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Hito Hitori Futari 53


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 17, 2013 03:01 | Go to Hito Hitori Futari

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Okay, here's this one.

[Hito Hitori Futari 53 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 21:
Title: Life53 BLACK FILE
Jyun: ......
It's dark...
Where am I...?
Woman: Someone!!
Is anyone around?!

Page 22:
Title: Life53 BLACK FILE
Tsukada: Sensei.
It's me, Tsukada.

Page 23:
Jyun: Where...
Where am I?
Everything's black.
I can't see.

Page 24:
Shun: Tsukada... get everyone out of the room...

Page 25:
Tsukada: They're gone.
Jyun: My cell phone...
Phone: Izumi

Page 26:
Mamine: This is Mamine.
Good morning.
Guy: HUA
Mamine: The Prime Minister is here, as well.
Just a moment.
Kasuga: It's me.
Jyun: Ah, Kasuga?
I guess I've really worried you.
Kasuga: So, how are you?

Page 27:
Jyun: Well, I guess there's no point in hiding it fro myou.
They got my eyes.
I can't see a thing.
Kasuga: His eyes?
Jyun: I heard the doctors can't find the cause, either...
This is probably Kubo.
And if that's the case, it looks like I got beat by my own son.

Page 28:
Jyun: Kasuga,
nuclear power is pretty complicated, but this Kubo is pretty dangerous, too.
If we don't do anything about him, he might target the core government, too.
I'll send a man named Katsuga who's worked for me for a long time with the data I got on Kubo.
You won't believe what I found.
If he's gotten to me and Hajime-kun, we have to think about a way to crush him.

Page 29:
Jyun: Okay, I'll call you again tonight.
Kasgua: Jyun-san.
Sorry for the trouble I've caused.
Jyun: Don't worry about it.
It's for the country...

Page 30:
Jyun: When Kasuga showed me the next world, my ancestors were crying.
Jyun: Is this what that meant?

Page 31:
Mamine: Prime Minister, please tell us what is going on.
We have an obligation to know.

Page 32:
[Only sorta hot.]

Page 33:
Riyon: Some black balls got into me at Fukushima...
And they're resonating with Kubo's evil and going wild.
This evil that's gotten into my body...
It's just like the cancer cells from when I was alive.

Page 34:
Riyon: I lost that time,
but this time I won't.
I ain't gonna cause anybody anymore sadness.

Page 35:
Riyon: I'm the Guardian Spirit of the Cabinet Prime Minister.
I can drive out this shit.

Page 36:
Guy: Prime Minister.
Kasuga: Are you Tsukada-kun?
Tsukada: Yes, sir.
Kasuga: Mm.

Page 37:
Kasuga: The record of a monster, huh?
Tsukada: That's right.

Page 38:
Kubo: Prime Minister... This sure is fun, huh...?
You're my reason for living...

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