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Hito Hitori Futari 25

Remaining Life

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 10, 2012 01:59 | Go to Hito Hitori Futari

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Motivation to act...

[Hito Hitori Futari 25 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 112:
Title: Life25 Remaining Life

Page 113:
Kasuga: What...
did you say just now?
I don't have life left to give to other people......?
What do you mean by that?

Page 114:
Riyon: The time you have left, old man...
it isn't
that much.

Page 115:
Riyon: I'm real
Kasuga: How long...
have you know this?
Riyon: We... learn the person's life span
when we become guardians.
Kasuga: You idiot!

Page 116:
Kasuga: Why didn't you tell me something as important as that sooner!
Riyon: You moron.
Even if you're able to talk to me and shit, I couldn't tell you that.
Do you think there's any humans that can live their life decently while knowing how much time they have left?!

Page 117:

Page 118:
Kasuga: So,
about how much time have I got left...?

Page 119:
Kasuga: tell me.
I'm the Prime Minister of this country.
I have a right to know important information.
And this body...
doesn't only belong to me.
Forgive me for trying to sound cool, but it also belongs to the citizens of the country.

Page 120:
Riyon: Old man,
do you really think you can maintain your sanity?
Kasuga: Since I met you, Riyon, very little surprises me.

Page 121:
Riyon: This is
your life span.

Page 122:
Kasuga: Ugh...

Page 123:
Kasuga: My remaining life span
is just 488 days...?
could you leave me alone for a little while?
Riyon: Sure.
No prob.

Page 124:
Riyon: The old man was just sitting there, staring at the ceiling.
I guess I can't blame him.
That's normal.
Dying is scary.

Page 125:
Riyon: Even I
was friggin' scared of disappearing from this earthly realm.
I'm really a failure as a Guardian Spirit.
I can't protect the old man from fear.

Page 126:
Fukuda: Prime Minister... it's Fukuda.
Kasuga: Come in.
Fukuda: It's your documents for the afternoon.
Kasuga: Thank you.
Fukuda: Also, I checked up on... that matter in Fukushima.

Page 127:
Fukuda: I'm returning to the Chamber in another 5 minutes.
You'll be okay here?
Kasuga: Yes.
Fukuda: Excuse me.
Kasuga: So Hajime
was trying to adopt these children?

Page 128:
Kasuga: They're so darn cute.
The futures of children
are far more important than my life.

Page 129:
Kasuga: I haven't been told I'm dying tomorrow.
If I think about it another way, I know I'm sure to live that long.
This life that was saved by Riyon that day...
still has 488 days left in it...

Page 130:
Kasuga: Come here, Riyon!
We have work to do!
Riyon: Okay.

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