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Translations: Gintama 507 (2)

Naruto 585

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:45 | Go to Naruto

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tl by molokidan

585: So I Can Be Myself

1: And so...I constantly appended myself.
slanted: The past, the present, and--
2: What I want is not your sermons,
3: but your abilities and data.
4(2b):'re shinobi of Konoha, blood descendants of the famed
Uchiha. You have the Mangekyou Sharingan...
5(2b): You harbor many secrets, stopped wars...and possess a great
many jutsu and abilities.
6: possessed those things in order to create
7: There is not a finer target for my Edo tensei.
8: My pawns are my power, plain and simple.

1: You overestimate me...I failed.
2: No...despite how much I may try and act tough to defy the name
of Uchiha...
3: zah
4: the truth is, I envy it.
5(2b): The name of Uchiha is simply a way to show one's ties,
one's roots. Simply taking a name like that has no meaning.
6: throb
7: It has meaning!

1(2b): Are you sure I can't kill this guy? He keeps taking the
2(2b): I told you, we can't! He controls the battlefield right must bear it.
3(2b): How much longer until Izanami?! He's planning something!
4(2b): We have our own plan...but it'll take a bit more time.
5: slither...
6: As Orochimaru-sama once said,

1: Sakon-Souma no Jutsu!!
2: Jiroubou Doton Doroku-gaeshi!!
3: If you want to know who you are,
4(2b): then gather up all the data you can in the world...that's
all you need to do!

1: slither...
2: Kidoumaru...
3: Kumo Soukai!!! (Spider Nest Open)
4: We can't cut that web with blades!
5: Amaterasu!!

1: Kimimaro - Shikotsumyaku Sawarabi no Mai!! (Dance of the
Seedling Fern)

1(2b): He sent the spider web all the way behind us! I'll take the
back! You get the front!!
2: Can you still use Susa-No-O?
3: Yeah.
4: Enton - Kagutsuchi!!

1: buh
2: crack
3: crackle
4: They ran into the back...
5: Tayuya - Mateki Mugen Onsa!! (Demonic Flute - Phantom Sound
6: It's futile...!

1: Are you alright, Sasu...
2: zah
3: ...genjutsu?
4: Hoh...
5(2b): throb throb
6(2b): Not even the skilled Susa-No-O can block sound...I thought
7: hoh...
8(2b): throb throb
9: Now that I've stopped you...all that's left
10: slither...

1: is to take you in with Orochimaru-sama!!
2: Well, Sasuke-kun? Remember this?
3: That's...
4(2b) aren't Orochimaru. It's good to imitate those
who you respect...but you can't try and become the man himself.
5: There's no could ever be one in the same.

1: My current form...
2: Tons of people started out with pure imitation.
3: Just like Sasuke-kun imitated you.
4: ...become a proper man, like your brother...

1: That was a necessary stage for me to grow!
2: I didn't use it as a cloak to disguise myself, like you!
3(2b): Even if you connect it to your own-self worth, even if you
try and discover your own meaning for existence with that, you
will come up with nothing.
4: I'll say it only once more.
5(2b): Don't lie and deceive yourself. All those who cannot
acknowledge themselves will fail.
6(2b):, now?
7: How?!

1: Sasuke...look into my eyes!
2: Oh, so that's it?!
3: Genjutsu - Sharingan!!
4: Tsukuyomi!!

1: I will enter Izanami now...
2: You've...failed...
3: Buh
4: doh
5: Is it finished?

1: There's no way a genius like you who had everything could
2: ...I just wanted to be myself.
3: I won't let anyone stop me.
slanted: Tragic determination...!!!

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