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D.Gray-Man 200

Seed of Destruction

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 1, 2010 23:53 | Go to D.Gray-Man

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tl by molokidan

1: to a far-off land unreachable by any being
2: O, Ark
3: Take both of them to Mater.
side: In order to let the two escape

The 200th Night - Seed of Destruction

1: hyuh
side: Kanda and Alma are taken to the final land...

1-2: haaah
3-4: hah

1: The gate is collapsing...

1: Bean sprout...
2: Hah...
3: Poor thing...
4: I understand...
5(3b): AKUMA, offshoots of the Millenium Earl, can
6: That child is a Noah...

1(2b): And I...the Earl....gghh!
2: Don't speak anymore.
3-4: hah
5(2b): Yu...haa
6: Yuu...
7: Just watch...
8: Don't use Innocence...
9: I know.
10: Until my soul is crushed by dark matter...
11: Ahh

1: I can't forgive the organization, even now...
2: I hate much I can hardly bear it.
3: But
4: I should sink into mud...
5(3b): I killed...many...even lending my power to the much...
6: I know.
7: I know, so

1: I'll see you off to the very end.

1(2b): snicker

1: I love you, Yuu.

1: ...yeah.

1: chapu...n
2: Russia - Zhikanzan
3: Gaaaaaaahhhhhh

1: You need to get more severe, Arystar.
2(2b): Once they become AKUMAs, they aren't allies anymore. They're just targets that need to be smashed.
3-4: Haaaah
5: Kiredori-san...
6: I-I can't believe this...!

1: I can't believe thiiiis!
2: Attention exorcists:
3: Kanda Yuu woke up the "14th."
4: Allen Walker will become a Noah very soon now.

1: Greece - Levkas
2: You need to make another choice now.
3: Believe the "14th"
4(2b): or, just like you destroyed the Thirds...destroy Allen Walker.
5-6: Haaah

1: He will definitely become a seed of destruction to you all.
2: China - Huangshan
3: Hang in there, Chaoji!
4: What happened?!
5-7: haaaaaah
8: Something's wrong with him.
9: What did they do to you, Chaoji?!
10: Lavi and Bookmani are nowhere to be seen!!
11-12: haaaaaah

1: psha
2: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

1: The spirit stone broke...
2: The Third Exorcist's bindings will be released!
3(3b): psh psh psh
4(3b): Hate hate haaaate the organization!!

1: Alma's grudge...
2: It hasn't
3: disappeared...
4: Allen Walker!!

1(2b): This is a serious betrayal. Do you have any idea what you're doing?!
2: How could you let both Alma Karma AND Kanda Yuu escape...
3: Unless you destroy Alma, the rampage of the Third Exorcists will never cease!

1: There are lives right before your eyes that could be saved...
2: Do you really intend to destroy the Third Exorcist project?!
3: Walker...?

1: Fools...
2: Alma Karma is already looong gone <3

1: That thing is merely a grudge wandering on this plane.

1: It just goes to show how deep
2: Alma Karma's sadness really was <3
3: So this
4: is an expression of our sins...?
5: The Third Exorcists...
6: can no longer be saved now...
7: Stop talking about it like it has nothing to do with you...
8: If only you didn't exist, we would...

1: gyaaaaaaaaaahhhh
2: ...Tokusa!
3: How can anyone believe the Earl's words...
4: The Third Exorcist project an absolute necessity...!!
5: This is an order, walker!
6: Go through the gate and destroy Alma this instant!!

1: If you don't, then you are no longer an Exorcist!!
2: Damn Innocence
3(2b): Hate! Hate!
4-5: Haaah
6(2b): Tokusa. Open...
7: Open your eyes!!

1(2b): You aren't Alma. These are just Alma's cells.
2: It's your body!
3: You should be able to control it.
4: You're a far better warrior than I am, right?!
5: Get yourself together!!

1: Aren't you...
2: going to...destroy me...?
3: Why...?
4: Why are YOU, of all people, giving up?
5: Stay like that...
6: Keep on weakening the Innocence and Alma's cells...
7: suppress Alma's grduge...
8: OK!

1: Shibaribane!! (*Binding Feathers)
3: Deactivate, Allen Walker!!
side: The link toward Tokusa's salvation...was cut?!

Next: In the January Issue

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