: Izumi-san,
you've become quite cowardly, haven't you?
In your Prime Minister days, I'm sure you had a much more vigorous sense of curiosity.

Page 189:
Kasuga: It's true that the former Kasuga Kouichirou used to be a yesman that just went for balance.
But humans can change. ["can" in italics]
If we shift our viewpoint, we can come to see things that we could not before.
Riyon: Yeah!
C'mon, keep it up!
Kasuga: It's like when you first think about buying a car, suddenly commercials and prices start to mean something.
When a sort of channel opened for me,

Page 190:
Kasuga: It became able to talk with a god.
Riyon: Hey, hey!
Old Man, that ain't true!
Kasuga: Would you like to try sensing a God, too, Izumi-san?

Page 191:
Jyun: Hoh.
Sounds interesting.
Let's give it a shot...
Kasuga: Riyon... please do something for me.
Riyon: Huh.
[She's ADORABLE in that shot.]

Page 192:
Kasuga: Please. We need this guy for the Core Government.
Riyon: That's really rash.
But, if he met his Guardian Spirit in his dreams...
he might have good instincts.
Oh well.

Page 193:
Riyon: Tell him to close his eyes and concentrate on his stomach.
Kasuga: Close your eyes and focus your consciousness on your navel.
And slowly
breathe in
and breathe out...

Page 194:

Page 195:

Page 196-197:
[This shit's crazy!]

Page 198:
Jyun: Dad...
And Mom...
Why are you crying?

Page 199:

Page 200:
Jyun: My mom and dad...
The Izumi family was crying.
Riyon: Crying...?
Kasuga: So you met your ancestors?

Page 201:
Jyun: Kasuga...
What was that?
Kasuga: I can't explain it myself.
If you would move forward with me, we may be able to figure it out.
Hajime: This country has two Prime Ministers...
If this gets out, will the public allow it...?

Page 202:
Riyon: Why were Izumi's ancestors crying?
What message were they trying to send...?
Bottom: Hito Hitori Futari (2) (End)

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#1. by Doraku (Smiling Moe Hunter)
Posted on Aug 12, 2012
eh, I was hoping this series could be updated at least bi-weekly. At least the third volume come out in a few days, but after that it's gonna be a long wait.
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