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Translations: Gintama 510 (2) , Naruto 692 by aegon-rokudo

Dragon Ball 23

The Dragon Team Splits Up

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 20, 2009 11:37 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

B: After looking at the full moon, Gokuu turned into a monstrous monkey and went on a wild rampage! In a life-or-death decision, Yamucha and Puerh cut off his weakpoint -- his tail, reverting him safely back to normal...
Y:'s already morning...
B: Fuaaah...
O: Geez...he really did a number on us this time...

Y: Hey, don't say that.
Y: Thanks to Gokuu, we were freed!
B: It's probably better if we don't tell him that he was the one who squashed his grandfather...
O: More importantly, just what is he, alien?
Y: Now that we've cut his tail off, I doubt he'll transform again, though.
B: Uuu...nnn.
B: Ah! He's awake!
G: Aaaaahhhh...
G: Munyu munyu...
O: Yo, morning!

G: What's up?! Heheheh!
O: Heheheh my ass...
G: Huh?!
G: Why am I naked? Where are my clothes?
Y: You don't remember a thing, do you?
G: What?
B: Oolong, give him those panties!
O: Eh?!
O: Y-you've gotta be kidding me!! No way!! These is a precious gift from Shenlong himself!!
O: I guess there's no choice. Here, you can have my shorts!
G: Your legs are really short!
O: Aw, shut up! Like we're really that different!!

O: Huh? What's wrong?
G: It's hard to stand up...
Y: Your balance must have changed since you lost your tail.
Y: You'll get used to it soon.
G: Eh? Tail?
G: Ahhhh!!!
G: I-it's gone!!
G: Oh well!

O: You really are carefree, you know that...
G: I don't need my tail, but where's my Nyoi-Bo?
G: Ahh, it's probably in that ruined building.
G: Grandpa gave me that bo!
G: I'mm gonna go look for it!
G: Owww!
O: Now what? We won't be able to look for the Dragonballs for another year, so I guess it's time to split up?
B: Yeah, I guess you're right...
Y: Wake up, Puerh! It's time to go home!

B: Ahhhhhh...I guess I'll have to wait another year for my wonderful boyfriend...
B: Hm?!
Y: Mumuuu...
Y: I'll have to do my best to survive being awkward around women for another year, I suppose. Who knows when I'll be able to get married at this rate...
Y: Hm?!

G: I found it!!
G: Yay, yay!!
G: Heeey, I found it!
O: Keh!!
G: Huh? What's wrong, Oolong?
O: What idiots!! Look over there!
G: They're so weird...

B: Ah! Hey, Son-kun, we've all decided to go back to the city together!!
B: Wanna come with us? You're cute, so you'll be popular with the girls!
Y: Nahahaha...
G(2b): I'm going to Grandpa Kamesennin's house! I wanna train more and get stronger!
B: Oh, well that's a shame. Oolong, what about you?
O: Are there really a lot of girls there?
B: Oh, yeah! But since you're perverted and unpleasant to be around, I don't think you'll be very popular.
O: You don't have to say that much, dammit!!
O: G-guess I've got no choice...
O: I'll go with you guys!

G: Once one year is up,
G: Let's go looking for the Dragonballs again!!
B: Mu fu fu fu! We don't need the Dragonballs anymore!
G: Eh?
B: Riiiiiiiiight?
O: Keh! Peh! Peh! Pepehh!!
G: Alright then, how should I find grandpa's ball?
G: I dunno how to search for it.
B: It's fine, it's fine! I'll give you the Dragon radar!
B: Once one year is up, if you just press here, signals will appear on the radar!
G: Thanks!

Y: Alright, let's go!
Y: Work hard and surpass Muten Roushi, alright?!
G: Yeah!!
B: We'll all come together and see you again someday!

G: Kintouuuuuuuuun!!
G: Here, right here!
G: Take me to Grandpa Kamesennin's place!
Y: Gokuu, take care, alright?!
G: You too, Oolong!!

B: Bye-byyyyyyyye!!
G: Bye-bye! See you later!!

G: There are so many different people in this world!
G: It's so much fun!!

G: Soreeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
B: Thank you very much for, no!! We're not finished yet!! Son Gokuu has now split up with Buruma and co. and is heading to Kamesennin! Does relentlessly severe training await him?!

Next, #24. Kamesennin's Training Fee

(*molo note: As you may have noticed, in this and other chapters, Gokuu has taken to calling Muten Roushi "Grandpa Kamesennin," or just "Grandpa." Obviously they aren't true family, it's just an endearing term Gokuu uses here and from here on out. I just figured I'd write a note about it just in case.)

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