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Translations: Gintama 507 by Bomber D Rufi

Diamond no Ace 82

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Dec 16, 2011 20:33 | Go to Diamond no Ace

-> RTS Page for Diamond no Ace 82

Reserved for Imangascans

Daiya no A Chapter 82

Page 01

Chapter 82: Call for the counterattack.
(What a big smile...)
(Where does he get his unreasonable confidence from....)

Page 02


Page 03

What are you doing, Nino--!!
That speed is perfectly hittable!
W- What's with his pitching...
It's frigging hard to get the timing right...
His left arm, hidden by his body----

Page 04


Page 05

Wha-- This time it's so heavy...
Third base!!

Page 06

Ohhh, he got it~!!
For real~
S- Sawamura didn't let on a single runner!?
Hell yeah!!

Page 07

Yeah, yeah, YEAH!!
Shut up.
From a 4-Seam to moving...
Just like I ordered...
(The course still was a bit weak though...)
He threw with taking Furuya's feeling to heart...
Having them hold down here alone is pretty favourable to us!
That dude...
He sure got confident after getting acknowledged by the coach.
His first relief with even a runner behind him. Regardless...

Page 08

he's acting so strong---

Page 09

Dah~ Damn! Just what's with that pitcher!!
Don't worry, Nino!
He's nothing compared to the previous pitcher!
We'll definitely hit off him and break him!
You're wrong...
His pitches had a creepy feeling to it....
For him to swing so late...
there must be something else beside the speed...
Anyways, this inning is crucial!
Let's play a calm defence!
Bottom of the 4th, Seidou's turn to attack.

Page 10

Number 3, center----
Jun-san, your helmet!
He's just polite here!!
The line-up starts from their clean-up hitter...
Seidou surely wants to make some kind of comeback in this inning...
(So hot...)
(Don't mimic him)
The first-year brats showed us their feelings...

Page 11

And us three-years...
can't just stay quiet and watch here!!

Page 12

The clean-up hitter for the 2nd time.
I'll be more merciless with my attacks now.
look down

Page 13

He hit it by bending.
A ball inside high....
What a hit.

Page 14

A long hit to the left line!
For real? That crappy ball...
Hyaha! He hits everything, be it ball or not.
T- That means it's just a hit off a bad pitch...
(Yeah, 2nd base~~)
Again... This batter...

Page 15

He's my most disliked typed, as he has no set grip....
Quit your glaring!
W-Wow... All these cheers.
Because of this flow the two first-years created...
It's possible to shift this inning in one-sweep---

Page 16

Page 17

That batter is a bad deal. How about walking him...
There's no need to walk him to first base....
No matter how great of a batter he might be
his average is still below 10%
As long as I don't screw up my control---

Page 18


Page 19

What a fast hit...
If such a hit were to head my way...

Page 20

Ohh? The first walk?
Tetsu-san's swing got him...
The precise machine
started to breakdown---

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