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Translations: Bleach 600 (2)

Chokotto Hime 11

Fun Sleepover (Part 1)

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 19, 2010 14:21 | Go to Chokotto Hime

-> RTS Page for Chokotto Hime 11

Page 89

Everything began with one phone call.
You want me to look after Cookie?
Chapter 11: Fun Sleepover (Part 1)

Right Panel

Sorry, the table tennis club is holding a special camp and it overlapped with my parents’ holiday trip.
I’m fine with taking care of one more.

[In between the boxes] Riyu-chan is the manager.

But that’s one big luggage.
You have it tough in the tennis club, don’t you?
That’s not true.

Left Panel

Well, Cookie. I brought you a lot of things to play with, so be good okay?
I’m going, Cookie.

It really seems that way.

Page 90

Right Panel
Love Mania

Hime, Cookie’s here.

Wait! Nii-chan is hugging Cookie! That’s not fair! I want on it too!!!
SFX = jump

Hime too…
SFX = stop

SFX = hug

Left Panel
A Big Business Trip

Nabe-nii! You want some daikon strips?
(I made it myself!)
(One after the other…)

Hm? You picked up a dog now?
No, a friend of mine asked me to take care of her for the night.

Sounds fun! Shiroko and I are staying over too!

I’ll be in your care!
Don’t tell me that’s---
Shiroko’s stuff!

Page 91

Right Panel
Blind Spot

Hey, don’t be so rough!
Stay still!
SFX = rustle rustle

I wonder if I’m gonna be okay? There are three animals here, and I’m only one.
You’re funny, Nabe-nii. I’m here too, so don’t panic.


Four animals!
SFX = rustle, slam, clank

Left Panel

You guys, time for dinner.
SFX = yay!

SFX = chow chow
What’s wrong, Shiroko? It’s the same food you always eat.

Here, Nabe-nii.
Come on, Shiroko.
SFX = munch munch
She ate!
So Shiroko eats it when Youta feeds her…

She’s one fine cat.
SFX = giggle giggle
Though she has this guy for a pet owner.

Page 92

Right Panel
After a Meal

I’m going to relax after the meal, so I’m going into the kotatsu.
(one-man play)
(what are you doing?)

Cookie, you come too.
SFX = rustle rustle
If we move the cloth a bit, we can get in.
Follow after me.

SFX = rustle rustle
We’re in! It’s perfect. Cookie, you can…

SFX = rustle rustle
Don’t push yourself out!

Left Panel
The Enemy is Close

Hime’s coming in too!
SFX = rustle

SFX = rustle
SFX = shock

SFX = shock
An enemy!
You’re suddenly trying to get in!

SFX = scratch scratch scratch
This is fun! What’s this?
You’re being very annoying! I won’t forgive you!

Page 93

Right Panel
The Enemy is Close, Part 2

That was fun~
SFX = pop

Are you okay? Is the enemy outside gone?
? Yeah. It was really fun.

Is that so? Well, thank goodness you’re fine.

SFX = pop
Where did the enemy go, I wonder?
Shiro-chan! Behind you!

Left Panel
I won’t let you sleep?

Should we go to my room now?
Arrow: Hime and the others

What’re you doing, Nabe-nii?
(Is there anything wrong?)

Today, Hime isn’t coming.
Looks like I can sleep peacefully.
Small box: always happening

SFX = so cute!
So yeah! Shiroko did everything here!
(I was too naïve.)

Page 94

Right Panel

It’s gotten hot. I’m getting out.

SFX = ahhh
SFX = bump

SFX = rustle rustle
SFX = drag

SFX = shock
SFX = freeze

Left Panel
Staying Warm

(I’m such a…)
SFX = gloom
We should get out too.

SFX = rustle rustle
The dog makes a hole to adjust the temperature.
(When it’s hot, make it wider. When it’s cold make it narrower.)


Gotten even hotter.

Page 95

Right Panel
A Faithful Night

He’s finally asleep…

(Ah~ Shiroko, don’t move)

He showed me seven albums full of memories.
But since he went through a lot of trouble to bring them with him, I just couldn’t refuse.

With this, I can finally…
SFX = yawn

Start on Cookie’s albums.
(crowded again)
The newborn puppy is named Cookie.

Left Panel

Last Boss

I got to play with them today, so I’m not sad, I’m happy.

But, I feel like there’s something wrong.

SFX= creak
Hime? You’re still awake?
(can’t sleep)

SFX = lick lick lick lick
Forget about me!
Arrow: remembered her daily routine

-------------CHAPTER 11 END-------------

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