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Hajimete Datteba! 5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 15, 2012 13:56 | Go to Hajimete Datteba!

-> RTS Page for Hajimete Datteba! 5

Reserved for Japanzai

Hajimete Datte Ba! Chapter 05

Page 01

Fifth Step: Different from before....

Page 02

This marks the first appearance for Seiren High School in this tournament. // It's the bottom of the 9th, with 3-4. They're one point behind.
In the batter box stands the number 4, Takagi-kun, a second year.

Page 03

His decisive hit in the qualifying round is what allows them to stand here now.
I'm sure the expectations are high for him.
(Uhh~) Takagi-kun, hit it~~

Page 04

He hit it!! // It's going towards the short-stop!

Page 05

Game set! // Koryou High School advances a round!!
And like this

Page 06

Takagi's summer ended.
The cat stole the fish~
Catch her~
Today's another great day~

Page 07

Hey, Takagi
Eh? // Eh?

Page 08

Let's go to the pool!!

Page 09

Pretty crowded here.
Of course, it's still summer vacation.
We can finally have some fun together. // Let's go to the wave pool.
Hey, you have to jump when the wave comes.
Let's go elsewhere.
He's beyond help.

Page 10

It's so hot. Seems like I'll get a tan.
The weather is so great.
Are you hungry?
No good... He's not listening...
He's just drifting there...

Page 11

Uwa. Wha.
We're going to be stuck.
No worries.
We're sinking!
Eh, no way.
Hey there, stop doing dangerous stunts!
Aw, I thought I was a goner.

Page 12

Here, a riceball.
You made it?
I got side dishes too.
You can cook!?
Both my parents work, // so I was forced to cook.
(Whenever I hadn't club activities.)
I see.
Mm! // This is good!
Hey, // Takagi.
Watch me.

Page 13


Page 14

You there, no synchronic swimming here!!
Ah, that was fun!
You're something else...
Takagi, apply some cream to me.

Page 15

Ah, I'm already burned.
Look!! (So much)
Reminds me!!
You said, when the Koushien // is over, it's okay to... to do it!!

Page 16

Oh geez.
You're such a perv!
But I guess that means you got your spirit back.
I'm glad!
I see.
Let's go.
was doing that
to cheer me up.

Page 17

Uwa, what a rain.
It'll stop in time.
I had a great time today.
I was a bit down, because everything was over,
but I feel better now.

Page 18

Could it be // you want to kiss me?
Will you feel even better then?
Another part will feel better too though.
Then go ahead.
Actually, // I wanted to kiss too.

Page 19


Page 20

It's different from before.
It's more... Ehm...
You're so cute...
Like where?
Where you ask...?
Everything about you!
Eh, that's so generally.
You're an idiot, rough and clumsy. // Always acting carefree.

Page 21

But you're a sweet girl.
That's what's // cute about you.
I don't really get it.

Page 22


Page 23

...We can't.
Wh- What's up?
Y- You inserted your tongue~~
You didn't like it?
That's not it~~
It felt too good.... // so we can't....
Th- Then, // right now

Page 24

let's go to
Oh! // If that isn't Takagi!!
Wah // You guys.
We went to the beach.
We called you too, but you were already gone. // Want to go karaoke with us?
It's the guys from the baseball club.
Fifth Step: Over.

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