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Translations: Bleach 600 by BadKarma

Jormungand 4

PULSAR phase.2

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Aug 23, 2009 03:03 | Go to Jormungand

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All of my translations are RESERVED

Jormungand, Volume 1, Chapter 4 (pp. 127~156)

=Ahh—Gosh—//I go waltzing into a warzone that's like one humongous booby trap waiting to happen,
=Then I get talked into buying a losing ticket from a business rival who's clearly a total slimebag!//Who knew human beings could be so slimy!!

Chapter 4 | PULSAR phase.2

=I'm so angry I can't sleep!


=...I've got to escape! But how?

=Two of my best men shall accompany you!//You'll have no problems crossing the dangerous ridge as long as they're with you.
=A "leash," huh...
=Cellular phones should begin working again once you cross the ridge.

=That rare Iridium cellphone,
=Doesn't work, does it? This is one of the few locations throughout Europe that is out of communication range.

=Oh, so you knew I had one, huh—
=You're right, no signal.

=Please be careful—!!
*cars starting*

=And please don't run away after pretending to agree to the deal.

=...Hmph! All this for an arms dealer. Who the hell do you think you are!
=O-Only 10 minutes since we left, and he's already calling names!?

=You're adding oil to fire. And people's lives are burning.//You're the smartass with the fancy college degree and you can't even see that?

=Hmm... I'm just your everyday merchant.//And speaking of college,
=I've never attended any kind of school in my life.

=However, the time I've spent with my "merchandise,"
=Is far longer than the time you've wielded a gun to become a trusted soldier.

=Seeing my merchandise fall into the hands of a phony soldier like you,//Is like watching veal grow. It's absolutely pathetic.
=I'm not in a good mood. So just keep your mouth shut unless I ask you for directions.

=Say that again, you little—!



=What a fog!

=Jonah Jonah,
=We should be getting a signal soon. Can you try calling Tojo for me?

=This is Olin ridge.

=It's ringing.

=Really? Great!!



=Mi-24V Hind E!!
=It's a Hind from the Russian Army!!

=Everyone take cover!!
=Get away from the cars!!
*explosions & propeller noises*

=They're attacking.
=Is the mountain infantry nearby?

=Hah, they're missing.

=Who are you two!?
=The arms dealer who met with Major Pollock!

=Are the Stingers being fired by a different unit?
=I cannot answer questions from civilians!!

=Those men are done for.
=Send your men away from the Hind!
=That aircraft specializes in killing!!

=Look at the sensor pods!//Those are thermal sensors!!
=The standard LLLTV "Ladoga F" has been modded with a third-party unit from Eastern Europe.
=We're sitting ducks if the pilot comes after us!

*propeller noises*


=That was close, wasn't it!

Did I just see her laughing this whole time...?
...She's fucking insane!

=Just get the hell outta here, lucky girl.
=Oh, heh-heh. Why yes, of course.

=Why don't you just sell it to them?
=The weapons.


=According to my intuition,
=This battle will be over in 2 days.

=It's not about either side winning or losing.//Russia is unable to concentrate on so many different warfronts, and the Major is ambitious, but has no money.//My guess is that this battle will turn chronic.
=Which means control over the moneymaking pipeline will remain ambiguous.

=Some dealers latch on to these chaotic situations and endlessly pump weapons into the battlefield...
=Actually, that's the standard approach.

=But from a business standpoint,//This battlefield,
=Has lost its appeal.

=So you're telling us to rely on your intuition, Koko?

=That's right.
=You're all going along,
=With the intuition of a weapons dealer.
=...Any objections?





=What do you think you're doing, Myld—!!?

=But I just got sooo pissed.
=Don't know whether they're supposed to be elite soldiers or what, but they just kept yapping on and on and on...

=The Major's decision to put us on a "leash,"
=May have been the "permit" we needed to cross the ridge!!

=The whole plan is ruined!!
=Unbelievable!! You bloodthirsty maniacs!!

=Show me the map.

=Quick recovery!! As expected, boss.

=What are you conversing about!?

=Just confirming the drop-off spot with headquarters.

=Koko! Who are those two?
="Quietly! But keep 'em alive!"


=Tie 'em up!!
=Oh, and cover that guy's lid to.
=He's noisy.

=Gosh—Valmet, I was so worried about you!

=O-Of course, I was too, Koko.
=Oooh—This is such a wonderful feeling!

=Oops... Nosebleed...
=We're all here!! Let's move!!




=Hey hey!//What the hell, Lou!?

=It's the guys from CCAT company.
=It's okay to come in!
=No, it's actually not okay...



=My my, if it isn't Mr. President!//What a coincidence—
=I thought you'd be back in England by now.//Heh-heh!

=Been a while.

=I'm real curious about you, ya know.//Always thinking about you.
=I'm curious about your lifestyle, Valmet.

=I just wanna take all that strength you've built up,
=And crush it to pieces.

=At all.

=Shut up! It's your fault things has turned out this way. Control yourself!
=I caaan't!

=Did you kill the Major's "leash?"
=No.//We left them tied up.
=That idiot woman killed ours!!

=The enemy may eventually come after us!//How about we send those two outside to scout the enemy!?
=Of course they're gonna.

=Really sorry Valmet,//Please!

=No problem!!

=I can't turn down a request from her.
=I'll indulge you.

=Koko's changed, huh.
=She was totally crazy a while back.
=She's way cooler now.

=Koko has always been wonderful!

=Major, we've found them.

=One woman, one kid, and 6 men.
=Another man and woman joined them here.

=That makes 10.
=Go and untie those fools over there.

=How many are Team Alpha pursuing?
=3, sir.
=Two were found dead over by the eastern ridge.

=Here we go!!

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