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Kaitaishinsho ZERO 22

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 14, 2011 14:56 | Go to Kaitaishinsho ZERO

-> RTS Page for Kaitaishinsho ZERO 22

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 22:

Top: Chapter 22: Reunion and Beginning
P3.B1: I see, that's how Genraku-sensei picked you up.
P4.B1: Yeah... // He's my savior.
P4.B2: He gave me hope to continue living.
P5.B1: I then, desperately investigated what my father and brothers...
P5.B2: were trying to do... and what these Disease Demons, Rei turned into, were...
P6.B1: And the answer I found was the Kaitaishinsho Zero Issue, who can extinct the Disease Demons...
P6.B2: That's about it.... I cannot let the tragedy Rei suffered happen again.
P1.B1: That's why I decided to become a Dark Doctor.
P1.T1: The long awaited special filled first volume is on sale!! <3
P1.T2: I form my destiny with my own hands-----
P2.B1: I see...
P2.B2: Fight fire with fire....huh...
P4.B1: Before meeting Sensei...
P4.B2: I was rather troubled.
P6.B1: Momo!! Stop the Disease Demon's movements!!
P7.B1: Yes!!
P8.B1: Umm... How again....
P1.B1: It's that kind of Demons, so....
P1.B2: Umm....
P2.B1: What's the deal? Hurry!!
P2.B2: Y- Yes!!
P3.B1: Ma- Maybe this!?
P3.B2: There!!
P2.B1: You idiot!!
P4.B1: What were you doing!? I told you to study it properly before the operation!!
P4.B2: Y- Yes... // Mother...
P5.B1: You were lucky your dad and I were around...
P8.B1: Look, Momo...
P8.B2: ?
P1.B1: Thank you!! Thank you so much!!
P3.B1: We're entrusted with the patient's life.
P4.B1: And we Dark Doctors are the only ones who can save people from the Disease Demons...
P6.B1: You were born with the power to save lifes.
P6.B2: As a Dark Doctor, as a nurse, be proud of yourself!
P7.B1: .....
P7.B2: Yes...
P3.B1: *sigh*
P4.B1: I understand that the work of a Dark Doctor is very important...
P4.B2: And I want to save lots of people...
P5.B1: But... // whatever I do ends up in a failure...
P5.B2: I'm no help as a nurse at all...
P6.B1: *sigh*
P1.B1: And, // the other reason my hear is so unsettled...
P2.T1: To prevent the Dark Doctor's blood to discontinue
P2.T2: one has to marry within the clan!
P3.B1: Awwww!! I'm sure I'll have to marry a guy, mum and dad chose for me!
P3.B2: I wonder what he'll be like.
P4.B1: Am I only useful for continuing the bloodline...?
P3.B1: *sigh*
P4.B1: Momo-chan.
P4.B2: Y- Yes?
P5.B1: Let's go to another patient today.
P5.B2: Y- Yes, Mother!!
P2.B1: This...?
P2.B2: A Dark Doctor's clinic. They're tending to a lot of patients here.
P3.B1: Work hard.
P4.B1: Y- Yeah!!
P7.B1: Please take their medical histories.
P7.B2: Separate them into light and heavy cases.
P8.B1: Yes! Will do!!
P8.T1: I should manage that!!
P1.B1: I'm going to do some treatment, call me if something is up.
P1.B2: Ah, and...
P2.B1: There's another kid to help you. Give your best together.
P3.B1: Another kid?
P3.B2: Y- Yes!!
P4.B1: Ok- Okay, I'm going to question you one after another...
P4.B2: Umm, // first...
P4.B3: Is it another nurse? I hope we can become friends...
P5.B1: Hey!! I was here first!!
P5.B2: No, I'm here way longer!!
P5.B3: Eh!? EH!?
P6.B1: Awawawawa...
P6.B2: Kya---
P6.B3: Kya---
P7.B1: You're pretty clumsy....
P7.B2: Eh...?
P1.B1: Soutarou-kun!?
P2.B1: Momo!!
P3.B1: W- Why are you here!?
P4.B1: Please write down here the symptoms. // Those who can't write, tell me.
P1.B1: Okay, then come to me in the order you arrived here.
P4.B1: Momo!! Help me!!
P4.B2: Y- Yes!!
P7.B1: Puh.
P7.B2: Wow!! // You finished it so fast!!
P8.B1: You're just too slow.
P9.B1: Hyan!!
P1.B1: S- So, why are you here, Soutarou-kun? // Aren't you unrelated to Dark Doctors?
P1.B2: What happened to your family business?
P3.B1: I... studying to become a Dark Doctor.
P4.B1: Eh!?
P4.B2: That is possible!? But why...?
P5.B1: That...
P5.B2: Mh?
P6.B1: There's still a patient...
P1.B1: What's wrong? You not feeling well?
P1.B2: Umm... // Keitarou-san?
P2.B1: ----...
P3.B1: Ug...
P3.B2: Uggg....!!
P4.B1: Uwaaaaaaa!!
P4.B2: !!
P1.B1: Th- That was...
P2.B1: !!
P3.B1: A Disease Demon!!
P4.B1: Shit!! // And we're even trapped within it!?
P4.B2: Kyaaaa!!
P5.B1: Wh- What now, Soutarou-kun?
P5.B2: ----....
P6.B1: It's no good...
P7.B1: Eh?
P8.B1: I can't use the Kaitaishinsho... so I can't do anything about it alone...
P8.B2: So I somehow need to get out here and call for Master...!!
P1.B1: !
P2.B1: If...
P2.B2: If you want a Kaitaishinsho, here...
P3.B1: B- But I have never succeeded in treatment before!!
P3.B2: I don't know what tools I just summon...!!
P4.B1: Kaitaishinsho Page 62... "Beast Cage Flower"....
P5.B1: Eh?
P6.B1: Page 62...? !! This!!
P6.B2: This is the Disease Demon!?
P7.B1: Master made me read it all.
Side: Next time, a color page and teamwork!!
P1.B1: If we complement each other...
P2.B1: it might become a single power...!!
P4.B1: We're going to....
P4.B2: overcome this by ourselves...!!

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