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Translations: Gintama 504 by Bomber D Rufi

Kurohime 61

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jan 28, 2010 19:34 | Go to Kurohime

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Kurohime Chapter 61:

Panel1.Text1: #61: Rei's decision
Panel2.Bubble1: What? It hurts...
P3.B1: *pant*
P3.B2: *pant* // *pant*
P4.T1: You did it. // You finally did it.
P5.T1: The man who screwed up your life
P5.T2: and took everything from you.
P6.T1: You stopped him!
P6.T2: Revenge! This was revenge!
P7.T1: What are you feeling right now?
P8.B1: *pant*
P8.B2: *pant*
P1.B1: *pant*
P1.B2: *pant*
P1.B1: Ju- Just wait a moment!
P1.B2: I will heal you with an sakura recovery bullet.
P5.B1: N- No way!
P6.B1: This can't be. // Zero...
P7.B1: You can't die!
P7.B2: If you die I can't help you!

P3.T1: I see...
P3.T2: That was your doing...
P4.T1: Completely turning into a Shinigami and emitting an evil aura like that...
P4.T2: He really became
P4.T3: Dark Rei
P1.B1: Just what happened here?
P2.B1: Humans are just boring beings, who only know how to kill or fight.
P2.B2: Therefore I stopped being human.
P3.B1: Wha-
P4.B1: Zero is...
P4.B2: Zero is dead, you know! // Rei!
P5.B1: Hehe
P5.B2: HaHaHa
P6.B1: Yeah, I abandoned him.
P1.B1: How could...
P1.B2: He was really desperate to protect you, wasn't he?
P2.B1: Protecting my ass. // In the end he begged me to help him.
P2.B2: Even though there was no way I could save him.
P3.B1: So I abandoned him.
P4.B1: Humans only think about themselves.
P4.B2: They are filthy beings.
P5.T1: They should just all disappear.
P6.B1: No,
P6.B2: I will erase them.
P3.B1: Pathetic...
P3.B2: What a pathetic appearance, Rei.
P4.B1: You are an eyesore. You pushy woman.
P5.B1: I will start with killing you.
P1.T1: But
P1.T2: the one who is really pathetic
P2.T1: is me, who isn't able to do anything.
P2.B1: HaHaHaHa
P2.B2: Became a ghost and a part of my body!
P1.B1: !?...
P1.B2: What? Your body is disappearing?
P3.B1: !?...
P3.B2: What? Your body is disappearing?
P5.B1: ...Eh?
P6.B1: HaHaHa
P7.B1: Became a ghost and a part of my body!
P1.T1: My heart should have been pierced...
P1.T2: The wound is disappearing?
P5.T1: What's happening? I can't move my body...
P6.B1: Oh no, // Now that's bad.
P6.B2: The future will change.
P1.B1: Try again.
P2.T1: Yo- You are...
P3.B1: You should have been erased by the space and time rift,
P3.B2: but I forcefully asked the Sea Dragon to rewind time.
P4.T1: Rewind time? // Such a thing is possible?
P5.T1: If that's so...
P6.T1: Then rewind time to shortly before zero's death. // That will allow me to rescue him!
P1.B1: Say what you want, but this is the world of the past.
P1.B2: It's not possible to change a fixed destiny.
P2.B1: Also if you die at this place, // I who brought you here will-
P3.B1: Well...
P3.B2: That's a different story.
P4.B1: But what you can do in this world is...
P5.B1: choose between Zero and Rei. Whom you want to abandon
P5.B2: and whom you want to save.
P1.B1: say....
P2.B1: So that means there is still a way to save Zero?
P3.B1: Deciding that is your destiny.

P1.B1: I revived!
P2.B1: As expected from a recovery bullet stolen from Kurohime.
P2.T1: *stripping*
P2.B2: Immediate effect, complete recovery and exceptional vitality!
P3.B1: Everything went as planned...
P4.B1: Rei, filled with the thought of killing me,
P4.B2: turned completely into a Shinigami.
P1.B1: You are an eyesore. You pushy woman.
P1.B2: I will start with killing you.
P3.T1: Zero...Rei...
P3.T2: what should I do?

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