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Innocent 15

The "M"s of Two Houses

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 6, 2013 05:09 | Go to Innocent

-> RTS Page for Innocent 15

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Aw man, why does everybody have to have the same name?

[Innocent 15 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 115:
Title: n°15 The "M"s of Two Houses

Page 116:
Title: n°15 The "M"s of Two Houses
[Look how much better he's gotten.]

Page 117:
Charles: I finally no longer hear the sound of Madame Tyche's screams, the woman my grandfather made suffer-------...
My sword no longer wavers
and sound no longer sings from the holes in the pointe-----
As Father is still alive, I am still considered a representative, but------...

Page 118:
Charles: I am now Monsieur De Paris!
I am no longer given orders by anyone------!!!
Box: 1755
November 2nd

Page 119:
Charles: Birds...
Are they being attacked by a fox or something...?
It sounds like it's coming from the back yard...

Page 120:
[Snowy maze...]

Page 121:
[More frills!]

Page 122:
Someone: Her majesty, the queen, has given birth!
A princess has been born!!
Narration: Austria
Schönbrunn Palace
Someone: So it was a girl, was it?

Page 123:
Someone: I do believe that the crown prince of France, Louis-Ferdinand,
has brother princes of ages 4 and 1, in addition to the second brother that died last year...
If this child and the prince were to be wed,
we could affirm alliance we entered into with France this year...
Maria Theresa
Archduchess of Austria
Leader of the Habsburg Monarchy
Maria: Please, let me see my daughter's face.
Guy: Yes, your majesty.

Page 124:

Page 125:
[She's evil that girl. Evil I tells ya.]

Page 126:
Charles: M...
What are all these specimens...?
Could it be that Marie...?!!!
Maria: Ah, she has such a lovely face.
That's sure to make some prince very happy to have her as a bride.

Page 127:
[She's a witch I tells ya. She'll tern ye into a newt!]

Page 128:
Charles: Her process is so precise.
She's starting a dissection from parts of organs that decay quickly.
Where would Marie, a girl, learn techniques like these...?!!
Marie: So pretty.
So this is a robin?

Page 129:
Marie: I want to see the real Marie, too...
Maria: My daughter,
May you grow up wrapped in lovely ribbon and frills,
have a good marriage, and being peace and stability to my Habsburg Family.
Box: 11th Daughter of the Archduchess of Austria Maria Theresa
Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna
Later queen to France's Louie the 16th
Marie Antoinette

Page 130:
Marie: I hate ribbons and frills!!!
Box: Second Daughter of the Sanson Family
Marie-Joseph Sanson
[She apparently doesn't like those title boxes either. She keeps scribbling in them.]

Page 131:
Marie: Marie likes to do stuff like tear off rawhide,
crush bones
and hang people!

Page 132:
[The guy likes his sister. Or something.]

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