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Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi 1

I Saw My Springtime of Youth!!

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 8, 2010 08:12 | Go to Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi

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tl by molokidan

(Hirahira-kun's Springtime of Youth Moral Code)

Chapter One
I Saw My Springtime of Youth!!

1: It is an honor to come before you all like this, readers!
2: My last name is Hira, and my first name is Taira, so people just call me Hirahira! (*because both are the same kanji)
3: I am currently in seventh grade at Seiun Middle School! I will give you my best from here on out!
4: kyaaah
5: Keep it down, keep it down!
6: Help meee
7: Help me...?

1: Noooo! Let me gooo!!
2: Yoshiko-san, be my friend! I'm Yamagami, from the ninth grade!
3: You're the cutest out of all the new kids, Yocchin!
4: Please, go out with me!
5: Those jerks!
6: Wah!
7: Class 1-1, Hira Taira!
8: I have come to save my classmate from her distress!

1: You dare you give your seniors that kind of attitude?!
2: Get 'em, boys!!
3: I was waiting for that!
4: All bark and no bite...
5: mugyu
6: Yocchin, are you alright?
7: Oh no, your dress got dirty...

1: Don't touch me!
2: Don't think you'll get me to like you just by acting cool in front of me!
3: Tough cookie...
4: But a beauty!
sign: Seiun Middle School

1: Mmm!?
2: So you perverts are back for more, eh?!
3: Hirahira, come with us for a bit, would ya?!
4: Come with you?

1: We brought him, Daimyoujin. (*Great God)
2: this is Hirahira the newbie?
3: Hmmm, so you're the boss of the ninth graders!
4: You know my name?
5: Sure do.

1: Seiun Middle school's little mite!
2: Myoujin Daisaku!
3(2b): W-why I oughtta!! How dare you speak to Daimyoujin that way!
4: Wait!
5: Hey, had a little romp with my boys this morning, I hear?
6: Protected the weak and stood up against the strong, just like my family taught me!
7: Do you think, however, that a new kid like you beating up your upperclassmen is something that will go unnoticed in this world?
8: But...
9: Elders are to be minded, and seniors are to be respected! Those are the social obligations we have in this world, aren't they?

1: Is it OK for an elder to bully a younger girl, then?!
2: Eh?
3(2b): Shuddap! Don't talk back to me!
4: C'mon, boys, show this Hirahira punk just how scary his seniors are!
5: Yeahhh!
6: I'd like to see you try!

1: Don't underestimate Hirahira-sama!
2: Stop!
3: Yocchin!
4: I HATE people who fight!!

1: But Yocchin, I was doing this for you...
2: Aw, enough with the manly act, you little pipsqueak!
3: Owww!
4: I HATE people who fight!
5: Get 'im!
6: R-rats, they got me! But it's for Yocchin...
7: I-in that case, it feels good!

1(2b): Take that! Let's see you talk big NOW!
2: Alright, that's enough!
3(2b): So that girl was Yocchin, eh? And not a bad one, at that...
4: Ain't she?
5(small): Hee hee hee...
6: We knew you'd feel the same, Daimyoujin!
7: Hey, what route does she use to go home?

1: She should be heading through the park on the hill as usual.
2: The park on the hill, eh...?
3: Fufufu...OK...
4: Let's head out!
5: Yessir!
6: Owowow...
7: T-that dang Daimyoujin dummy! You just wait!

1: The park on the hill-
2: No one's here yet, whoopee!
3: Stupid 9th graders! Wait and see!

1: One
2: two
3: three!
4: Forgive me, Yocchin! I'm doing this for you!

1: Daimyoujin, it doesn't look like anyone's come through here yet.
2: Uheeheehee! We're gonna all catch Yocchin here, and then...eeheeheehee!
3: Freeze, 9th grade perverts!
4: Hirahira!
5: I'm not letting any of you lay a single finger on Yocchin!

1: You little...we're gonna make you eat those words, pal!
2: Yeaaaah!
3: Better watch your mouth there, Boss Athlete's Foot!
4: Catch me if you can!
5: Grrr!
6: Waiiiit!

1: Yoh
2: Hah
3: Hold it!
4: Fungya
5: Woahh
6: Gyaah!
7: Geh
8: This is where the real fun begins!
9: gyaaaah
10: Serves ya right!

1: Attention all nefarious crooks thinking of putting your grubby hands on Yocchin!
2: Hirahira-sama is here to pass down his judgment!!
3: Gyaaahh!!
4: Uwaaahhh!!

1: G-grahhh!
2: Retreaaaat!
3: Hyah
4: Remember this, Hirahira!
5: Ahhh, boy am I tired.
6: But I did a good thing!
7: Now Yocchin can go home safe and sound.

sfx: pssssh
1: Hm?
2: Yocchin!
3: Don't look at me, dummy!
4: I can't stop in the middle, so turn away!
5: Y-yes ma'am!
6: Boy are you a coward, hiding in the grass like that!

1: Help meee! I didn't look! I swear I didn't look!
2: Waaaait!
3: I didn't see anything!!
4: Gotcha!
5: Hiee

1: H-help me!!
2: Y-you were watching me!
3: You were, weren't you?!
4: I-I'm sorry, but it was just a glance...
5: I knew it!
6: Hirahira-kun!
7: Wahh
8: N-no, don't gimme those eyes...
9: I'm not letting you go now! You saw the most precious thing a girl has, after all!
10: I'm sticking with you forever!

1: F-forever?!
2: That's right!
3: I've got no choice...
4: So I'll love you!
sfx: chu
5: Muh
6: Should this be called happiness? Or misfortune?

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