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Translations: Bleach 600 (2)

One Piece 574

"Portgas D. Ace Dies"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 16, 2010 08:47 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 574 - "Portgas D. Ace Dies"

1: Ace was hiiiiiiiiit!!!

1: Stop Akainuuuuuuuuuu!!!
2: Fiiiiiiire!!!!
3: dogooon!!

1-2: tap
3: It's no good, we can't stop him at all!!
4: Seems like you've still got a few breaths left in ya...
5: Stoooooop!!!
6: Any more and...!!!

1: juwa!!!
2: Jinbei!!!
3: Wheeeeeeww!! I'm saved, hmmm?! At that rate, I would have
4: Shut up and get these cuffs off me!!
5: Uuu...
6(2b): Quit this stupid attempt of yours to save time, Jinbei. As an ex-Shichibukai, you should more than understand my power...
7: If the destruction of this body...
8(2b): ends up being a way to save time, then that is fine with me!!! I intended to stake my life on this since the beginning!!!

1: Vice-Admiral Garp!!! What are you?!?!
2: What are you trying to do, Garp?!?!
3(2b): Haa...!! That's it...keep me down, Sengoku!!! If you don't...then I...
4: I'll end up killing...Sakazuki!!!
5: ....!!! You idiot...!!!
6: It appears that it's time to deal out judgment to the "traitor," then!!!
7: Get down, Jinbei!!!

1: Captain Vista!! Captain Marco!!
2: Kuh...!! Ahhh, what a bother...!! Haki users...?
3: Limitless lament hath I for a split-moment's blunder oversight!!
4: Don't you fools realize it's already too late for "Fire Fist?!"
5: How could this have happened...?!

1: dosa...
2: Ace...!!
3: ...!! Sorry...
4: ...Luffy.
5: Ace!!! ...we'll hurry and heal you..
6: I couldn't let you save me right...!!! Haa
7: I'm really sorry...!!!
8: haa

1(2b): What are you saying?! Don't talk about stupid things like that!! Haa
2: Hurry up and administer aid to him!!! Please, save Ace!!!
3: Quickly, Doctor!! Give him emergency treatment!!!
4: Got it!
5(3b): It's no use!!! ...haa ...I at least know when my life is over...!!! haa
6(2b): My intestines have been incinerated...!!!'s all over for me...!! That's why...
7: Ace!
8: Listen to me, Luffy...!!!
9: ...what are you saying...Ace, you're going to die?
10(2b): ...w...we had a promise, didn't we?!?! Haa....haa

1: That you wouldn't die, no matter what...!!!
2(2b): That's what you said, Aaaaaaace!!! Uu...
3:'re right...if it weren't for the Sabo thing...and having such a troublesome little brother like you,
4: I probably wouldn't...have keep living...
5: What if Gold Roger had children?
6: Then they'd be in for a "beheading!!!"
7: No one wanted me to.
8: That's just the way things are...!!
9: Or how about stabbing them with a needle
10: for every person who bears a grudge toward Roger?
11(2b): Make it a "stake burning"...!! Then, all the people of the world could watch and laugh at the way they look just before they die!!
12(2b): You know what they'd all say...?! "Serves ya right"! Gyahahaha!

1(2b): Here's what I'd want 'em to leave as a last testament: "Sorry for being born, even though I'm trash."
2: Not like they'd actually exist, though.
3: Ace!!! You started another fight in town?!?!
4: Shut up!! If I'd have had the power, I would have killed everyone right there!!
5: Whaaat!!?
6(2b): --that's right, someday...if you happen to meet Dadan...give him my best...for some reason...
7: Now that I know I'm gonna die...I even feel nostalgic about a guy like him...
8(3b): There's thing I regret...not being able to see your--"dream come true"...haa
9: ...but since it's you, I know you'll be able to do it...!!!
10: You're my little brother...!!!

1: ...just like...we promised each other back then...I have no my life!!
2: ...liar!! You liar!!
3:'s not a lie...!!
4: ...what I really wanted
5: wasn't "fame" at all...
6: ..."Should I really have been born ?"
7: What I wanted...was the answer to that question.
8(2b): ...haa...I can't...speak very loudly anymore...Luffy, transmit the words I'm saying to you right everyone else afterwards...
9: ...!! Old man...!!!
10: And

1: Everyone else...!!!
2: Luffy...
3(2b): Get out here! I've come to claim the head of "Whitebeard!!!"
4: Even though I've been a good-for-nothing up until this day,
5: Haa...haa...
6: Even though I carry the blood of a demon...!!
7: Aaaaace, I'll save you for sure!
8: Don't give uuuuuup!!

1: Thanks for...

2: loving me!!!
3: Ace...!!

1: juh...!!
2: Gramps...I
3: Ace...?
4: fuh...!!
5: Should I really
6: have been born?
7: What, you thought I was dead?

1: But...!!
2(2b): What are you crying for?! Don't just kill people whenever you feel like it, dumbass!!
3(2b): This is a promise! I won't die, no matter what!! You think I could die and leave a weak little brother like you behind?!
4: If it's a boy..."Ace."
5: --this child's name will be "Gol D. Ace."

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