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Translations: Gintama 490 by kewl0210

Fairy Tail 219

Dragon God's Brilliant Flame

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 23, 2011 11:16 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 219

*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 219 - Dragon God's Brilliant Flame
slanted: This world is a "toy box!!" Happy Magic makes everyone smile!!

1: Defeat
2: Master Hades?
slanted: Fire Dragon's Flames: MAX POWER!! In order to protect what's important to him!!! In order to destroy the vile demons!!!!
3: Uheehee!

1: I'm gonna make it so that you can't even joke about that.

1: Those kinda flames don't even hurt.
2: Black he also uses flame magic...
3: God flames are on a completely different level than Dragon flames!
4: Guh

1: God flames don't burn.
2: They are flare halberds, that destroy everything!!!!

1: Uhahahahah

1: Nuaaagghh!!!!!
2: Zugoaahhh

1: Uhahaaaaah!!!!
2: God loves eating flame mages.

1: Fire God's Supper!!!!
2: Guaaaaaahhh
3: You will spend your last moments consumed in flames...
4: ever trapped, until you turn to ash!
5: Natsu...

1: I'll just...
2: eat it then...
3: Impossible.
4: The mere power of a dragon could never devour God flames.
5: Gaah...
6: Gahaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!
7: Didn't I tell y...

1: Grandpa!!!!
2-3: Hooo
4: Let's see you hurt that kid any more before his parent's eyes!!!
5: I'm gonna grind you up until absolutely nothing remains!!!!

1: You have that much power left?
2: Uguhhh
3(2b): cough cough
4: Look, if you don't let go soon
5: then absolutely nothing will remain of your arm!
6: Guaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!
7: Grandpaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
8: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!
9: Guahh
10(2b): What the?! He's putting even more power in...

1: You think I'd let you go...?
2: Guuuuhh
3: This guy...
4: Stooop!!! Grandpaaaa!!!!
5: Don't underestimate
6: the power of family!!!!!

1: Uaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!
2: The Dragon Slayer, Makarov, or little old me...
3: I wonder who's gonna kick the bucket first?!
4: Ahhhhhhhhhh

1: Natsu's magic disapppeared...!?
2: Uhhaaaaaaah!!! The Dragon Slayer was the first one to fall!!!!
3: I...impossible...

1: Why is he eating God flames!!?
2: By nullifying all his “magic power,”
3: he created a vessel to eat those flames with!!?
4: I see...
5: I guess there do exist flames which you need to eat a special way.
6: "a special way"...that isn't the kind of level this strategy is at...!!!
7: Nullifying your own magic within the enemy's magic is...
8: You idiot!!!! Are you trying to kill yourself?!?!
9: Guohh
10: I don't wanna die...
11: Nor do I wanna let anyone else die.

1: We're all going home together.
2: To Fairy Tail...
3: Let them unite!!!
4: The flames of Dragons and Gods!!!!
5: Dragon God's Brilliant Flame

1: Guaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

slanted: The fist of the Fire Dragon, which can suck down even God!! Holy flames exorcise the demons!!!
Next time is a cover color chapter with 25 pages!!
TBC in Chapter 220 - "Fairy Sisters"

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