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Entrusted Thoughts

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 10, 2013 03:11 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 18

Only for use by Vendetta Scans.

Okay, just one more left in volume 2 finally.

[Kingdom 18 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 173:
Title: Chapter 18 Entrusted Thoughts
Guy: We will bring the king alone.
You others must descend the mountain now.
Guy: If you do not, we will kill you all!

Page 174:
Title: Chapter 18 Entrusted Thoughts

Page 175:
Chang: That's ridiculous!!
We can't just descend the mountain and leave the king on his own!!
Bi: Your majesty, let's temporarily retreat down the mountain and think of some other move.
Guy: We won't allow it. Our king said he would meet the King of Qin.
The King of Qin will come with us.
Bi: Wha...
What did you say...?

Page 176:
Guy: Hurry.
We have a bloodthirsty group assembled here today.
Diao: H-Hey!
This is a kind of really crazy situation, ain't it?!

Page 177:
[The mountain people aren't speaking any language, obviously, so leave their text.]
Xin: Zh-Zheng!!

Page 178:

Page 179:
Xin: We've heard what you have to say.
Now here's what we've got to say!
If you guys don't wanna be slaughtered,
hurry up and bring us to your king!

Page 180:
Xin: Draw your swords!!!
Zheng: Wait!!
Bajiou: !!

Page 181:
Bi: ............Your majesty?!
Both parties, put away your weapons.
As per the Mountain People's demands, I will go to meet the Mountain King alone.

Page 182:
Bi: Please reconsider, your highness.
Changwenjun: We'll find some means of escape, so please, we must descend the mountain for now.
Zheng: We cannot run from the Mountain People.
And we have no way of returning to the royal palace besides borrowing their strength.
All of you, go down the mountain and wait for my return at the rendezvous point!!
This is an order from your king!
Chang: ..................My king...

Page 183:
Bajiou: Hurry, King of Qin.
Zheng: I'm coming.
Xin: You want me to go down the mountain, too?
Aren't I your sword?
Zheng: I don't need a sword for a discussion.
Xin: Do what you want.

Page 184:
Bi: The king must have gone alone out of consideration for us.
Diao: But they even invited Zheng, for now. He should be okay, right...?
Bi: That's not what you call inviting him.
It's taking him captive.

Page 185:
Xin: He's...
gonna get killed.
Diao: Hey! Don't just say that like it's nothing!
Xin: He's definitely gonna get killed.
Xin: Geez, who the hell said
"Let's make friends with the
Mountain People"...?

Page 186:
Chang: NUN!!
Xin: OWAH!
Guys: !?
Xin: Wha...
What the hell are you doing, bastard?!
Chang: NUNUNUNU...
Xin: O...
Y... You...

Page 187:
Xin: Have you gone crazy, old man?!!
Chang: NUH
Xin: Hey!!
Chang: GUH
Xin: HAHHAHHA! I knew your leg was hurting, old man!
Bi: Lord! What on earth got into you?!

Page 188:
Chang: Go, Xin.
Xin: !?
Changwenjun: I hate to admit it... but you're more useful than I am right now.
Follow the king,
Bi: Lord is... bowing his head to someone other than the king...
And what's more, it's to a nameless servant boy......

Page 189:
Xin: No point bowing your head, old man.
In the first place, I was waiting for Zheng to get a head start before I went after him.
If he dies, I won't get a house or anything.
Chang: ....................I see.
Then hurry up and go... you idiot.
Xin: Shut up! I'm going!
Wait for me in Duke Mu's summer retreat while you tend to that old body of yours.
See ya!
Diao: Ah, I'm going, too!
Someone: Xin!
Handwritten: What? Don't you ever give it a rest?

Page 190:
Changwenjun: I'm sorry about Piao.
It wasn't supposed to go this way...
Forgive me.
I'm entrusting the king to you!
Xin: Right.

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