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Translations: Naruto 692 by aegon-rokudo , Bleach 595 by BadKarma

Fairy Tail 203

8 Paths

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 2, 2010 22:55 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

black: Preparations OK?!
If you want to "make it come true"
then the first step is ACTION!!

1: Hot!!!
2: It should be winter now, why...
black: Right before the "S Rank Exam..." but there's absolutely no trace of nervousness!!
3: I think I'm gonna melt!
4: I'm gonna turn into ice cream, and Happy's gonna eat me.
5: That sounds yucky.
6: You look really slovenly like that, Lu-chan.
7: Convection keeps the weather like this all year round.
8: Aren't you hot in that, Juvia?
9: No.
10: But...if I had to say,
Chapter 203 - 8 Paths

1: Gray-sama's naked body looks hot!!!
2: Hawwwt...
3: I feel baaad
4: Natsu!! Don't come any closer!
5: Wendy won't cast Troia...
6: She has no choice, being Mest's partner.
7: You know, I just can't get used to knowing that we're all going to become enemies after this.
9: Ah
10: I can see it!
11: Ohh

1: So we're here?!?!
2: Is that Tenrou Island!!?
3: What a shape!
4: It's said that
5: fairies used to live on this island.
6: Master!

1: An island on an iland?!
2: Upu
3: Natsu!! We're almost there!
4: And Fairy Tail's first master
5: Mavis Vermilion sleeps here.

[Mashima's Musings] I'm addicted to the new Pokemon! Emonga is so cute! I can't wait to catch it.
1: What's with that outfit?!
2: But it's hot.
3: Is that what a naked person should say?
4: I will now announce the details of the first exam.
5: The FIRST exam?!
6: It's split up into levels every year.
7: You see smoke rising up from that beach, right?
8: First head there.
9: There are eight paths there.
10: Only one group can enter each path.
11: And here's what waits for you behind each path.

1: Only the teams that get through this
2: will clear the first exam!
(graph, top to bottom, left to right)
First Exam Passed!!
(4 bubbles at bottom, from left to right)
3: What's the "quiet" place?
4: This is...
5: It says "Hard Battle" over Erza and Gildartz!
6: "Battle?"

1: Natsu & Happy Team
2: In the "battle" routes, two teams will meet up, and only the winning team will be able to proceed.
3: Grey & Loki Team
4: Lisanna & Juvia Team
5: Elfman & Evergreen Team
6: Kana & Lucy Team
7: In the "hard" battles are very difficult routes where you will have to defeat an S-rank mage in order to proceed.
8: Fried & Bixlow Team
9: "Quiet" is the route where you can proceed through the exam without having to fight anyone.
10: Levy & Gajeel Team
11: Mest & Wendy Team

1: Your goals in this first exam are "power" and "luck!"
2: "Luck"--?!
3: If it's luck, we might be able to do this!
4: We only have a 1/8 chance of hitting the "quiet" zone.
5: Logically, only a maximum of 6 teams can clear this exam.
6: I...impossible!! Gildartz and Erza's roads are off limits!!
7: So worst case scenario, only 3 teams pass...
8: Cool!
9: Now let's begiiiin!!!!
10: Exam start!!!!

1: Huh?
2: Aren't we...still on the ocean?
3: Get it, Happy?!
4: We can choose our path first!!!!
5: Yes sir!
6: Uwaaah, you cheater!
7: Damn you, Natsu!
8: Ngah
9: Wha
10: A rune?!

1: Relax! It's set to dissipate in five minutes!
2: Fried!!
3: You bastard!!
4: Why don't you just lock 'em here forever?
5: Then it won't be an exam.
6: Hey!! Gramp!! Is that really fair?!
7: Well, it's not like this is a race.
8: If you let him go first, he's gonna cover the island in runes!
9: Dowaaaah, dammit!!
10: Oh yeah!! Levy's here!
11: yeah
12: I can rewrite it!

1: But only for me and Gajeel!!!!
2: Whaaaaat!!!?
3: Gihihi
4: Levy-chan!!
5: Sorry, Lu-chan!
6: Bye bye everyone!
7: You littlllllle
8(2b): Fufu...I've known Fried for a long time, you see.
9: Evergreen!
10: I can rewrite a rune of this caliber.

1: Now let's go, Elfman!!!!
2: Mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaan
3: Noooo!!
4: How many minutes left?
5: Still four.
6: Then Levy rewrote that within a single minute...
7: Five minutes later
8: It's gone!!

1: Let's go, Lucy!!!!
2: C'mon, Loki!!
3: At least put some underwear on!
4: Yeah!!
5: Happy!!!
6: Aye-aye, sir!!
7: Ice Make...

1: Floor!!!
2: Wahh!! The sea froze...
3: Are you here, Lisanna-san?
4: Of course!!
5: Sea and fish!!?
6: Hold on, Kana! Don't tell me we're the farthest behind!
7: Mest and Wendy are still left on there.
8: Where?!
9: They're gone!!?
10: But when!!?

1: If we don't hurry, we won't be able to pick a path!
2: Hieeeeh
3: bam
4: This island...I can feel great magical power coming from the land.
5: Yeah.

1: Let's gooooooooooo!!!!
2: H Route Sealed
3: F Route Sealed
4: B Route ealed
5: A Route Sealed
6: --er...
7: Four are closed off already!!!

1: Which should we pick, Natsu?
2: Ummm...
3: "E!!" That must be E for Erza!
4: Why would you pick Erza?!
5: Cuz I wanna beat her, of course!!!
6: Wait for me, Erzaaaa!!!
7: Uwahh!! C'mon...don't just decide that she's in there!
8(2b): Seven closed off. So we really were last.
9: It's alright!! They say luck comes to those left over!!

1: Luck is all I'm good at, after all.
2: We're gonna become S ranks no matter what, Kana.
3: Yeah.
4: Thanks, Lucy.
5: C Route
6: It's brighter than I expected.
7(2b): These are spirit light bugs. They're summertime bugs, though. Their bodies light up.
8: Oh! That voice is...
9: Who?!
10: Don't tell me, this route is a...
11: "BATTLE!!!!"

1: I knew it!! Kana and the cosplayer!
2: It's Lucy!!!
3: So I guess this means we gotta fight you.
line: TBC in Chapter 204 - Who's the Lucky One?
4: What did you say about those left over, Lucy?
5: The person who couldn't lay a finger on Fried.
6: the Raijin Tribe...
7: The person who would lose to Bixlow without Loki.

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