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Translations: Gintama 516 (2) , Bleach 602 by BadKarma

Detroit Metal City

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City

Block: A certain place in a certain city
Tiny guy: Do you mind if I ask you something, Nagashima-san?
N(2b): Sure, bitch. Go ahead.
T: Just how did DMC come to life?
N: The secret story regarding DMC's birth...

White text at top: There are many things in this world that are best kept secret...
N: Wanna hear it?

N: It all starts back when Mr. Nagashima here was working as a buyer back in Detroit...
N: You'd better kill me!! Otherwise you're all dead!!
P: Hey boooooy!! How's the condition of your anus!?
N: My ass stinks!!
N: After one of his dependents made a mistake, Nagashima ended up in the pen...
N: There, just as he was on the verge of losing his innocence...
sfx: Heeey! Open up!
N: Suddenly...
?: Quit it,
sfx: moaning ahhhh ahhh
?: you bastards!
Black: he met THAT MAN.

N: As they were both Japanese, they soon became good friends.
N: Where are you from?
?: Ooita.
N: So you're a country boy, huh?
?: You too, Mr. Saitama.
N(top middle): How's this?
black sfx: skritch skratch
Nagashima sfx: Ohhhh!
N(top left corner): Woww, you're a great artist! You could become a mangaka!
?(bottom middle): Mine are faster!
black text above the bubble: Reenacting Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)
black sfx: Atatatatatatatataahhhhh!!
N(bottom left): No way, I'm the fastest there is!!
N: Soon, Nagashima's day of release drew near...
?: Hey, Nagashima...
?: When I get back to Japan...
?: I wanna become a mangaka.
N: Wakasugi...
N: I got it...when that time comes, I'll become your editor...!
W: Nagashima...
N: You'd better come back!
N: To Japan!!
Tiny guy: A bond between men, huh...
N: Yup.
N: Eventually...

N: Wakasugi-sensei came home!!
N: With all of his assistants!!
N: Wakasugi...
W: Yo.
N: Do you remember? The promise we made in jail...
W: Yeah...
N: If you became a mangaka...then I would become your editor!!
W: Yes! And then...
W: Together,
W: through our manga...
W: will shall rape all of Japan!!

N: And so, the two worked hard together.
W: We need more tongue.
N: Fighting!!!
N: Thinking up a name!!!
?: Here is your bat's blood, Master.
W: Hey, are you a virgin?
W: You over there!
W: Don't slack off!
N: Drawing the manga!!
N: Through this,
N: DMC was created!!
?: Huh? But the "KILL" on his forehead is missing.
N: Oh yeah, about that...

Box: Before DMC was printed--
S: Heeeey, Nagashima-chaaaaaan!
N: Ah! Shimada, the head editor!
S: DHC...I read eit! It was really fuuuuuunny!
N: I am very grateful!
S: Buuut...if ya did this....wouldn't it be a little better...? Change Krauser the "2nd" to...
Black: Krauser the 42nd!
S(2b): Puuuuuh! This is definitely way funnier! I'm making it an order as head editor!!
S: Don't ya get it?! "Shi-ni!" It's fuckin' hilarious!! (*The joke here is that one reading for the number four in Japanese, "Shi," can also mean death, and the reading for two, "ni," can mean "to," so it's a terrible pun meaning "to death!"
N: Hahahahaha, that sure is funny...

W: ...what happened to him?
N: Nothin'.
W: Guess we'll have to find a new head editor again...
N: Yeah...hey, Nagashima.
W: To mark this guy's death, how about writing "KILL" on Krauser's forehead?
N: Ah, that sounds good...
T: ....what?
N: That reminds me, something else also happened...

?: I haven't seen the head editor around lately.
?: Yeah.
?: Nagashima-san!
N: Oonogi...
O: DMC...I read it!
N: I see. How was it?
O: Somewhat lacking.
O: If it was me, I would have focused more on the drummer. Since we're talking about death metal here, the drums are a very important element. I also would have put more focus into certain elements of the lyrics...
black sfx: blah blah blah
N: Hmmm...what a detailed analysis.
N: How about we fire you, then?
N: I mean, we're already down one person anyway...
sfx: hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha!
N: I got you good with that one, didn't I?

W: Ah...
N: What?
W: About the title of their first song...
W: How about "SATSUGAI"?
N: I think it's great -- and quite realistic!
N: This is how the first song was born.

N: In this fashion, the two continued eliminating the irregulars like maggots,
N: and finally published the first chapter of DMC.
T: Well, I suppose every big hit has its share of suffering in the background!
N: My thoughts exactly.
T: Nagashima-san.
T: Someday I too would like to draw a manga like DMC.
N: Hohoh...and why is that?
T: 'cuz it'd be fun to draw a one-pattern manga lik ethat!
N: Hahahahahahaha. I'll look forward to it, then!
T: Can I have a refill on the juice?
N: Hahaha...

T: I'm hoooom--
T(2b): Hm? What? Something smells...
T: ...gas?
W: Is this really what you want, Nagashima? I thought you told me you were going to raise him up like your protege...
sfx: kyaaaah
sfx: waaaah
Sfx: ahhhh
N: Yeah, I thought he'd be a more understanding person...
N: With this, yet another irregularity was erased.
?(2b): Huh? Did we lose another person?
?(2b): Yeah, Nagashima, what happened to the new kid? I haven't seen him lately.
N: He said he had to go back to his hometown to take over the family business.
N: And so, the bloodstained legacy of DMC continues...

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