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Innocent 31

Noble Memento Mori

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 6, 2014 02:29 | Go to Innocent

-> RTS Page for Innocent 31

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Ok, volume 3 complete! That took way longer than I wanted but I think I finished in... like a week, so it's not too bad. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Volume 4 comes out in late March.

[Innocent 31 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 187:
Title: n°31 Noble Memento Mori
Nicolas: Shit...
I'm started to feel nauseated...!!!
But unless I can finish this
the detectives will blame me for the delay in the preparations. They've already announced an imprisonment of 4 days...

Page 188:
Nicolas: Sanson blood flows through my veins as well.
It's no trouble for me to do something like rip off raw flesh-----...!!!
Title: n°31 Noble Memento Mori

Page 189:
[Look at all that wet blood liquid.]

Page 190-191:
[Then was the time li'l Nicolas junior got lost in the scary forest of darkness.]

Page 192:
[The trees made mean faces at him.]

Page 193:
Nicolas: !!?
Andre, hurry, come find me!
Don't leave me all alone!!!

Page 194:
Andre: Lord Nicolas,
I'll take over for the rest.
This sort of uncivilized job is originally Subyss's domain.
It's not becoming of you, Lord Nicolas.
Allow me, Andre, to take care of it.
Nicolas: Th... That's right.

Page 195:
Narration: When sulfur is boiled, the gaseous sulfuric acid it emits stimulates the air ducts
and can cause coughing, vomiting
as well as trouble breathing---...
Andre: Scorching this right hand...
Shouldn't be such a difficult task...!!!

Page 196:
Damiens: Hey... What's wrong? Hurry up 'n do it.
Yer gonna pour that sulfur on my right hand, right....?
C'mon, hang in there, lad.
Andre: ...Uh

Page 197:
Charles: That's enough, Andre.
I will take over.
Andre: N-No, I have taken on this execution as Lord Nicolas's representative.
Therefore I, Andre, will see it through to its completion...!!!
Charles: But as a mere assistant, you...
Andre: Please stand back!!!
The next Monsieur de Paris will be Nicolas-Gabriele Sanson!!!

Page 198:
Narration: When the sulfur is heated and melts
it transforms from yellow to a red that resembles fresh blood----------

Page 199:
Narration: When sulfur is heated to over 200 degrees Celsius, the amino acids and proteins burn
and this envelops the area in a repulsive stench like the smell of burnt nails or hair.

Page 200:
[They're bestest friends.]

Page 201:
Damiens: M... My right hand that hugged Flora...
And hugged Jack...
Thank ya fer all you've done fer me...
Andre: Uu

Page 202:
Charles: Andre Legris, I'll pay you 100 livres for your brave actions.
Andre: !!?
Charles: This is my job.
I will prove that you have not hurt this man out of selfish desires.
Now, please step down from the execution platform
before your spirit is crushed...
Nicolas: Kuh...

Page 203:
Someone: If I try to kill a person, the same pain attacks my body.

Page 204:
Charles: Only the ones that are prepared for that can stand on the stage and maintain their sanity...
Guys: Pull the horses!!!
The execution of 父art蓐ement will now commence!!!

Page 205:
A suivre dans le volume 4 (To be continued in Volume 4)

Page 206-207:
[This time, he's even gonna play a violin!]

Page 208:
Sakamoto Shinichi
Source Material:
Adachi Masakatsu
"Executioner Sanson"
(Shuueisha Shinsho)

*This work is Sakamoto Shinichi's interpretation of the historical events written within Adachi Masakatsu's "Executioner Sanson".

Page 209:
[Look at all that staff.]

Page 210:
Top: This is a compilation of a popular manga that ran in "Weekly Young Jump" 2012 Issues 31-38 and 40-43.
[K, all done. There ya go. SEE YA IN MARCH!]

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