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Bleach 255

Bleach Ch. 255 - Don't Breathe in the Bush

+ posted by pocketmofo as translation on Dec 7, 2006 15:46 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 255

Page 1:

Sidetext: The depths of Las Noches with no light and no hope…the message brings reprocussions!? Or does it…!?

Messenger: Message to report.

Messenger: Information has just arrived that moments ago Arrancar 103 “Privaron Espada” Doldonni Alexandro Del Socacchio was defeated by one of the intruders.

Aizen: I see…

Page 2 & 3:

Sidetext: The ten swords destroy all.

BLEACH 255: Don’t Breathe in the Bush

Page 4:

Aizen: It seems as though…

Aizen: …things took a little longer than I had expected.

Messenger: Huh?

Aizen: I figured that boy, faced with an opponent at Doldonni’s level, would have been able to take care of things a bit quicker…Oh well…

Aizen: More importantly, however, isn’t there something missing from your report?

Page 5:

Aizen: Who sent the Exequias after the boy?

Messenger: Aaaa…..

Messenger: Tha…that’s…

Aizen: What’s wrong? Was it that hard a question?

Page 6:

Zaelapolo: That was me, Aizen-sama.

Aizen: Ah, Zaelopolo…

Page 7:

Zaelopolo: I am truly sorry.

Zaelopolo: I merely thought that we could not let the moment where we might be able to truly wipe out the intruder/invasor pass us by so I put out the order under my authority.

Zaelopolo: Though it might ultimately benefit Aizen-sama I acted without your orders…so I am prepared for whatever punishment awaits me.

Page 8:

Aizen: …Well…I don’t mind…

Aizen: As long as you had your reasons…there’s nothing to charge you with.

Zaelopolo: Th…thank you.

Zaelopolo: Please excuse me.

Aizen: ---Just…try to make your reports to me a bit more precise, Zaelopolo.

Page 9:

Aizen: Does it seem as though the intruder’s reiatsu remnants/records recovered from Doldonni….will be useful in your research?

Zaelopolo: …yes.

Aizen: I see. Then that’s all that matters.

Page 10:

Gin: My, they tell you that one of your men has been killed and yet you seem to be enjoying yourself quite a lot.

Aizen: Is that how it looks?

Gin: Isn’t it true?

Gin: Those kids winning and making their way further and further seems to be endless enjoyment for you…that’s what your face says at least.

Page 11:

Aizen: “Enjoyment”…it’s true I am feeling something akin to that.

Aizen: Do you think that’s odd, Gin?

Gin: Strangely, I feel the same way.

Page 12:


Page 13:

Chiruchi: Hiding won’t do you any GOOOOOD!! How many times do I have to spell it out for you!?

Chiruchi: From me, Chiruchi, there’s no…

Page 14:

Chiruchi: …escap

Page 15:

Chiruchi: As I was saying, “there’s no escape.” Can you not attack while I’m talking!? You have no delicacy at all.

Chiruchi: I swear…I wonder if human men are all…

Page 16:

Chiruchi: …like this!?

Chiruchi: No running, you weird dresser!!

Ishida: I don’t want to hear that from the likes of you!

Page 17:

Chiruchi: Hmmmph!

Ishida: Damn!

Ishida: Da…

Chiruchi: It’s not a shield so stop doing…that…

Page 18:

Ishida: Damn…it…

Sidetext: Ishida, in an uphill battle!! Is the strange shadow yet another enemy!? Or is it!?

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#1. by exkon (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Another quality translation pocket, thanks man!
#2. by coby0 (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
thanx for the speedy trans
#3. by .access timeco. (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
The word the Espada says is invasor (intruder in spanish), pocketmofo.
But what I am curious is why you use Vael and not Zael. The kana are Za E Ru A Po Ro (I'm using Zael'Apolo - since it doesn't seems to be 2 names).
I am asking this because I am sure you noticed this, so you must be using the "Va" for some reason (something I didn't noticed yet). Is a real name this Vaelapolo?
#4. by Clappers (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Zaera-Polo is the actual name of a Spanish architect who designed some structure in Japan.
#5. by pocketmofo (Translator)
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Yeah, I was just in a bit of a hurry and got "V" stuck in my head instead of "Z". Also, I totally didn't read the spanish on Intruder (thinking it said imbecile instead of imbasol). Thanks for the proofreading!
#6. by Dragonzair (MH Senpai)
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Woohoo! PM FTW! Thanks ^_^
#7. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Dec 8, 2006
Hi pocket. It's great to see you back doing Bleach. ^^

Great trans. It's always nice to get to compare transes.
#8. by venicia777 (Scanlator)
Posted on Dec 8, 2006

pocket-san is back :p
#9. by Brede (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 8, 2006
PM :lovebunny thanks so much! welcome 'back'! :smile-big
#10. by habib7eleven (Registered User)
Posted on Dec 8, 2006
Excellent trans. Will we have to watch Chad fight next in the exact saem scenario? I'll read Nartuo first next time.

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