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Translations: Gintama 490 (2)

Kekkaishi 323


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 29, 2010 22:26 | Go to Kekkaishi

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tl by molokidan

side: Tatsuki's reason for meeting with the Earth God is...
Chapter 323 - Hakuma
1: Human...
2: Do not tell me you wish to place that land under your thumb.
3: Don't be absurd.
4: We simply want to suppress this chaos.
5(2b): It is true...that the balance of that land is in the process of crumbling...not only we, but all o the masters in the Shinyuu land as well can feel the warping...

1(2b): But that land...Hakuma is the keystone.
2(2b): To the higher lands we cannot so easily extend our hands.
3(2b): No...I believe that humans are the source of this warping.
4: Therefore, I would like you to allow us to settle this by our own hands.
5: A mere human...?
6: If...
7(2b): you did not possess the highest degree of master-level power within that would be splayed limb from limb right now...
8: Foolishness is not all that exists within humans.
9: I will show you that we also possess the capabilities for self-cleansing.
10: Do not disgrace Hakuma.
11: Rest at ease.

1: The only reason Hakuma possesses a hidden stronghold there is because there is power in the land.
2: Crafty humans would not purposefully lower its value.
3: Excuse me.
4: When...will the rain stop?
5: Soon...
6: For sure.

1: Ichigou...
2: I'm bored, so wanna spar?

1: Isn't Kakeru awake yet?
2: Life activity has been stabilized...
3: But the same cannot be said for consciousness.
4: Hmmm...
5: It's like she is refusing with all her power...
6: Nichinaga's mental control...
7: This may be all Kakeru-sama is capable of at this point.
8: It does seem that she has used up most of her power for the sake of that spell.
9(2b): The one on the roof? Speaking of which, what was that?
10: Apparently...
11(2b): an incantation to end the world.

1: What...?
2(2b): I don't know the details, but it was a spell invented by Michiru-sama...
3: It amplifies one's power to the breaking point...
4: And then instantly transforms it all into heat.
5: All the power one possesses is poured into the incantation...
6: and every last piece of the world is reduced to dust, including Nichinaga...
7: or so I was told.
8: Scary.
9: Yeah, but that nuclear bomb-like thing never saw the light of day.
10: It was apparently finished.

1(2b): And I think the only one capable of pushing its switch...
2: is Kakeru-sama...
3: Huuuh...
4: Interesting.
5: Or should I say...
6(2b): why are you taking such gallant care of Kakeru for? Is this how you've always been?
7: Don't tell me...
8: You're in love?

1: I do not know.
2(2b): But...I may look up to her...
3: She has everything I do not, after all.
4: Ehh?
5: So that bomb girl has really influenced you, then.
6: Speaking of which, Sangou...
7: Also seems to have gotten some influence on his mission.
8: He's staring off into space as always, but...
9(2b): I feel like he's on a sort of self-search like you know.

1: I brought him back because I liked how empty his head was, and now look at him...
2: Young people sure are a pain.
3(2b): Wait a moment...I thought the Commander was the one who chose...
4: No, well, it was mostly him...
5: We "dolls" leave half behind...
6: But well, we were work partners, so I was the one who recommended Sangou.
7(2b): Enough about Nigou...why Sangou, and not me...?
8: Huh?
9: That's what I'm trying to say.
10(2b): He...doesn't say annoying stuff like that.

1: Thank you for your hard work, Zerogou-san.
2: Haa.
3: Is something wrong?
4: Ichigou gave me the cold shoulder.
5: Haa...
6(2b): you know anyone who's keen on the makeup of this castle?
7: I know a bit myself, but...
8(2b): Well then, do you know about the hidden rooms?
9: A long time ago...there were a few made for some purpose...
10: And among them...there was one room that could not be seen from the outside, and could not be escaped from once inside.
11: Made...a long time ago?
12: In order to shut someone up?
13: Who knows.

1: What do you intend to do, Master?
2: Your original plan was to kill Tsukihisa-sama, destroy the shadow organization, and then kill me at last and end everything, correct?
3: But now, you have returned to the castle you began in...
4: and seem to be starting everything all over again from the origin. Is this what you want?
5(2b): Ku...that certainly sounds interesting.
6: But what I'm thinking of is...
7: an end.

1: Exacting revenge on God and ending my self, who has received this much power...
2: requires a higher power, don't you think?
3: I do not understand.
4: Power is attracted to more power.
5(2b): You spoke about the origin...but this castle actually lies in the land of Hakuma, the highest Shinyuu land.
6: In other's a clump of power...
7: Don't you feel it?

1: Right now, in this castle...
2(2b): She is no more than a shell now, but...there is the incantation Kakeru poured her great power into...
3: and Haruka's soul vault, which contains dozens of separate Shinyuu land powers...
4(2b): And in the upper central headquarters...numerous beings of great power under my control...
5(2b): And surrounding this land...wriggling here and there...
6: is a special being that has fallen off his tracks...
7: Suigetsu...
8: You yourself are a being of great power...
9: You should feel it.
10: Right here, right now...
11: An unprecedented power gathering right as we speak...!

1: This person...
2: intends to wrap up the entire world in his own demise...
3: I don't know what will happen...
4: But all I need to do is wait in the center.
5: Someday...
6: this great power will bury everything.
7: Ku, kukuku...

1: I talked with the masters of the surrounding Shinyuu lands.
2(2b): They cannot harm their own as long as Hakuma's power is retained...they're willing to look away if we get a little out of hand.
3: That's nice to hear.
4: I expected no less.
5: Why thank you.
6: When's the recovery of the HQ?
7(2b): Oh yeah, gather up the members one more time tonight...

1: We enact the plan tomorrow night.
2: Understood.
3: Estimation of victory?
4: A silly question.
5(2b): This is our finest lineup. There isn't a single weak link.
6: True, member choice is important.
7: How about you?

1(2b): I too...could wish for nothing more.
2: But you know, messing with that huge Shinyuu land and sealing Karasumori...
3: I think there's something nuts about that.
4: First of all, the master is dangerous.
5(2b): From what I heard from the masters of the surrounding lands...the master of Hakuma has been asleep for over a several hundred years.
6(2b): Who knows what'll happen just by waking him up. And then the transporting...will this be alright?
7: You take the outer side...and we have the inside. That's the promise.

1: Anything else...
2: you learned about the master?
3: His name...
4(2b): the master of called "Mahora-sama."
bottom: What kind of God is the greatest master?!

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