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Translations: Naruto 692 by aegon-rokudo , Bleach 595 by BadKarma

Innocent 53

Private Ceremony

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 21, 2014 00:59 | Go to Innocent

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Ok, I finished! All done! That's volume 5! Next volume comes out in a month, so maybe I'll get a raw a bit closer to the release date and get it done earlier. Here's hoping the scanlations don't fall behind. I'm off to translate tons of other stuff!

[Innocent 53 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 205:
Title: n°53 Private Ceremony
Jeanne: When I was 15
I was expelled from the convent.

Page 206:
Woman: My cute little Marie-Jeanne, are you working hard at your convent studies?
Jeanne: Yes, Madam Fr蜆蜥ique.
Woman: You may be just a servant girl, but you're truly clever and charming
so we support you like you were our own daughter.
Isn't that right, Bilal?
Bilal: Y... Yes.

Page 207:
Jeanne: As I got older, Madam's lover Billiard-Dumonceaux began to follow me around constantly.
And the Madam cut off all assistance to me out of jealousy.

Page 208:
Jeanne: As a girl of just 15 that was raised in a convent, I knew nothing of the ways of the world and there weren't any jobs I could do. My first job was to be an assistant to a young hairdresser named Lametz,
Guy: Come now, Marie-Jeanne, there is nothing to be embarassed about.
Go ahead, touch my penis.
Jeanne: but while I learned the basics of medical care, I was raped.
Asterisk: *In this time period, hair dressers also worked as private doctors.
Jeanne: His wife became aware of our connection
Woman: You homewrecker, get out of here at once!!!
Jeanne: and it did not last long.
After that, I became an attendant to an elderly woman named Madame de la Garde.
But her two sons got into a fight over me,
and I was eventually dismissed from there as well-------

Page 209:
Jeanne: I knew,
Lord Charles------...
This was a "cadeau" (gift)-------

Page 210-211:
Jeanne: God had given me talent for pleasing men-----------------!!!
Title: n°53 Private Ceremony

Page 212:
Jeanne: Aah! What a sensation! The great Lord Charles has become one with me...!!!
Now, forget everything.
I will bring you beyond the peak!!!
Charles: ......!!!
Amazing... Amazing, Lord Charles!
You're getting bigger and bigger inside of me...!!!

Page 213:
[What an interesting face.]

Page 214-215:

Page 216-17:
Charles: What pleasure-------------!!!
Everything I can see is glistening...!!!

Page 218:
[What a strange fuck that was.]

Page 219:
Jeanne: Ah, you were as spectacular as I imagines, Lord Charles.
Now I have no regrets...
I am a humble grisette assistant in a haberdashery shop,
but soon I will be a mistress to a viscount that manages a brothel
and I'll be 'entertaining' nobles.

Page 220:
Jeanne: Thanks to you, the Monsieur de Paris, this poor but free grisette Marie-Jeanne can die.
From now on I will live as "Mademoiselle Lange".
Merci beaucoup...
And adieu... Lord Charles...
Charles: Mademoiselle...

Page 221:
Charles: Don't leave, Mademoiselle.
I can't think anymore.
The night is long...

Page 222:
Charles: Ma petite ch蜥ie...
I've become addicted to this pleasure------
I wish to sleep with you again-----!!!

Page 223:
Text: A suivre dans le volume 6
(To be continued in volume 6)

Page 224-226:
[Ok, I'm done. Volume 6 comes out September 19th I'll see you around then I guess.]

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