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Kuroko no Basket 121

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 22, 2012 13:02 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

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tl by molokidan

slanted: Two proud victories!!
Kuroko Tetsuya
Yose Ryouta
Kiyoshi Teppei
Kagami Taiga
Aomine Daiki

1: I'm not doubting him, but--
2: If he doesn't come back,
3: it'll be more than a simple "setback."
4: How many times have I looked down to that little guy's back
5: after being saved by him?
6: Believe...
7: But don't expect anything.
8: When he comes back
9: He won't be saying something like "Sorry, but it was late in the game."
10: This isn't about beating
11: Aomine anymore...

1: This time *I* have to be the one to save *him*!!

1: Mmm?!
2: ...t-this way!!

1: Aaaaaggh, dammit!!
2: Kiyoshi's plays are such a pain in the ass!!
3: Ohhhh?! Is Seirin gonna take another point?!
4: Guess it was just me.
5: For a minute there I thought you were actually gonna do something.
6: Shut up. Kiyoshi-san just happened to come out from the corner at the
right timing.

1: Relax.
2: I have no intention to run.

1: Change of Pace...
2: It's one of Aomine's most skilled moves.
3: Even if he manages to get the timing right, it'll be difficult to
4: ...but even more worrying
5: is Kagami's pose..that's...
6: Relaxed and natural...
7: Just like
8: Aomine-cchi's...?!
9: he comes.

1: Woahhh?!
2: He didn't just read the timing
3: He went in for the kill?!

1: So fast!!
2: Aomine's got it!!
3: Riko.

1(2b): Just being friends doesn't make teamwork. Remember?
2: That's the remarkable thing about Kagami.
3: Eh?
4: His potential is no different from that of Generation of Miracles.
5(2b): ...yet he's never fought equally in a one-on-one up until
you know why?
6: It's true...when I calculated it, I never thought there'd be that big a
gap between them...
7: Regardless of compatibility and pure ability...
8: The answer is simple.
9(2b): Because in his heart, he's completely counting on Kuroko.

1: I don't know if he's thinking he should match his power to Kuroko in
order to beat the Generation of Miracles, but...
2: That's actually shutting off his own power.
3(2b): There's nothing wrong with wanting to match your power to
someone...but that's only meaningful if you're using 100% of your power.
4: It's just a dilemma...
5: As the sixth man who Kuroko counts on, Kagami's still an undeveloped
6: ...but on the other hand, if he could somehow use 100% of his power,
7: He would be able to take even the Generation of Miracles.

1: Woahhh...
2: No way--
3: It can't be...!!
4: Can he catch up to Aomine from there?!
5: Ohhhhhhhhh

1: Wha?!
2: What the?!
3: His power became unsealed
4: because of Kuroko-kun's loss?
5: He isn't being helped anymore -- he's the one doing the helping!
6: So the power he had been subconsciously suppressing until now is being
7: Is this...

1: Kagami-kun's true power--?!

1: Good things are getting a little exciting.
2: To be honest, I hadn't much expectation for you...
3: But this is much better than before.
4: Looks like I can get a little more serious this time.
side: The curtain opens to a bloody battle!!

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