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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 18

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 18

THE EIGHTEENTH RECORDER - I'll Show You My Dreaming Girl Act!
f1.1: Feeling the emotions swaying within her body, Yureko ripped the towel to shreds,
f1.2: and then repeated that line a third time.
f2.1: This->
f2.2: But my true form is...
f3.1: A soldier of love!!
f4.1: A...
f4.2: soldier of love!?
f5.1: ....and a soldier of the moon!!
f6.1: Eh!?
f6.2: S...soldier of the moon!
f6.3: Insistent!

f1.1: A costume angel...
f1.2: Seisou Moon!! (*This has 3 meanings. Obviously the first is that it sounds like the Japanese pronounciation of Sailor. But it can also mean cleaning, and then finally...testicles.)
f2.1: Seisou Moon!?
f2.2: What an obscene sound!!
f2.3: What the hell's a costume angel, anyway? Act your age!!
f2.4: Fufufu...
f3.1: My true name is Otomegokoro Yureko (41), a woman who's dedicated her life to the ultimate costume play...!
f3.2: Duly, a costume angel!
f3.3: I will fix any disordered costume!!

f1.1: You can't call those things you're wearing true cosplay!!
f1.2: What you're wearing is...well...
f1.3: dicey, at best!!
f1.4: WHAT!?
f2.1: Dicey, you say!?
f3.1: Then why don't you explain to us exactly which parts you think are DICEY?!
f3.2: Out with it, Seisou!
f3.3: Se...
f3.4: Seisou!!?
f4.1: Why did you use that part!?
f4.2: You'd normally go for Moon, wouldn't you?! MOON!!
f6.1: A comeback...? Was that a comeback just now?
f6.2: What a scary face!!
f6.3: Well, forget it...if I started critiquing you, it'd never end, so let me just show you this one thing...

f1.1: You haven't....
f1.2: completely enveloped your characters!!
f2.1: Especially you! You're just out of the question!!
f2.2: It's so obvious that you're embarassed at what you are!!
f3.1: You too!
f3.2: Can't you think of yourself as a wall even a little bit more than that!?
f4.1: And then the worst one, you!
f5.1: Have you even thought about what it'd feel like to be someone with visible innards?!
f6.1: This person's scary!!

f1.1:'s just as you's just as you say, but you're wrong, Seisou!!
f1.2: What!?
f2.1: I'm not trying to envelop the feelings of someone with visible guts....
f3.1: I'm enveloping the feelings of someone who's trying to envelop the feelings of a person with visibile guts!!
f4.1: Wha....
f4.2: What did he say!?
f5.1: This amateurish boy...
f5.2: was he really expressing such deep, complicated emotions...!?
f6.1: How amusing!
f7.1: Just what are you...!? Another conceited amateur!? Or...
f7.2: No! It couldn't be...
f7.3: You couldn't be the man of 1,000 costumes!!
f7.4: 1,000 costumes....

f1.1: Then let's see you cosplay as a "Girl Dreaming of Becoming an Idol!"
f1.2: If what you say is true, then you should be able to do me the proof!!
f2.1: A girl dreaming of becoming an idol!? That's a difficult play...
f2.2: Can I really do it...!?
f3.1: Okay, I'll be right back, then.
f3.2: He's taking it lightly!!
f3.3: Amusing!!
f4.1: Can Master Jaguar really pull it off...I'm worried, indeed...
f4.2: .....ah.
f4.3: Are you, now...?
f5.1: What kind of costume will he come back in...and his face...!? Is he going to wear a women's mask?!
f5.2: I'm really worried as to what he's going to do...there's a certain something inside him that knows no bounds...!!
f6.1: Unfufun-fufuuuuun!
f7.1: Uu!!
f7.2: Ahh....!!
f7.3: Master Jaguar, that's...

f1.1: your normal outfit!!
f2.1: Oohohoho! Total failure!! Not only are you missing the woman mask, but you don't even have a costume...!!
f2.2: I knew it'd be impossible for you!!
f3.1: No, you're wrong...
f3.2: Look closely, Mistress Seisou!
f4.1: Uuu...!?
f4.2: Th...that's....!!
f5.1: A hanger!?
f6.1: Clumsy...unbelievably clumsy!
f6.2: As of know, Master Jaguar has completely enveloped the dreaming girl.
f6.3: An unbelievably clumsy dreaming girl!!
f6.4: He's starting to explain it himself!!

f1.1: But you can't say that that alone is indicative of a girl trying to become an didn't think through it enough!!
f1.2: Without a costume, that tiny prop has already reached its limit.......
f1.3: Uuu!?
f2.1: T..those movements...
f2.2: Aaaaa
f2.3: aaaahhhhh!!
f3.1: I can see it....
f3.2: The figure of a girl with thumb tacks in her slippers...(*The pose is a joke playing off a really famous shoujo manga, "Glass Mask")
f3.3: The figure of a dreaming girl withstanding the vicious abuse of her superior!!
f4.1: What a frightening man...
f4.2: He's showing us things we should have no reason to see, just by moving....
f4.3: His play sense knows no bounds!
f4.4: What are you talking about...?
f4.5: What are you talking about, dammit?!

f1.1: I can't believe it...why?! He's not even wearing a costume...
f1.2: How could he express the figure of that girl...!?
f1.3: You're wrong, Seisou.
f2.1: I was wearing a costume.
f3.1: A costume...
f3.2: from the heart...
f5.1: I've lost...
f6.1: In this civilized society we live in...
f6.2: Too often are people confined by only what they see...and lose forget what's truly important...
f6.3: Hammer summed it up himself!!
f6.4: And so everyone forgot about the poster.

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